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I watched one episode of this really good – pretty much on par with Muktha viewers in my family say, and even I felt. The main thing I liked is that it assumes some kind of understanding by the viewers, and there’s a lot of things on screen in terms of facial expressions and so on, that are unsaid that a viewer can observe – really excellent acting and direction.

Hi ,

Manthana is a very good Serial. Very good hold on language,dialogues, flow etc.. Only Problem is timing. Is it possible to shift this to 9:30, which is very good time to watch this serial.

Also included with some sahithya dialogues or some famous quotes of famous kannada poets will be great.

Totally a very good Serial.


Manthana has elevated TV serials to a new high. Hats off to sri Sethuram for the dialogues coming out from the inner most depths of the human mind. The dialogue between the professor and Shrithi (11th May) so clealry brings out the aspirations, responsibilities, feelings of a young woman in a typical middle class family.

The high point of every evening is watching manthana. Bravo Sethuram!!



Congrats to the whle Mantana team for bring out such a good serial.Best things about the serial are the plot,dialogues and the acting and obviously the direction.

Please continue doing the good work.

Sushil Alva

manthana bagge onde padadalli helbeku andre “ADBUTHA”. Dialogue,acting,direction ellanu simply suerb.Jevnakke istond hattirwagiro serial andre idonde ansiddu nange. yaar hatranadru ee serial na title song lyrics idre atwa title song record madidre ,dayawittu publish madi.



This is one serial I wait to watch everyday. Star casting, screenplay, direction is at its best. I wanted to know who Sethuram is? Is he the one who plays Sumathi’s husband’s role in the serial?


Ananya, Sethuram is that grandfather of kshama, the little girl..
He is also father of Aditi, who has now sought a help from sivashankar reddy for a tutor’s job in the latter’s college.

Please click the above link to see more about sethuram there.


We miss Mathana on Saturday and Sunday??.


Can anyone clarify the manthana title song

Novu nalivina ringana , whats that Ringana means

I am a theatre person, finished my diploma in theatre arts at Ninasam Heggodu. I see only few selected serials like minchu & manthana which I won’t miss to watch. But one thing I observed (in manthana serial) is the dialogue delivery of some characters are like how mr.sethuram delivers. I do not know wether the dialogues a imitated or the dialogues written in the pattern in such a manner how mr.sethuram speaks. I hope the dialogues are written by mr.sethuram. But over all the serial is one among the best. keep it up. Mr. T N Seetharam has built a good balaga who can tranform good tastes in the society and people. Best wishes.

Some time I was inspired towards joing this mukta balaga as actor/writer/backstage worker if an opportunity is given.

NO.1129, 6TH CROSS,
BANGALORE – 560 057.
MOBILE NO.9900423002

Mathanna is one of the best serials of recent times. The starcast is very good and action extremely good. I liked the characther (Padamanhabhia) played by Vernekar of Mukth. I would know who that actor is.

each day manthana does not end at 10.30.It sets every one thinking about the situations the various characters are driven into.manthana continues long after the serial manthana ends every night.

I like manthana serial.. and am doing grt job by watching it

will i find the title song of Manthana in internet?



Really superb serial….

aa adhbhutha kannada … padagalu eshto marathe hogide namage … thumba olle olle dialogues.

hats off to Sethuram sir….

nijavaagalu nodidre…kannada dalli baruva seriel gala guna matta mathyaava bhasheyallu illa.

Thought provoking serial..

It is height of foolish to say your father is a ‘kalla’ by an intelligent NRI (Praveen). Shruthi’s rejection is also equally surprising. This was not in line with this serial. First wrong move. We are watching…

hey 16th friday serial looks like, you are take us for a ride, no way… it only shows how learnt, emotional females can behave. I don’t agree with this. For god sake don’t push our kannadathi’s to behave like this. Life is always give and take. This is the only mantra which can survive. otherwise nothing including your serial can not survive. we are watching… and will give only 2-3 episodes time for you recover. (10.33 PM)

Hi all,
The person who is not watching this serial is missing a lot. that is what i can say. This serial kindles a thinking spark which can turn into light which glows forever in one’s life.
Thanks to all the team members of manthana, a great show…

Hats off to Sethuram Sir

I am a kannadiga, but never used to see serials because same shot will be shown three to four times from different angle and serials will be like some kind of a modeling show. Actor’s don’t know acting and not even kannada properly.

