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Though some friends were missing, still it was a good sized gang with lots of nice fun! Bellur and family was the first to arrive, and later joined by Usha, Srik, and later on Divya and Vasuki as well! Hadn’t played carrom for years and soon we got back in form (and out of it again as well) but somehow we managed to play a few boards 🙂 Had some light snacks and later on was joined by Dwaraka as well on his new really cool bicycle. Chaitanya, Prof and Tiger Pran unfortunately could not make it, so also Teacher was missing in action this time on Teacher’s Day! Some of us visited Usha’s house later on before winding up for the day. Though venue was in indoors in the comfort of one of their homes, there was no question of host or guest and it was merely a venue 8) It was a very relaxing evening, and there’s just no substitute in the world for good friends!



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