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Update – 4th Feb 07

This weekend, I could see some clippings of this serial (by Seetaram, directed by his co-directors)!! Looks like the story lines commonly touches the challenges faced by females in their livlihood. Meera was one among the featured heroines!

After the largely successful family drama-turned-message carrier-turned court drama Mukta ended last year, TNS’ production house Bhoomika is back with Minchu, directed by Prashant Haldodderi. The serial is about the conflict between money (consumerism) versus matters of the heart.

The story is of two families-one belonging to the upper class and the other to the middle class– that face the extent of cruelty a man can possess when he goes in search of money and the happiness it brings. Whats more, Seetharam says the serial lays heavy emphasis on sentiment.

Another interesting feature of this serial is that two women, writer Uma Rao and actress Sudha Belawadi have worked on Seetharam’s concept, providing the screenplay and dialogues. Besides, Bhoomika which foresaw shortage of scriptwriters invited aspirants and selected six out of them, who are techies and lawyers to be trained by Bhoomika. Uma Rao and Sudha Belawadi have woven together conflicts faced by modern women inspite of a much empowered lifestyle, in grappling with a yet-to-change traditional society. G K Govindrao, Padma Kumta, Hema Bellur, Sandeep lead newcomers Yashaswini, Ram, Ravi and several others in the serial. GKG plays the proprietor of a surgical equipment supply company who gradually transforms into a man who is more concerned about the fate of his contracts than about the matters of the heart.

The serial has music by C Ashwath who has scored for all Seetharam serials. Lyrics are by Jayant Kaikini.

~ Excerpt from: Deccan Herald: Minchu


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Oho…Nann tubelight ivaaga “Minchide”.

Muktha mukthayavada mele
minchanthe baLi bandhe neenu
Commentsalli kaLedhu hodevu naavu!!!!

Triveni Sangama ge enu maaDodu ? innodu page create maadi amele yaaru nodlilla andre waste.
Illide namma Minchu page, pls don’t make me the owner of this blog.
Your roles still remains the same, Mane owner & the regular updaters.

I have changed the blog appearance & have added few sidebar gadgets too, hope this is now okay. Title bar ge photo kooDa add aagide, nimage time, energy, interest iddali, dayavittu innodashtu alamkaara maadi.

naanu eega manege horte, namaskaara

Veena ivaga appearance chennagide 🙂 As for Triveni Sangama, it’s going to be aired at 6Pm I heard..Is it so??? Then I’ll have to miss it.. 😦 Hopefully someone would be able to watch it n amore importantly give people like me, regular updates 🙂

can u please post the video of title song of triveni Sangama. I was a part of it and eager to watch the video.



Whose ever staying close to their office can take a break & watch this one.
One more important Q, Is there any gadget which can record videos to me which comes on TV ?
I had seen some Windows OS coming, which gave me promise like , you can pause the programs & can watch it later since it does a background recording too.
Also if anybody is using the TV Tuner cards, Please give me some details too.

Very simple ree.

Jaynagarke nimma CPU tagond hoge. Ask for Internal TV tuner card…cheapest is 965 plus 4% VAT.

Get it fixed and enjoy programmed record away from home.

I have been using Tex Com, an indian company providing great service. The professional one is Pinaccle. Dont ask for cost and get a free heart attack.


yelli Mohan sir idhu, adress kodi, nanu hogteeni….

Laptop gu install maadbahudu ankoteeni,
Mohan can you please give me some more details like where etc., It will help many of us including Usha infact…

Just opposite jayanagar 4th block post office there are shops.

My favourite guy is softnet computers. Am talking of an internal TV tuner card. Doubt the same available for a laptop ( maybe little costly).

There are dime a dozen shops there. Just ensure you land there after 10.45 AM or after 5.30 PM

There are 2 types of TV tuners for info. Internal which is fixed inside the CPU, external which connects as a small dabba. Most external with the exception of pinacale can NOT record as it does not have built in HDD / flash types.

Just install, forget and ensoy madi.