But in Manthana everything is perfect acting, dialogues….Best thing is the language they use… no words to describe that.

If Possible please the release the CD’s of this serial.

Thanks to Director

I am a kannadiga, but never used to see serials because same shot will be shown three to four times from different angle and serials will be like some kind of a modeling show. Actor’s don’t know acting and not even kannada properly.

But in Manthana everything is perfect acting, dialogues….Best thing is the language they use… no words to describe that.
Thanks to Director

If Possible please release the CDs of this serial.


Its a class act! It feels as though Sethuram is teaching us through his serial.

Have captured some of the dialogues in it here :



Dialogue is too good. Good serial. I watch every day.

I am not convinced with Nandhini and Srithi age. Nandhini looks younger than Srithi. Srithi looks like aged. And srithi mother(looks young)


manthana is a great serial..

i watch it everyday….

i would like someone to capture the video of manthana and upload it somewhere… i really want to have a copy of the serial…

thanx in advance !

Hi all,
Manthana serial is really ultimate…I never felt those ppl are acting , i am feeling like its thr life. it is simply superb

Today’s episode was superb… Shruthi’s way of sharing relationship with her mother and father… abba entha chitraNa, entha bhaavane…!
bahaLa dina miss aagittu, eega mathe shuru maadide nodlikke….

Manthana serial is really gr8. Wah.. i never miss a single episode. Keep watching.. lot more to learn in life when u see this serial.
Hats of the the team.

Sudha Rao

Coming from North Karnataka, close to border Maharashtra I never had the habbit of watching Kannada Channels. My Good friend Pruthvi introduced me to this serial. Let me admit you, this is one piece (Manthana Serial) of work which I have never appreciated so much in my whole life. Its is a phenomenal serial. Too good to digest. For me it is a adavantage as it helps from getting out of kichdi North Karanataka Kannada to pure sanskrit like Kannada. The characters, plots and dialogues are wonderful, you easily tend to loose urself in that serial.
Thanks for the whole team and I really expect the huge recongnition to the team.


Can anybody give review on Meera Madhawa Raghava Movie directed by T.N Seetharam.

Thanks in advance

My emotions were never perturbed by TV media before I started watching this splendid serial Manthana. Dialogues are thought provoking with so much of prominence to our sweet Kannada and the brilliant performance of bunch of this great actors make that half an hour feel like half a second. Close to heart characters makes one feel their thoughts, pain and pleasure. Its equally superb as reading a great novel sitting on sea shores/grean paddy field/on top of green hill. A Revolutionary serial indeed. Great work done with this great service to Kannda culture Mr. Sethuram and team.

This serial is amazing. Reddy’s character is entertaining. We all wait for this serial dialy. Manthana atyadbuta.

Good, atlast it is taking good turns, may be our previous comments helped. Otherwise what is the use of our comments if you want us to say only goods about you. You have the opportunity to do serial, do it better. Dr.Raj kept saying, every one has a artist in them, some gets chance some in some thing else. So do well in whatever you are doing.

Having said so, we want to see your capacity in making others dailogues and wording unlike Sethurams. Everyone speaks like Sethuram. It is monotonous. Hope you will improve on this, atleast now.

can someone please upload the song of manthana either mp3 or video with which the serial starts….please….and thanks in advance

Hi Manthana fans(assume all like it)…

I’m one such eager watcher..

