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anaavaraNa – An opening

Posted on: ಜುಲೈ 15, 2011

Manthana, Dibbana are the previous two serials where the Audience were bowled out by the direction of Sri Sethuram, who has played various roles in earlier TN Seetharam Serials(mostly the irresponsible father roles). He has striked chords of human emotions resulting in an amazing kannada serial anaavaraNa.

This deals with gamut of scenarios of our Indian society. It wins the viewers choice for many reasons like the star cast, the script, the story line and the content of the serial. The story goes as below.

Sethuram and Sundarasri are old couple now living in the village who are parents of 4 children. First one is an IAS officer with a wife and daughter settled in the city working for Health dept as secretary. The daughter in the family is a rebet and principled who can’t tolerate the corrupt father but the wife of the IAS officer has the smart justifications.

The second son is an Architect and married to another Architect, both of them own a firm and are well to do. The wife here hails from a rich family and doesn’t really respect the middle class family views. The children study in boarding school with the virtue of being busy.

The third one is Smriti, the daughter who is a beautiful young lady. A Cardiologist by profession with grit and women strength. She stands apart from the normalcy with the fact that she lives with a daughter who is born as a result of her infactuation(or love) during college days. Smriti realizes that the boy whom she had fallen for is of no good and decides to stay away with him. However with the grit and principles she carries – she manages to save the baby against all the family wishes. So the entire family sees her as a villan for committing that mistake.

The fourth and the last boy is Mukunda who is a software engineer by profession married to another IT girl. He sounds more inferior craving for wife’s time and love which he is deprived of. The wife is from a middle class family(with the irresponsible father being a highlight there) who had hurdles during childhood and with her smart/intelligent personality – she grows as an ambitious engineer.

The Conversations between/among these characterstics touches different horizones of emotions. The script for the serial is the hero. The videos are available on video girmit and there is a facebook page avaialble too.

Happy Serial watching


30 Responses to "anaavaraNa – An opening"

Wow …really good introduction given to the amazing serial…

I am unable to find lyrics/exact words of ANAVARANA title song. If anybody knows where I cannot find online, pl. inform Thanks

yah have seen few episodes looks to be good
thanks veena

A very good serial. Anavarana Marathon on youtube !

I am unable to find lyrics/exact words of ANAVARANA title song. If anybody knows where I cannot find online, pl. inform Thanks

Anavarana is an excellent serial on ETV.It is reality shown as it is what is happening in day to day life.Marvellous acting by all the actors.We enjoy watching this programme.

Anaavarana is a must see serial for all discerning Kannada viewers. The loaded, cryptic dialogues with authentic, original quotes (Devasthanada horige gaanada kasta hege gottagutte… pedigree kudurage maatra, manushyarigalla…) which stirs emotions from bottom of the heart and leaves viewers choked with tears even after the episode ending lines (nagarada jhagamaga.. krutaka belakalliye..) keeps you thinking about the parallels that happened to one self or to a close personal acquaintance.
Thanks a billion Dear Sethuram, missed Dibbana in the middle, but please keep this going till the end.


excellent serial everyone has to watch……..without missing a single dialogue too……happy to see hulikal temple n surroundings……aa thota, aa hale kaalada mane….remembers me my child hood days…….happy to say that i born in arakalgud ….

idhu serial antha ansodhe illa. nija jeevana dalli naavugalu aado mathina thara ide dialogues..its simply superb…hats off to Mr. Sethuram and team to create such a wonderful story with such strong and meaningful dialogues. I seriously doesnt want to miss a single line from the serial. A good news for those who dont know!!! there is a repeat telecast of the previous day episode on the next day at 10.30 am…..

Great serial. Congradulations to all the actors & director. Simly great script, dailougues & acting. Many times i could relate myself in many of the roles. And i advise to watch this serial to many of my friends & relatives. It was mirror of the todays life. I would never miss single dailogue of the serial. I miss it today.

Can this be telecasted again ?

More than being just a serial it does put our deep burried thoughts into voices!

can u plz tel me where do i get the title track…i just love it..

hi pooja,
u can get the song with this link.

nice anu can u send this song to my link plz

I was fed up with these regular soaps… BUT ANAAVARANA is different from the rest. The conversation is nearer to the life. All the credit goes to Sethuram & team. Good go Sethuram ji…

Good one, excellent poductionn
Can anyone give a brief bio of the cast.

Dear Sri Sethuram,

Would u kindly introduce the artists of anavarana giving details of their name and what they do in real life. Every one of them deserve applause for very good acting and dialogue delivery.

OUR family has been watching Anavarana and in my 25 years of TV veiwing i do not have a comparision other than sethuram’s other serials. my son and D-inlaw got hooked to see along with us and we regularly have discussions . the best part is the way each episode ends and of course the way charecters are being created. I have no hesitation to say that no other language TV serials have anything similar to this. sethuram’s touch is like S.L.Bhyrappa in literature.
we are very unhappy why the repeat telicast is removed?

Breaking News:
Heard from a reliable source that Anavarana is going to be pulled off in next 15 epoisodes (about 130th). Too sad but as I feared in my previous posting, this one also going to be a victim of channel politics.
Going to miss this dearly.
Hope I’m wrong and misinformed,

I am not sure someone will see this comment…. ! However I thought this is the best forum to seek an answer for my question…I am in US and a regular viewer of Anavarana…. Post a long weekend I switched on my Yupp TV to realize that there is no more Anavarana….Any Idea?

I’m not getting why anavarana serial is removed from telecasting. This is one heart touching serial.I want this serial to be telecasted again. I heartly thanks to sethuram sir, for giving such a wonderful serial.

I am also surprised that Anavarana is stopped. I was liking it and I think it should be continued.


The serial was really touching the feelings of many people, I was unable to see the serial due to my office shifts.
Can some one please tell me what was the last update of the lives of those characters in that serial

Can some one please tell me what was the last update of the lives of those characters in that serial

I am also surprised that Anavarana is stopped. i want to know the reason, it should be continued. this is the no. 1 serial in E TV

It was a very good serial. It was coming exelently,but I do not understand,you it was abruptly stopped.Why?

Are there DVDs available of anavarana so that people who were unlucky to have missed watching can get to watch this , especially NRIs

Hi Suresh,
I dont know if this epic is available on DVD. This corrupt world will ceased the popularity by all the way. i still have the hope to start the serial. also trying to meet Mr. Sethuram for this wonderful serial.

if u have more information on Anavarana, pls share. i love know abt.

Praveen Sanga

almost all the episodes are available on youtube… follow the link and you’ll get the other episodes….

I do not watch soaps at all. But I was smitten by Anavarana relating to today lifestyles of family. I wished if this serial continues with public fund. I am married to an American even my husband is smitten by the title song as well…

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