This will lead to matrimonial bliss when the wife wants to see ‘kaajal’ on sony, you NDTV for current affairs and the kid wants POGO of tom and jerry fame.

If you have a old monitor and dont know what to do, buy an external buy with a small multimedia spekar and you have a new TV for bedroom too

Recently i got more enlightend by prabhu of metblogs fame.

He uses his PC to play the movies and watches it on the telly.

Was told to buy a Video card for CPU with S-Video OUT option. Next buy a S-Video cable and with CPU on one end and Telly on the other end; enjoy the latest downloads of DIVx/XDiv without hazzles.

Some body suggested the cost of this S-Video cable is 1200 plus so its better to buy a DVD player with Divx/Xdiv codec and solve all the hazzles.

So this is more food for confusion and contravarsies 🙂

Too much of cables around then..
There are some complaints at home that I have too many things to keep around. My laptop, my books, my gadgets, waterbottles etc which makes the room untidy 🙂
You are talking about S-Video able etc.,
One thing is strucking me, whoseever is building a new house.. They now know how many cables/pipes they need to instill inside the walls now.

Electricity, Water, Solar, Telephone cable, TV Cables, S-Video…A total hub….!

Let me try that TV Tuner one out, its like having another addiction(TV) to leave out one(Blogs) like getting on to GUTKA to come our of Cigrettes!!

Reminds me of a joke veena:

An Indian, Russion and American were togather as usual.

The Russian took them to moscow centre, dug for a metere and pulled out a cable and said “look, we had known electricity many year before”

Not to be outdone the american took him to washington DC, dug for 2 meters and pulled out a cable and said “look we also had known electicity many many years before you”

The indian took them to delhi and dug for many many meters – still no cable. At end giggling he said “look we already knew wire less networks and hence we are so advanced there is no wire at all”

Dont worry madkobade, Wi Fi is already wireless, Mobile is wireless – even power is already transmitted for short distances and they are trying to do away with electric poles!

I wish, I can have a TV Tuner card which is wireless! & I don’t need the wires hanging around .. Thats how I managed to get a MODEM which supported Wireless when we went for this BSNL Data one. That guy tried to sell me the base model which was 600/- less than this one.

TV Tuner cards which are wireless is preferred more on the wired one, can pay more money & time too 🙂

Thanks Mohan, that joke was a real gud one! 🙂

You know what, already ‘Mohans Funda’ page is more liked one in this blog.. Congrats for living upto(more than) expectation!!

I see that ‘Fastest growsing blog’ in wordpress is listed this blog today!! COOOOL alva ??

Veena madam,
Internal cards – no wires only Joy.

If you definetly have the money – go for pinaccle. They are professional grade and extremly good.

If the blog is popular, is getting more popular – its cause is veena prashanth. Off course other people who take time to spend here are the obvious kings & queens!

It takes 2 hands to clap alwa?

reeee jaasti maana kaLibEdri, will check for Pinnacle, ivattaane salary banthu 🙂
If you have money is a million dollar Q..!

Entha Needs ninda ne Hosa technology WiMax thara barodhu. Nimma Kanasu yella nija aguthe.
“Necessity is mother of inventions”

What is WiMax Prasanna avare ? swalpa beLaku chelli pls.

WiMax is something higher than Wi Fi , where in the Wifi can cover a small Hotel, Airports, and has a range of about 100ft where as the Wi Max can cover a range of about 12-15 Kms such that as and when you are in within the Wimax range you keep getting the Internet Connectivity at a speed of 72MB per channel. Whereas in Wifi its about 11mb-54mbps.

The number of Base Stations in Wifi is more whereas in Wimax its either 1 or 2 maximum. There are many other features like Quality of Servcice(QoS), Better Security,…….

I think rest Namma Bellur avara Padya Google……

sastry sir,
This seems like Wide Area Networks (WAN) of yester years with wireless connectivty. Am i right?