Thanks to my dear friend Soumya who introduced me to Seetharam’s serials and helped in sustaining continued interest in these serials…

Among other things I like the lyrics very much.. Especially the lines:

“Galikege pratikshana nashtada anjike” and

“Sudubesigeyalle ellede chigurele”

All credits to the writer of such meaningful lyrics…

namaskara ellarigu

It indeed fills me with warmth to read very thoughtful and commendable comments about manthana. Ofcourse it is one of a kind in a way the delivery of dialogue is designed. A friend out here rightly commented that the serial cannot end at 10.30 pm. It gets us thinking day in day out when we come across similar real life situations in our life !!! With due respects to Ekta Kapoor, I think a lot can be derived out of such a serial like manthana in making it such a rage, especially the quality of sentiments, emotions and the nitty gritty of relationship and its survival that are expressed, even without glamour or high melodrama !!

manthana — a horrifying serial,different from other’s …really a torture time from 10-10.30pm

Serial is good, but all characters speaks like Mr. sethuram. In few episodes recently it is ok but still let them deliver Mr.Sethuram dialogue naturally in their own way. The Engineer’s family(Mr.Srinath vashist) is getting more imporatnce.But Still it is terrific serial for Middle class city People. Good luck

Now I realize why Engineer’s family got importance in last few episodes. Shruthi and Engineer’s family are on the way to have some relation..

I’m not at all a fan of serials or soaps but I accidently watched an episodeof Manthana and got hooked. I would say that this superseeds all other serial so far telecasted. Mr Sethuram has outperformed everyother serial maker so far including TNS. Please keep going.

What a serial! I never thought that anybody can write such natural dialogues in Kannada.

I especially like the dialogues between Shruthi and her mother, though they sometimes sound bookish (the way it is told).

Hats off to the team!!!

I am very thankful to Mr. Sethuram and team for giving such a wonderful serial for kannadigas. The characters in this serial are near to the real life characters with their make up, dialogues, and emotions that our family like this serial very much. In now a days, everybody are behind money and wants to earn money in any kind, but will forget about the result of it, this serial clearly shows the outcome of this that some or the other day they are trapped.

Great Serial!
Never expected a serial to touch our heart with such effectively. Engineer’s wife and her brothers dialogue in the recent episode; his words about sister and brother-in-law with family participation during festivals and celebrations
their gift ‘GK book’to his son ….. Great
Thanks to the director sri Sethuramji, you have made the curropt people feel guilty.

Great Serial
Makes the corrupt feel guilty
thanks to Director Sri Sethuram

ಬ್ರಷ್ಟಾಚಾರದ ವಿರುದ್ಧ ಹೋರಾಡುವ ಅಧಿಕಾರಿಗಳು ಈ ಸರ್ಕಾರದಲ್ಲಿ ಇನ್ನೂ ಇದ್ದಾರೆ ಎಂದು ತೋರುವ ನಂದಿನಿ ಜಾದವ್ ರವರ ಪಾತ್ರವು ಅದ್ಬುತವಾಗಿದೆ…
ಈ ಪಾತ್ರವನ್ನು ಇನ್ನಷ್ಟು ಬಲಶಾಲಿಯನ್ನಾಗಿ ಮಾಡುವಿರಾ??

ಇಂತಹ ಒಂದು ಅದ್ಬುತ ಪಾತ್ರವನ್ನು ಸೃಷ್ಠಿಸಿರುವ ಶ್ರೀ ಸೇತುರಾಂ ರವರಿಗೆ ತುಂಬುಹೃದಯದ ವಂದನೆಗಳು…

Manthana.. present day corruption na expose maadtiro olle serial.. but 1 small qstn frends… Nandini avra snaps sigatte?? idre pls do fwd me..
Thanks in advance… 🙂

The kind of responses the serial is getting is quite phenomenal. the viewers are treated with ameaningful and down to earth dialogues which touch the viewers heart.It is not the usual tearful and overdressed , complicated ,with heavy acting. The response is so good and kannadigasshould bequite proud of this serial.

hello people… I think this is the worst serial i’ve ever seen in my life till whole family used to go off to bed at 10pm everyday.. Now,this ETV channel has changed all the timings of serials. My father now watches this crappy serial everyday.. I always tell him to switch off the tv or change the channel.. I hate the dialogUes,.,, Who ever has directed this serial is seriously gone ,brainsick, crazy, daft, demented, disordered, distraught, dotty, insane, lunatic, maniac, maniacal, mentally ill, moonstruck, off, touched, unbalanced, unsound, wrong. bonkers, cracked, daffy, gaga, loony. \ bananas batty, buggy, cuckoo, fruity, loco, nuts, nutty, screwy, wacky. END THIS STUPID SERIAL PLEASE… YUCK.. THOOOOO. USELESSSSS.. WASTE IN LIFE DIRECTOR ;….

