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I was thinking to write a new post here. Offlate when ever something interesting happens in day to day life, I think about sharing it people. One reason is to keep up the writing habit and another and most important is to know other’s views or May be to see if my views correlate with the majority! Well, I am going to write about two episodes that happened recently and please feel free to comment on… 🙂


I think this was some two weeks back. It was just after I put my son into sleep around 10 in the morning on a saturday. I was about to get back to my kitchen work, when I heard some honks in variety. Lot many times I see the traffic clog on our road, but this time it was different. People were loosing patience at the backside  and this generally happens if there is any accident and people are still figuring out what to be done next and the whole road gets arranged with the flowing vehicles.

Some three four Autos and a new Scorpio were parked almost infront of our gate and a lady was arguing with the auto driver2. This was because the Scorpio hit the Auto1 and Auto driver2 was arguing heavily with the lady demanding her to pay some Rs 250/- for the damage caused(a dent on the right side just above the tire). The Auto driver1 was almost keeping silent listening to the conversation that was happening between Auto Driver 2 and the lady. The fun was both of them didn’t understand each other’s language but still the auto driver 2 ‘managing to speak in Hindi’ and the lady was trying really hard to say few words in ‘kannada’..

Finally one ‘Gentelman’ came from the backside(one of the vehicle owners whose vehicle was also struck in the traffic jam) and tried to resolve this issue by negotiating some middle price. Auto driver continues to demand for 250 and the lady resenting to pay it completely. Finally the lady suggests to go to a near by police station and have the maamla solved. Auto Driver1 gets alerted and says, Why police for all these, we can solve it here.. The lady continues her argument and the set of people are watching the tamasha without actually doing anything.. And more and more people are getting added to the crowd with some curiosity!!

Finally I, having known both the languages entered the scene and requested them to clear up the traffic as soon as possible since the honking sound was becoming too terrible. Auto driver 2 says “Had she requested instead of raising her voice, they would have considered forgiving the whole act but her demand is what irked them”.. The Lady says, she is powerful and owns 4 autos and the damage(dent) caused by the accident will not even cost 100 bugs so they better accept 100 bugs and push away. She was even saying that she is capable of influencing the people at police station so that they punish the Auto guys and teach them the lesson. Auto driver kept on talking about her rudeness.

Finally I had to spend few of kannada words and few hindi words to end the negotiation and 100 bugs closed the deal. Show came to and end and people spreaded out thus clearing out the traffic.

I wonder if the whole episode triggered any thoughts in you? I kept thinking about the whole episode while I was entering into the kitchen. These are the points…..

1> Can the whole situation be handled in a better way?

2> Does Auto driver ganging up help in better negotiations? Why did Auto Driver 2 came in for that point?

3> Why was that woman so confident(rude?) though it was her mistake?

4> Should I have minded my own business?

5> Why does people just stand and watch the whole episode without doing anything or just minding their own business??

Episode 2 : WHY WAS IT SO?

This is a total different episode which happened just yesteday. We went to Fresh @ Indiranagar for some Vegetable shopping. I was holding my son in one hand and trying to tear the polythene(Those transparent ones which are kept rounded and we can tear how much ever we need) to fill the vegetables into it. A couple came and the lady insisted to pull out the polythene there. The guy just waited for me to finish it. I over heard the lady saying, “She(referring me) was struggling to pull that out, why did you not help her(i.e me) to get those “?..

By then My husband joined us and we continued shopping without much difficulty. The above episode kept me thinking and these are the points to ponder.

1> Was there a better way to take out the cover instead of single handedly trying to tear it?

2> Are woman more courteous?

3> Didn’t that person realise that I was struggling to pull that out? or was he interested to pick few for them instead so he was waiting for me to finish it?

4> What would I have done if I were in his place? (Definitely would want to help the person but sometimes takes time to think whether to help or not)

5> Was that person hesitating to offer me the help?

I guess we enjoy reading such simple daily life stories.. Please feel free to share any interesting episodes which most of us can relate to.


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Recently I was talking to my friends regarding the motherhood and the way females get to make so many changes after the baby is born. During the discussion, we spoke about lot of things like the career options for woman, why she has to bear all the changes etc.,

While we were discussing on the goals of life, Career, Money, time for her hobbies and lot of such things came up and I ended up adding Parenting also a major goal of life to which my friend responded like this..

“Parenting is not a goal, its just the duty”….

If I have observed so far, a goal or a duty ends up at some part of time.. and the way our parents take care of ourselves even after we are well versed and are able to(or qualify to lead an independent life) I see that Parenting never ends till the person lasts… So I just concluded that Parenting is neither a goal nor a duty but a fantastic journey ahead…

What do you say ?

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