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melina article chennagidiya ? nimma annisike dayaviTTu tiLisi 🙂 idu kannada baruvavrige maatra kaaNisuttade !


Girish had organised and invited all of us  to have a never before kind of chat with some biggies in Kannada literary world. MB gang was in full josh and following is an update of what happened during the function.

After major circus of  trying to reach the planned meeting  point at  scheduled  time we all reached Peenya 3rd Phase and  arrived at the destination Navakarnataka Printers at 11.30 sharp 🙂

To our surprise and  relief the  programme had not yet  commenced.

We were served cool nimbe hannina rasa (ramanavami special) kosambri was missing though 😉 and the program began at 11.45 am

Sahithya dhuriNaru mathu AkashavaNi -rainbow  vyavasthapakaru hagu karyakramadha mukhyaathithi thamma  aasanagaLanna  alankarisidru.

Smt Nemichandra, Dr G Ramakrishna, Dr Shantaram Somayaji, Dr Ullas Karanth, DR Leela, Dr H S Gopalarao, Dr C R Chandrashekhar were the invted Writers (who are teachers,  researchers and scholars).

Books  which were introduced written by them druing the program were :

Nemichandra’ s Baduku badalisabahudu, DR G R ‘s –Bhagathsingh, Dr H S Gopalrao’s  Karnataka Ekikaraadha Ithihasa,  Dr C R C ‘s Mahileyallina Manasika aswasthathegaLu,  Dr Shantaram’s Americada kathegaLu, Dr Ullas Karanth’s Hulirayana AkashavaNi.

After  Prize distributions (We got  books of  Thams of Nihlani, Comparision of Gorki and Premchand and their works, Hosathu-Magazine special edition copy, Dostovisky’s translation work etc pack )

Sahithya samvada began.. audience  posed diffft questions to  the authors and got  satisfactory answers to their queries i presume :).  For the gist of  Question answer session i request  some of the balga members to take over the narration 🙂

After the  samvada… all proceeded for lunch and  the  informal discussions with all authors began,  and we all had nice time.

We all met Suchendra Prasad (Mukhya athithi) multifaceted personality in theatre, Kiruthere, hiri there, direction, and  a good vaagmi , chintaka. Pantulamma(Veena)  is a  better person to narrate this  discussion session :).

Stalls of  Navakarnataka publishers offered  books at discounted rate and CD of  Suchendra prasad -Documentary of Karnataka ekikaraNa was on sale. We  all picked few  titles for our library and left the venue  with  pleasure of meeting  the authors and of course last not the least i was thrilled to also visit the  publishers garden which has rare  varieties of trees , My special thanks to  Vallish and Girish Hamapli for guiding  me to that fabulous garden.

Yenadru miss madidre pls add madi


UPDATE : Don’t miss Veena’s comment.

Also, Please go thru this post by the man GH himself

dsc_1642.JPGdsc_1643.JPGSanjay receiving his prize

Our esteemed muktha balaga friends recieved prizes from various authors.

Here is an Advertisement.

Folks, you are any of your friends might be interested in this CD. If so, please contact me at Please note that cost of the CD is Rs. 30/-


The books introduced in this CD are…

  1. Karnataka Ekikarana Ithihaasa by Dr.GopalRao and others
  2. Volga –
    Ganga by Rahul Sankrityayana
  3. Mahileyara Manasika Aswasthategalu by DR. CR Chandrashekhar
  4. Chalane by
    Dr. NS Leela
  5. Sakshatkarada Dariyalli by BGL Swamy
  6. Swatanra Gangeya Saavira Toregalu by NP Shankara Narayana Rao
  7. Baduku Badalisabahudu by Nemichandra
  8. Hulirayana Akashavani by Ullas Karanth
  9. Americada Kathegalu by Shantharam Somayaji
  10. Taayi by Maxim Gorky (translation: Niranjana)

One of the author in our bookworm was Nemichandra. This is what she intends to say after listening to the CD. She has sent a brickbat. waiting for some one to bash!!!!