U R a MAD ASS..Do u at least realize the QUALITY of MANTHANA..Looks like ur too Immature to Understand these OSCAR Winning Show …GROW UP ..

Chetan Raghuram :

Nimage e daaravahi ishta vaagade irabahudu aadare adu halavaaru janarige bahala ishta.
Bere avara bagge ashtu kevalavaagi matanaduva munche yochane madi. Avaru avarige sari anniso reeti nalli daaravahi tegitare.Adannu oppodu bidodu namage bittiddu sari.Ishta vaglilla andre aa samayakke bere kelasavannu itkolli.Adu bittu heege baaige banda haage matanadidare nimma meele bere yarigu olle abhipraya baralla.
Waste in life director antiralla … A director sadhisirodralli nivu ondu amsha nadru sadhisidira ?

Nanu prekshaki ashte; e daaravahi madora parichaya nanagilla; nanagu e daaravahiya kelavu sanniveshagalu hidisalla.

manthanada “sambhashane” ee serialna hero aage vijrambiside. yaakendare ella paathragala abhinaya chennadagiddaru onde bageyaage aalochisuttave, onde reethe maathanaadutteve. ee manthanda sambhashane crisp aagiddu, aa dinada serial mugida nantharavu manana maadikolluttiruvanthide. illina ella sanniveshagalu bahalashtu vyakthigala kutumbagalalli, vruttiyalli sambhavisirabahudaagidduruvudarinda apyaayamaanavaguttade. sambhashaneyanne hero aagi merese drushya maadhyamakke hosa aayaama tandiddare ee serialna nirdheshakaru. vandanegalu.


Manthana is a good serial. Those who condemn the serial may be as corrupt as Reddy in the serial and feel guilty to watch the serial. Sethuram has done a wonderful serial with good dialogue delivery. Besides great performance of Reddy, of late Shivaram is doing wonderful job, especially his expressions as a real cancer patient. Many talented people are coming out. After a very very long time, someone is doing a sensible serial. How many people will try to transform after watching this serial is a real question, but people with lot of principles will definitely like it. Good going, keep it up.

It is interesting to note so manygood cooments by the vivid watchers.I think it is the one of the best serials inthe Indian tvs.Every thing is underplayed and superb control over emotions by the cast.Keep going.

“Manthana” ….
Nijavaagaloo … ADBHUTHA !!!!!!
During manthana…there’s PIN DROP silence in our home..and all of us (6 ppl) sit together and watch this gr8 serial !!!!!!!!!
Every aspect of it is simple awesome !!
Thanx for the whole team for giving such a fantastic pgm..!!!
Cheers !!


Thank you for giving us such a wonderful serial in Kannada…….it has effective dialouge delivery…..all have acted very well….and i really thank the director who has given us such sensible serial were we got to learn more in life thought your
dialouge…….it really touches our heart…….very good keep it up ………all the best

Chatan Raghuram, I do not agree with you. I suppose you are an immature person, who has never thought about values in life. You might be a pub crazy dirty fellow, so can not understand the sensitivity of human values. Let me know what kind of serials you like? Whilst, so may on earth like this serial and one or 2 of your ‘kind’ are not liking this means, i feel, you guys are mentally disordered and really do not have brain or have a crazy brain. I feel you are a spoilsport stupid.

Manthana is one of the nest serials produced on Indian Television Network. Because of work constraints, i am limited to see this serial, probably 2 -3 days in a week, but this is a real refresher to me. The language is so very rich, though it surprises me many a times, as every one in the serial talks such a rich Kannada.

The artists have given life to every character they have played and i am thankful to sethuram for giving such a wonderful serial, which slowly unfolds many truths of our every day life. Thanks

This site has been recenlty started by some one in US. It containts YOUTUBE links to every episode and reviews every episode as well.

Good read though

thanx for informing that serial videos are available in youtube

Read the intordatart article” Manthan: A breath if fresh air”. It gives the views from a new viewer perspective.

The Serial is Super i am watching this serial every day and most attraction part in this serial is language. Pure Kannada.

It is too good.

