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Just a thought came in to write about us….

It was in Dec 2005 when I was googling to get some information about TN Seetharam & his serial Mukta & I hit Sanjay’s blog….I visited once & then totally off. I think again in July’06 —  from churmuri website, I entereted Bellur’s site where it spoke about the Muktha AbhimanigaLa BheTi(MAB)Meeting TNS , its was so amazing!!.. I got connected to Sanjay’s website once again.  I was so happy to see the daily updates everyday on the serial episodes  & I literally followed. The World of blog was really new to me, later I got to know people like Bellur, Usha, Vani, Professor(Shruthi), Diya, Mohan, Girish, Chaitanya who were quite regular on the posts.

We decided to meet one day, It was fun connecting those comments to the real faces, we exchanged our cell phone number, email ids & the real names behind the comments!! There in started our journey of Muktha balaga. Now we are friends sharing each other’s joys & sorrow…. knowing more than classmates, child hood friends & what not.. When somebody ask me how do I know so & so belonging to this group, its a simple difficulty in explaining the root of the relationship… A saga of tele-serial to friendship….Amazing.

Now we have a mailing group, a picnic we shared, a lunch treat, a snack party at Dwarka bhavan & recently the lalbagh visit to relish… Lets see more of these.

Memories here.

Everybody, Thanks for being so nice.


CTR Munde Muktha Balaga


namma Girish haMpaaLi avara ondu adbhuta prayatna, Radio program Bookworm..
Idu prati vaara Somavaara madhyaana 1pm ge FM101.3 nalli prasaara vaagatte.
GH avara bagge eshTu baredaru kaDimeye… vrutiyalli s/w field(he calls s/w prof as Junk) nalliruva ivaru, ee tara Radio programs, haagu innitara jaanagrahada(educational CD’s) kelsa maadutaare.
ivaru magaLu sharu tumba cute, avara Mrs bandu ee kaaryakramada production manager.

eegaagale sumaar 10-12 pustakada parichaya aagide, kaaryakramada kaDeyalli keLida prashNegaLige uttara needida hattu adrusta shaali vijetharige ondu athyuttama bahumaana…
haagaadre vichaara maaDoNva…? ivattina book worm na book yaavudu antha naanu nodtheeni, neeva saha nodi.
SMS Maadabekaada sankye – 9343517406


Its been a great journey of blogging.
Meeting, discussions, information sharing, fighting, eating & what not…

Thanks to the Mane owner Sanjay for giving us an avenue in his blog to comment on the daily serial ‘Mukta’.. More than a daily soap, its been a point to share the information & pass on their opinions & some time judgements too.
More than TNS, I am indebted to Sanjay for making all of us friends.
Now, Mukta balaga is not just a group of people but its been a fantastic journey.

I will end my comment with a nice quote for today!!
“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

— Veena Shivanna



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