Houdu mohan sir, Now it looks like my profile is under threat

TV Channels ge Wi-Max inda enu help ? Please explain me this one. We were talking about TV tuner cards so I was thinking this can get me TV channels like the Cable.
Also DTH, Tata sky yaaradru use maadthideera ?

minchu minchantte bandu mayavoitallo
i hifi wihi wimax galu naduve
yenu madali nanu yellige hogali
yavang minchutte tilisi nodona

Wimax and DTH have no relations as of now. Lets wait for IPTV to be launched in a full fledged manner. DTH is based on satellite communication

Tata sky na nanu demo antha use maduthaiddini hyd nalli. You dont get Sun Network since Sunnetwork is not allowing it. Also ETV Kannada has become paid channel (Outside AP state) so Tata has to subscribe for it which might cost additional. But otherwise you get about 160-180 channels Yella bari Product Sales which you see in USA.

Clarity is Crystal clear, you can callup and ask for your favourite program (Trivenisangama) to be retelecasted. Online games,………

If you have a TV Tunder card, The tatasky set top box can be plugged into the AV1 mode. Next you can both watch as well as record those programs. The quality advetised of DVD picture and CD quality music may only be true depending on the TV tuner card.

The only issue is you need to buy seperate Set top boxes for TV and Computer else need to dynamically and physically switch the boxes. This is knowing your aversion for cabels and all.

Sastry sir, you are the expert – nobody can threaten your technical knowlege. Pls enlighten us on the latest technology pls.

Whats happening about this serial.. Any more interesting clipppings ?
ninne I was at home by 6am & I heard the ‘Triveni Sangama’ song airing. ‘AvaLa Mane’ serial has been showed now.!
Mathen kathe, namma TNS avaru Meera Madhavara jothe busy aagidaara ?

GH, nimmane meeting ge TNS nu invite maadi sir. First MAB nalli avaru bandidru naanirlilla aaaga.
I have met once in Sept 2005!

Well, ninne GH(idannu Guest House anthaanu kareebahudu) mane visit tumba chennagittu. First of all, naane late aagi hode, nammalli school group jothe meeting ittu & since I lead the operation naanu absent aagalla, jana ella 5pm ge iDoNa andru, aadre namma manager kyli byskoLodu beDa(school work is a voluntary activity) antha naane 6pm suggest maadide, adu 30 minutes agenda ittu but 1 hour aaytu…

Usha, Sharu ge en togondri ? I couldnt get a chance to ask you there since it wouldn’t sound good antha.. nanage actually chennapaTna da ondu bombe/aaTike(some good one, shikshaNa kodo aaTikegaLu ive) togobeku antha annistaa ittu, matte C.Patna ge hogokke kashTa antha enaadru togoLi ande ashTe.

GH avarnthu, maneli full Head of the family tara aadthaare, avara MRS avranna HOF aagokke biTTidaare, this is the main thing.. avara amma full silent viewer aagidru, naavella maamuli haraTe, regsodu ella ittu.

kaDeli joLada roTTi ooTa.. this is the In- thing, namma muktha balaga andre illi idu important aagle bekalva ? avara mane khaara abba nanu mareyokke aagalla. ella aadmele, sampradaayada prakaara harishiNa, kumkuma etc.,
avara maneli ondu Vivekananda painting ide, super aagide… PM avare,sharu pictures togondralla, adannu upload maadi.. ee sala lens cover tegdidralva ? Good that we didnt’ decide to postpone the visit.

Maneg hogo ashTralli 10:35, namma saahebru taarsi mele nintkondu kaaythaa idru(car bandaaga gottaagattalva), nanage door bell ring maadbekO, phone ring maadbeku gottaglilla.. namma maava bagal tegedru…

enu mahtma sikkapaTTe muniskondidru.. amele swalpa hottaadmele keLag bandru naa ashTralli malkondidde, sakkat sustaagittu antha… ooTa maadoNa andaaga swalpa kasivisi.. amele I just said nandu aaytu, you carry ON & I slept…! beLigge eddu ella kelsa mugsi, naanu office ge bandaaga avaru innu nidraa deviya maDilalle idru.. 🙂 Hospital ge madhyaana hogodu adakke!!

ivattu shark avara maduve, yaararu barteera ? Jayanagar ge matte barbeku….