Regards, Girish


tumba chenag moodi bartide serial….mukta da nantara next super serial…dialogues sakat agide…software engineer lifestyle bagge topic togoli edrali…yakendre naanu sw engineer…:)
yellargu tilsi heli hegirate avra life anta….naanega US lidini…kelavu episodes nodtirtini net ali…tumba miss madtini alina life…..plz edondu topic togoli…


I am not sure if we can compare Manthana with any other serial running now or in the past. It is one-of-its-kind type serial.

This review has some interesting points. It says, the serial needs to be paused soemtimes to digest the lyrics and then unpause to continue!

Also, this is not a soap serial. Although a soap sponscers it. It is involved, deep and gripping.

Manthana is very popular. This blog not only provides you tube videos for all the daily episodes but also reviews it. It also gives a different perspective and also has critical views as well.

This review starts with some intro….
“In July 2006, when I saw Manthana first time, I was gauging the depth of the river, manthana, standing on the shores. Having seen many of the suppose-to-be-big-rivers just to be shallow streams at the end, I mis-guaged Manthana also to be a shallow stream potrayed as a river. As I went inside to feel the depth, I saw its real depth; It was much deeper than what I even imagined and much wider than what I thought. I had imagined oceans in the field of Television serials, but never saw anything bigger than stream till now. But having gone down to swim inside it, I see Manthana more like a unimaginable ocean; Wide, deep, mysterious, marvelous, mind-blowing and relishing. I enjoy every episode’s swim. I see and learn new things every time I watch it. Every time it stimulates some part of my brain which was dead and needed some strong stimulus. I feel alive now. Thanks Manthana!”


A great serial, except that everyone speaks the same way.. Good pure kannada used but i think each character should talk in his/her own style and shouldnt get limited to idmaadre adagutte admaadire idaagutte kinda dialogues.. 🙂

The serial should be rescheduled to 10:00 pm. We guys are leaving late in the office and missing this Fantastic serial

Can we watch the serial on the internet?

I too agree with Ravi. Am also not able to watch this wonderful serial, of late. Request E-Tv guys to reschdudle it to 10pm.

Dear all,

The Producer of manthana is very very biased and Me. Sethuram ar those Heros is peech and zeros in action. He thinks he is the only man filled with honesty and values on Earth and all are cheats.
It is really disgusting suchs erials are aired on TV, his only aim is to criticise and condemn people who are in power, who are respected. This man is very much filled with envy an zealosy, so buy indulging in such serials he will get fame and attention by negative mineded humanity and he feel great.

Very disgusting serial by a selfish, envy filled jealous producer whose only aim is to tarnish the image of great people.

i watch Mantana religioously every day and have done so from its first episode. I would like to get an invitation for the site “”.

I kindly request ANYBODY who can help me get an access to this site.

P.S: Thanks Sethuraman for this wonderful serial.

Venugopal Rao

Manthana is a very good serial.
People who are involved in corruption for their benefit will feel bad. They will definitely give bad comment about this serial. The unique feature of this serial is Every Character has importance. All the characters have capability to think independently. No body is made as “HERO” or “Villain”. All the characters try to be “HERO’s” in their own way.

Finally and most important it is, “Sethuram” gets in to the side effects of the BLACK money(Corrupt money). Many other stories and serials show side effects of BLACK money but not in depth. Here the writer gets in to the depths of it. I appreciate this effort. In the real world also I have seen many people struggling to protect the BLACK money which they have earned. As writer says people have failed to impress their own family members.

Hats off to “Sethuram”. There should be more serials which reflect the side effects of BLACK money.

I have been watching Manthana for quite some time. After a few episodes, it was one of my old friend who commented that the dialog in this serial is superb and thought provoking which actually prompted me to start watching this serial regularly. It is a great experience to listen to the dialogs in this serial – episode after episode – which deeply stir our inner being and makes us realize the richness of our own language. The closing dialogs of last Friday’s episode – between the swamiji and his new found daughter whom he in turn acknowledges as his mother – as she helps him to realize his true self or identity which had not found its expression till then….I think this scene, acting and the dialogs are the highest fulfilling points in this serial so far….congratulations Sethuram and team…you have given us a great experience through your art and dedication….wish you all the best in your future endeavors….regards…

The very word – manthana, makes one understand the serials quality – ‘its food for thought’. At home, we watch the serial particularly for the villains statements which are 100% truth in the modern world.