Mail from Nemichandra

*** mail from Nemichandra ***


Today I listened to your CD. It made me recall the books I had read and made me get curious about the books I haven’t read yet. you have presented the books well – it is a nice concept to make the listeners interested in books. But thanks for bringing it in CD form. Because of the timing, i could not hear to any of your programs when they were broadcast. This way, it is so easy to catch up with things we have missed out.


Invitation to ‘Samvaada’ and prize distribution for Winners in Bookworm

You are all Invited.

Time: From 11.00 am onwards

Venue: Navakarnatka Printers

# 167, 10th Main, Laggere bus Route, Peenya industrial Area

Contact no for directions to venue: 9880606703

We will also distribute prizes for winners in ‘bookworm – kannada pustaka parichaya’ program that was aired for last 20 weeks.

Also join us for lunch at 1.00 pm at the same venue after samvaada.

Veena posted a picture of Nagalinga Pushpa on her blog. And I started explaining to the people who said they dont know the flower at all.. but it became a long lecture. So, had to post it here!!

Its known as Canon Ball in English.

Botanical details :
Its scientific name is Lagerstroemia reginae and it belongs to the family LYTHRACEAE.
Features those attribute to the name Nagalinga Pushpa.
Its name is derived from Naga + Linga.

Nagalinga pushpa

As you can see from the picture above, it has a beautifully decorated hood kind of structure that houses innumerable filaments with anthers on it. It looks like the hood of “Naga” the snake.
And the  inner part of it contains the lone female part, stigma, sitting inside, as if protected by this hood of Naga.

The Stigma is small in size and it looks similar to a Shiva Linga, with a small pedestal(Ovary of Stigma) and a small linga(Stylum+Stigma combined).

All in all, its an awesome flower that matches with our imaginary Shiva Linga with a Naga’s hood encripting it.
Smell of it…amazing!!

One small trivia : It blossoms all over the tree, tree grows huge over the years. And this flower blossoms with sweet scent during the evening, in the twilight to be specific. But this stays open until Sun scrotches onn next afternoon.
Summer is the time for NagaLinga Pushpa.

Medicinal values it holds :
In Ayurveda, Nagakesara(sanskrit) is used extensively as an anti-inflammatory medicine.The volatile oils from the flowers show anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.It is one of the ingredients in the many preparations which cure gastritis, scabies, bleeding piles,dysentry,scorpion poison and many.
(Googleshwara helped me find this).

Bangaloreans can have a feel of it from the following places :
1. Shankara Mutt in Shankarapuram, Chamarajapet
2. Laal Baagh, near the West gate entrance
3. A few trees in front of National college Basavanagudi.
4. Bugle Rock(in front of Mallikarjuna temple)

(Remember, an early morning walk or late evening walk only will help you find them).

Brahma Kamala                                     Star of Bethlehem

Brahma Kamala                                             Star of Bethlehem

Please add more details to this scribble.

A video I took(of this divine flower) yesterday is uploaded here.

Another bright picture of Brahma Kamala(Craddle of Jesus) :

Brahma Kamala @Photograph: Prashanth M.


Nowadays its quite common to take videos using a mobile, and upload them on the net. They’re a new way of expression beyond still picture of the camera.

You can post the links to your videos here. Videos and comments on the videos invited! 🙂

ನನಗೆ ಮರ್ತೊಗೊ ಮೊದ್ಲೆ ಈ ಬ್ಲಾಗ್ ಪೊಸ್ಟ್ ಬರಿಯೋಣ ಅನ್ನಿಸ್ತು.. ಪೂರ್ತಿಯಾಗಿ ಕನ್ನಡ ದಲ್ಲಿ ಬರಿಯೋ ಅಷ್ಟು ಸಮಯ ಹೂಡಿಲ್ಲ… ಅದಕ್ಕೆ ಮೊದಲು ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಶುರು ಮಾಡಿದೆ ಅಷ್ಟೆ….. ಇದೊಂದು ಅನಿಸಿಕೆ… ಮಂಥನದ ಬಗ್ಗೆ !!