I could pick a cute teddy bear for her.

neevu baro munch sakashtu vishayagaLa charche aithu…ondhu round bisi bisi tea kooda aithu..

Hats off to your committment in driving long distances to make it to these meets.

Jayanagar nalli jasthi(regular agi barovru) jana irodrindha mostly meets yella jaasthi ee kade agtirbodhu…

If everyone feels its difficult to travel long distance, we can meet in heart of city …lallbagh /cubbonpark or any areas in and aorund corporation.

Thx Girish for the hospitality and delicious dinner. Time well spent.

Usha, Share amount offline tilsi..
Hats off ella enillamma, nanna hatra drive maadokke aaTike idiyalla, illa andidre kashTa aagirodu.
Earlier I used to go & visit people on weekdays, ond sala nanna friend AGRA inda bangalore ge bandidlu, avara atte maavana mane BSK 3rd stage, naanu nanna office inda nanna maneg hogo bus badlu BSK 3rd stage bus togondu alli hode.. aaga naanu PG nallide, so heLovru keLovru irlilla.. aa dina alle halt maaDi, naaLe allinda direct office ge hode. aadre eega late aag bandre, baagal taTTokke bhaya aagatte. It purely depends on the people’s mood at home..which generally I find out by calling.
Ade Mysore ge hodaaga maneg late aag bandre, naane jOr maadtheeni, hingella aadidre naan mysore ge baralla ashTe antha joru bere hodiyodu.. amma aaga nanna registaare, ninge nimma atte manene sari antha.. It ends in laugh at the EOD.. aadre bangalore nalli.. idakke nanna ardha buddi kharch maadbeku.. kaalige beeLodu ondu kadime ashTe.. aa time nalli nanu siTT maadkoLoNa ansatte, aadre aaga hagga hariyo chance jaasti ashTe.

Today RB show nalli he spoke about this one.. kopiskondu eddu hogo modle naave beDa hogo antha kopiskondre, aagodu novu namage jaasti antha..! I was just relating this experience to this incident. madhyaana OOTada time ge ondu phone barotanaka swalpa kasivisinE 🙂

OKay folks, I have added some links to our posts to make it easier to traverse. Kannada saahitya page nalli kaaverida kaveri & BGL swamy links aad aagide. Minchu page ge ITS WE page aad aagide, so its easier to traverse now.
MINCHU page is avaialble from the main page itself, Mohans funda can be always looked separately for any finance related questions too.

Srik, & Prof nOdi eega okayna ? Old is Gold, namma prakruthi page & post chenna antha naanu optheeni, aadre naanu nanna prayatna kooDa maadideeni.!! 🙂


Its okay. Its just a matter of some time before we get adjusted to this change aste. As a saying goes in IT industry, I believe change is a difficult one always.

This is fine. But can u guys make some change also so that we get recent comments at the top of the page, just like our common man’s page?

Well.. speaking about yesterday’s meet, it was just another MB bheti, nice time spent with cool talks, brilliant idea exchanges and yummy food to end with. Veena, u must be really take this bow from us for the commitment u display at times, all the time. Sharu is cute and active. She screamed with the highest decibel when I first touched her, later became more friendly. Probably another meet or so, she will become a friend :).

PM and me were infront of the GH mansion, but searching, that was something funny, finally found out by calling Girish up. Hey Prashanth, please keep those song backup for me, I will collect it this weekend from you, mostly.

Srik .. No song backup.. I have bought some nice CD’s which have some good collection of Dr. Raj’s , PuTTanna, SPB etc.,
Man pay for it…

I had a nice bheti of Sharu.., when I took her from the ground, she didn’t make a sound.. She knows who is good & who is not so :-).. I always wish I have such a baby, a nice daughter!!

