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My everyday’s morning drive to my office helps me listen to good radio channels. I am quite regular on FM Rainbow but

sometimes I do tune in other frequencies. The morning shows in any FM channels generally contains some questions to the viewers, sometimes a pollsometime that requires varied range of own answers.

Recession has been one of the favourite subjects to talk about, with reference to that an RJ’s question to people(specifically to

IT janta) was about the alternate career line they have thought about in case of job loss. There were quite an interesting set of ansers

major part of the people chose teaching as their alternate career option, few chose to look out jobs in other firms. There were quite a

 few  funny answers which included things like opening a barber shop(what ever may be the reason, people do come and cut their hair at all seasons), finance, taxi rentals etc.,

Honestly I had no answer to it , I went no where when I started to think about it. Probably, I don’t know…

If this question is posed to you, what would be your choice?

Also, post some funny RJ questions that were asked to people….


Have a great day ahead,



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