The only boring point which TNS used to talk in his open house about his serials is – ‘ my characters talk like themselves and is not a script’. It is stupid to think that all characters can speak in the same monotonus, intellectual, language rich method potrayed.

Anyway its keepin us glued to the set!

While the dialogues of Manthana is the highlight, the same dialogues sometimes gets too complicated and makes it difficult for audience to understand what actually the charatcter wants to say !!!!.Maybe the language and the words used could have been little simpler for the less intellutal audience (like me) to understand.

Anyways a good serial.


Now a days, its too much of complex language man!
bhaava, kaasu are the most frequently used words alva?
Guess its coming to an end, from April 7th, Vyshaali kaasaravaLLi’s muttina toraNa is taking that slot 🙂

Manthana is a very good serial. I used to watch it every day from the begining. I dont understand why they are closing the serial too soon? I it because of the dialogues which is a little complicated to understand or due to any other reason?

For lack of TRP mostly manthana is seeing an abrupt end. The climax is sudden and bumpy indicating the same. THere are very few viewers who give thier suggestions to the address given at end of teleserial and guess would not have caused its end.

Overall a good serial despite tough and high usage of some words as observed by Naagesh.

Hello Misters, How do you know that Manthana is lacking TRP’s? Viewers are still high!

There was a interview of Sethuram sir in May 2007. He mentioned then itself that this will be a small serial and they would be ending somewhere about 260 episodes…..Now they are ending at 285th episode….just as planned. It was planned much long before, it was written that much itself. Stop bad mouthing Manthana. No negative point is driving to its end. Response is great.

Dear naveen,
Nobody is badmouthing the serial. It is the TOP reason why serials get jiggled or end.

TRP low ratings do NOT mean the serial is bad, also how these TRP ratings are done is a great mystery.

As said earlier, TRP’s arent driving to its end. Since start it was planned to end here itself. This is different from other serials. I liked the pre planning of script instead of going on adding it like other serials.

Though it might have been planned to end the serial, it looks like that they are trying to hurry now to end the serial. Many scenes show that the serial is being ended abruptly. I would like to clarify that I am not commenting on quality of serial, but the ending is not looking as though it was planned.



Seethuram tumba moosa madidru, neevu Manthana na istu beega mugisabaraditthu.

Its really cheating, from April 7th onwards I can skip the ETV Kannada channel.

Hi…i missed the last 2 weeks of the serial…as there was a tech problem in our Television. and for my bad luck when i checked last monday, there was some other serial at the timings. again tuesday i swtched on the TV at 6.30 and kept checking every half an hour whether they have changed the timings but no luck.
Can anyone pls let us all know, whoever missed the last few episodes, what was the conclusion…how was it ended for each role/charecter. …Please…please…

Thanks in advance,

could any please tell me who is the creator of
“” blog. I would like to access the blog and it requires invitation. Could the creator of the blog please send an invitation? Manthana has been such a wonderful serial that I would like to hear its dialogues and watch it again and again. Requesting the blogger to kindly send an invitation.

How about requesting E-Tv people to telecast MNATHANA again?

Am watching Manthana again, making a friend watch it with me, he had never seen it and is spellbound now

I have posted a blogpost on anaavarana, yet another breakthrough from Mr. Sethuram. This one has a different momentum altogether. Also, the online episodes are available on videogirmit/youtube. Enjoy these.

hi… i want “preethi illada mele”, “manthana” n “anavarana” title song mp3 (etv serial), those who have these songs pls upload here or mail me

One of the best ever serial in Kannada . Worth of watching . Thanks @maddyvoldy for uploading all episodes 🙂

I don’t watch Kannada or Hindi series after guddada bhootha.
But I’ve to admit Manthana is one of the class series in Kannada be it in terms of story, characters, acting, emotions, dialogs etc.
I’ve complete season of this series (285 episodes). If anybody need it send me a link to upload it.

Hi please share the link of episodes waiting to watch again

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