I am a very junior blogger, may be some wordpress blogger should help us out. Weblog may provide some feature to read the comments up, its down here. Another small change SRIK.. 🙂

In that case, if u can borrow those CDs to me for a day or so, I will take a back up of them also and return them? 😉 LOL…
Yeah will learn to PAY FOR IT.

GH mane visit chennagittu antha tilidu santhosha aitu. jolada rotti oota khara khara missed it
better luck next time.
please convey my wishes and congratulations to
Shark. I was thinking of attending but not it is not possible because of some official work I will be late not possible to reach that place in time.
wish them on our behalf also

Good to hear about the MAB in GH’s residence. yeah, as Veena mentions, it is easier to travel round the city if you have your own “rathas”.

I left office last evening only at 8.00 PM, that too leaving a lot of work pending for today.

Veena, a pat on your back from me too. Commitment to make it at any cost, I like that. And hats off to your way of juggling home, office, social responsibility & friends’ circle too.

Guys, pls dont check your and woman specially

Atlast MINCHU shuru aagokke kelavashTe dina…
Feb 19th, coming monday.. Watch it for MORE! 🙂

ayyo… swalpa nODidnappa. In fact I wanted to reply to Mohan’s comment that they’re all newcomers – saying that we shouldnt be so hasty but should give them a chance but had somehow missed out. But even though I didnt have much expectations, and am not one for cribbing, found the first episode somewhat boring. The title music was nice but lacked any consistent substantial melody in it. Also I’m really bored of seeing all these females portrayed as spiteful jealous vamps pitting against each other! And the craziest thing was some music themes being reused for this serial, cmon guys don’t you have any more creativity??!

The first episode was really exciting.. atleast I made it a point to be there at home by 8:20pm & finished all my cooking by 9(very important criteria to peacefully watch this serial etc.,).. The song was penned by Jayant antha odide paper nalli so had high expectation, as Sanjay said.. it lacked melody in it.. May be we will take some more time to get used to it…
Otherwise the serial started with full swing, its about a person owning a company which supplies the medical instruments to various hospitals. This time they have lost the contract to some other company & hence he is annoyed(yes of course being a chairman it is his dury to get annoyed)!
They try to put us across the various aspects of the factory , meanwhile introduces to the characters.
2 among them are very important, his son Jagadish Das who is MD ther & other chap Saranga paNi who was his old worker who helped him to built that ‘saamrajya’…
Well at home, they picturised the dinner table to do the introduction.. First thing, having 5 children in this era was little too much 🙂
Again, the angry youngman(Das antha avara hesru), GK Govindroa barges at everybody for not understanding his plight.. He tried to scold each one of them & expects to come & help thim in the factory .. Many of them turns out to be un-interested & they deny it upright…
More emotion flow happened when he scolds his daughter who is physically challenged & still wants to reject grooms who agrees to marry her.. She brokes.
The intersting character there seems to be our ‘Meera’ very cool & composed!!
Padma KumaTa – a silent reviwer of all these happenings is the woman behind the success of the man called DAS…
I was impressed the way the story line went, it has met my expectations in the first episode…!

I hope I will be able to cope up with the timings, this serial is indirectly imposing me to pay 5,500/- to my cable guy & keep this channel running.. otherwise I may have to rely on this blog to see the happenings in the serial.. yes guys its a pay channel from March 1st…..

MINCHU minchtto illo gottilla veena anthu minchutiddare a nice update of the inagural sanchike.
I could not see it and mostly will not be because of KBC clash which my children want to see no choice for me right now. invariably depend on this blog to get updated so please do update on regular basis for people like me

KBC ge Minchu!
it looks like really tought to compete with KBC for any serial. Shah rukh rocks!

en astondu chennagidya ? I get to read a lot about the show. nammaneli yaaru makkaLu illa so nobody has any interest to watch it anyway! I need to first send some SMS atleast, let me try my luck..!