 This mega serial by Sethuram mainly deals with few things that are commonly & uncommonly seen in the society. Some characters are representative of the personalities, situations, stories and what not…. Just to summarise I shall list down the characters and the stories that are written across to connect them with the feelings. I would also be adding my way of understanding  & interpretation which obviously is given to the viewer….

Story line 1 – Sudha beLawaDi(forgot the character name) is a mother in family who shares a wonderful relationships with the females at home. Specially her just graduated-working-daughter. I just loved the way the scenes are picturised. Her mother’s role has been played by Lakshmi chandrashekhar… A vivid thinker(?) & deals with the daily routines in the family. The men in the family are the antogonists. One , the husband of Sudha who is good-for-nothing , who also demands for money at untimely situations. This character looks quite interesting, representing a small strata of men. Sudha’s son who is married to another so-so-wife who is depicted as an ‘Duraaseburuki’ & calculative & what not.

Now the scene is, the son who lives separately with his wife is running short of money to build his house & demanding for a loan which could have sudha’s house as Mortgage. The talks are still in -present-tense- as to what needs to done next. Mother sudha is not in favour of the decision & rest of the janata behaves so situational based…

Story line 2 –  A cute little girl who lives with her taata(sethuram has enacted this role) in a small village & she is visited by her mother’s friend who is now the DC of that village. The way the girl gets introduced in the serial is interesting. She has not seen her mother but is inquistive to know about her. She knocks each & every door which can give her a bit of information about her mother. She is scared about the grandpa who is also a victimised poor father who seems to be a contended school teacher. His daughter who is the little girl mother is still a question mark to him, he knows that she went to city for her college & ended up with her pregnancy. It would be too late to question her about -hows-about-the episode. The poor college going girl donates her breathe to her daughter who is the now-little-girl living with her grandpa.

The DC who is Nandini Jadhav(enacted by Nandini-Mukta fame Arundhati) is another character connected to this story2 . Almost 75% of her personality says she is a perfect career woman, having stressful life & a cynical family life. She has taken a transfer to this village voluntarily & now wishes to bring her mother to stay with her. She seems to be another dissatisfied soul with her family life(Now a days, having a job & working itself is a crime -uff ??)….

Today’s episode connects the story line 1 & 2… Nandhini Jadhav happens to be sudha’s younger sister.. Wow!! what a turn… Lets see what happens next.

Story line 3 –  Talks about Rajaram who is known to be a strict officer in the Income tax office(where Nandini Jadhav is a DC now).. He seems to be a very simple-living-high-thinking-kinda person. His in-laws are bent upon celebrating his wife’s baby-shower(seemantha) program in a full fledge way which he is not in favour for…

His wife (really pathetic 😦 ) who is incidently an house-wife enjoys being pampered by her husband (More in later episodes). This guy rajaram being a sincere officer rejects to accompany her for her check-up the next day due to which she is upset (wonder whether they really needs such reasons ??)

Positive points(or what I liked) –

1) The Dialogues or the script writing(done by sudha & others) is unmatching.

2) Mother daughter relationship is been displayed very fruitful & it has come up very natural(in such a way that most of them could as well relate)

3) The characters matches the personality or viceversa.

4) Episode Direction is excellent.

Something which I didn’t like.

1) Career Woman(as of now) is depicted like a villan (atleast as of now)

2) Dandapinda men, agree they do exists, but not sure whether they can tolerate such an extent of taunting from their wife & vice versa…..

Happy Serial Watching…..

ps – The Music(scored by whom??) is really haunting.. The lyrics reminds me the other M serials… I would have prefered Rajesh Krishanan or SPB instead of Raju Ananthswamy. Nandita hums quite well…


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