I watched Minchu y’day. I mustsay that the title song was not impressive. I had written down the lyrics of MUktha, Mayamruga and used to memorise within few hours… but id ashtondu ctachy agilla ansthu.. may be hogtha hogtha we may like it.. however, like any typical TNS serial, this serial is alo very touching ansthu… most of TNS’s serials are hit because of the cast acting I guess and not to take anything away from the story. But still….this is just my thought…


Initially we feel and find the same way…when we start keep hearing it and then it will be deep in our heart and mind..

Even the manvanthara song was very good.

Agree with Pushpa, minchu song ashtenu impressive aagilla… jotege haadanna fast forward aagi play maadi haakide annistu…

well, modala 2 dina minchu nodide – & I moght watch a max of 15-20 episodes of the complete soad… reason – no tv @ home and even if tv is there, i prefer a book than a serial 🙂

looking forward for daily updates of Minchu’s here…

As bellur says, the M karada marma is not known still and TNS is Minching.

The usual minchu offerings of Old values, New values,Unemployment are being shown in contrasts.

Good amount of gylcerine too is used up. I miss Alundathi – she would make that handicapped girl proud. But her Manthana seems good to.

Think minchu is going to be like anotehr male billu or something. Lacks all the TNS factors except the socail causes ( there are other serials too of the same genere).

I have decided to switch out of this minching stuff.

Well, I didn’t get a chance to watch Minchu last two days, but just heard the title track. Yes its not that catchy, but just like all the other C.Aswath compositions over the period of time we tend to like it. Should wait and see if it happen with this song too…!

One thing about the TNS/bhoomika serials, they start with some intention, some thoughts to depict in the serial but end up in some court scenes, family drama etc. Like Muktha started with the intention of moving away from urban issues and depict farmer’s suicide, their problems etc. But in the end it ended up somewhere else altogether.

Now for minchu it has been told that its about Multinationals and Globalization etc. Must wait and watch how and where it goes.


I agree with Chaitanya on all that he said, I well wait & watch.. Yesterday late aaytu maneg hogo astralli so couldn’t watch it.
Can somebody pls update it.

Hema, Welcome here..

Prashanth, nenne nodide antha heLibiTTu,look forward to see daily updates andre hegappa? write some lines on yesterday’s episode pls…

Here is the details Veena madam…

modala kaalu gante – Saranga paani samsaaraddu – maga Jayakumar, working daughter (whats her name?) – jagala aagutte – kone tangi swalpa tannage maado prayatna maadtaale.

Jagalada moola kaarana – magalu dudidu tarodu, avala anna dandapinda – kootu tinnodu. Idarinda Jayakumara tanna tangiya dressing + make-up bagge comments aagutte ashte…

mumdina bhaaga – back to Shankar das’s house. Katyayini lugga packing maddta irtaale. Maarane dina, Pondy ge right helakke. Avara amma bandu 1TMC kanneru sursi, ondashtu senti dailogues hodedu, aane maadi magalanna alle uliskotaale ashte.

Illige Minchu samkshipta vaarte muktaayavaayitu… namaskkaara…

And as someone pointed out earlier – kathe TNS du, aadare nirdeshana – Prashanth Haldodderi or someone, TNS alla

Thanks Prashanth … yes, the direction part is true.
first episode nalli aa jayakumar phone tegeda reeti nodine ankonde, he must be yet another danda pinda… I guess thats a nice sroty to deal about s.pani’s family!!
I really got so much maja watching the way shankar das scolds him on phone.. ! Ridiculous but rightly needed

update olleya prayatna nanage i blognalli michu kanisidare unto illa andre illa. Title song and all I aggre it is too early to come to a conclusion based on 1 or 2 earings. we should have hearings like our cases in court we must score qarter century half century nanthara adara marma tiliyutte.
minchu inchinalli beda aadiyalli munduvariyali i blgo nalli

TMC andre TN /AP navru odibarthare amele aLundhathigaLanna kidnap madbitre kashta , modle namma rajyada film/TV navru , nere rajyakke valase hogodhu jaasthi

HOudu.. may be hogtha hogtha we may like both the tilte song and the direction. But, mayamriga, manvanthara, muktha ella first day ne it was so impressive and catchy… but id ashtond aglilla… anyway kaad nodbeku… but any day nothing to take away from C. Ashwath’s voice…

naan last nalli nodide, it was a good conversation between a daughter & father. aka kathyaayini & Shankar Das. He comes to convince her & apologies for his problem, he talks about the past where he gave all the preference to her.
When ever he got anything new, it was her who would be chosen to for the endevours. So when he bought the new scooter, she was chosen for the first ride & a small accident caused a havoc.
Also he reiterates that it was his mistake that he couldn’t concentrate on her casualty because of his company work. He thought it would be a small wound but it targetted her leg etc., He says, naan ene heLidru ninna kaalu vaapas koDakkagalamma & then sighs saying.. ella makkaLu iddu yaaru nanage factory nalli help maadalla…

then sidi minchu sidi minchu …from C Aswath! 😉

I just listened to muktha song today. Its really uplifting – and of course even title song of garva thanks to Pratap’s Pratibimba

To summarise,

Kashtagala mahaaaaaaaaaapoooooooooooooora mathe glycerine na surimaLe..!!!
Adarondige Ashwathara siDiminchu!!
Digest madkolakke solpa kashta agbodu 🙂

Nenne call centre lifestyle bagge solpa introduction aytu. And also about Shankar Das’s son who builds castles in air 😉

All in all… just another timepass(time waste?) flick. Lets wait and see if it beats Muktha.

Srik, yaakri janaranna negative comments inda bias maadtheera ?
Thanks for that update. I liked the way you narrated by the way… Building castle in Air, exactly.. HE does it good aadre alva.

I liked the last scene, where that brother comes & asks sorry! wonderful take.. every middle class nalli nadiyatte.. but anna ashtond manas noyo haage maathaadodu naanu nodilla.. sorry part I have experienced for smallest thing which sisters get angry!! 🙂

Sanjya, Garva song antu sikkapaTTE chennagittu.. I liked the lyrics & music..
yaaru hitavaru ninage ee moovaroLage. I didn’t know that prakash belawaDi was Mukta ajji’s swanta maga. No wonder, he has lot of knowledge imbibed from his parents…

Veena, why are you baised against positve comments only? 😉

Mohan, You help me a lot in me learning what tolerance is. Thanks! 🙂

WoW Clean Bloweld Madam. Allout for NO loss types 🙂

Chold Guru …. Hmmm… you can complete the rest…memory is getting foggy 😉

ninne yaaradru nodira ? pls update maadi. nanage miss aaytu, I was in a t-con..! 😦

Hahahaha That was too cute Mohan!!
Veena learning tolerance is a flash(breaking!!) news 😉

Friday it was a better one, with lesser goLu and all smiles. The trademark family scene of a TNS flick, SP’s house, bro and siss get together and the bro is in the middle of finalising on starting a matrimonial consultancy. Dreaming a bit too high on that, though. Ladies in his house are impressed with the idea 😀

And…I forgot the other parts.

Matrimonial consultancy, ha ha very nice business idea..

Hearing the FM rainbow news before Bookworm program..Laloos Railway budget seems to be a senior citizen friendly.. coooooool

Feb 27th Update
I planned to watch minchu yesterday evening, fortunately I was at home by 8pm. so adige ella mugisi ooTanu baDisi aaramavaagi
Minch nodo bhaagya siktu.

olle serial episode annistu, Govind rao outsets his own performance everytime I see, somehow I admire his way of dominating also, he arrogantly throws up his love & care towards others, which may not be taken in right spirit always.

Off course, the sidi minchu song reminded me all your dislikes towards it, especially DS’s post!!

In the first frame, GK Govindrao speaks to his daugher about his feel of insecurity(dream about she going to pondicherry).. He is thinking to plan his financial things, he shares his throught with his wife & she at the first take seems to be little shocked for his plans. He speaks as if he will come into streets one day because of his company’s no-so-good-performance. He also says that we need to share this idea with the kids.if not with everybody with his daughter. HE also says he wants to pay more money to the elder one than the younger one(he reminds again about the guilt he is facing & blames himself (paapa!!))

He suggests his wife to call in her dauther(Doctor) & then stops her & calls her on her cell phone. She is surprised & says she is
at home & why cell phone call… Later his wife asks about his act & he says.. if you publicly call her then others will mistake etc., Wife says, office nalli maadodanna maneli maadthideera?

Next frame nalli , they show him talking to the dr -daughter & shares his thoughts .. She first seems to be shocked & later agrees
& she says there was no need to inform her since its his money.. some talks between them(I was in kitchen so missed this little bit of dialogues)

Next frame nalli, he calls all the people from the family.. The talk begins like a announcement & everybody has a different expression.. Jagadish Das his elder son is happy & he is completely ok for this one. They agrees to a point .. kathyayini doesnt seem to be very happy for the share(why 40 lakhs to me & 20 to the younger one) to which her sister says, she is doctor & she has ways to earn money & unfortunately kathyayini doesn’t have…! She has a very friendly smile on her face to say she is not actually donating the money.

GKG says- since he is planning to take the reserve funds of the company, he thinks its his duty to inform about .. Jagdish Das says okay .. they are all okay.. At the end of the talk the last son says.. appa nandondu maatu, nangu 20 laksha beku.. GKG stands stunned & says yaake beku, haagella kodokkaagalla.. He claims the rights & says he needs a confirmation that he won’t be giving anything to the daughters here after.. He gets wild & says, rights bagge maataadidre mane inda aachege kalisteeni, jaaDs oddu biDteeni(any father will scold like this 🙂 or a little lower than this)…

Later Kathyayini says, appa Divakaranige bejaar aagodidre nanage duddu beDa.. for that he says shut up.. I know what to be done at what time.. (this really had such a domination, very caring though)… I think any middle class family could relate to this episode,.. More or less, my dad sometime used to scold us when he wanted to say, how he has come up & what he wants from us.. specially it comes to the seat/donations etc.,during our higher education…

Father generally has that caring attitude with children , only thing is he expresses less .. Thats why we see them plan their kid’s future….

sanjay blogge gara badida hagide yako comment post madlikke agta illa 3/4 days aitu ille madtini nodi
I feel earlier get up was more user friendly somehow this format seems to be not catching
with various other links I think visitors to this blog s drastically come down? dont you think so?
comments please
a very good morning to you all
After this change visitors kadime is that the reason?
please do something so that this blog becomes active as it was
i comment post madlikke try madtane idini agta illa nanna talme parikshe agta ide bettter luck this time

Who is that girl who sang in yesterdays episode of minchu, i hav heard her singing i n ede tumbi haduvenu and yendu mareyada haadu??

Indu Nagaraj…stays very close to my house here. Her sister is slated to come on Muktha 2.

Please keep up the updating habit -atleast show some mercy on horanaada kannadigaas who are at the mercy of cable network taraLegaLu–e tv kotre kotru,bitre bitru.
an adding to this misery is E ramoji rao who has made it a pay channel.

praneshavare there’s no diff between previous format and new format, except for “Reply to this comment” link.

If one does not click on specific Reply to this comment links, but always uses the comment box at the bottom of the page (as before this change) then it is EXACTLY THE SAME as the earlier version! 🙂

I have to locate some back up files and restore, not so easy (but its possible, will do it over a weekend – anyway I also have a pending upgrade of wordpress that might be an elaborate and time consuming process, involving possible upgrade of themes/plugins as well). Quite some time back there was discussion on how to reply to specific posts so was pretty sure this would be a welcome feature (and did not anticipate at all that it would pose any difficulties). Sorry for the inconvenience!

As Mohan as indicated, with many other blogs it is not possible to write everywhere so that’s probably the main reason why mane seems to have become khaali mane! Also frequent down time of the hosting site due to hardware issues, etc.

Like a bird’s nest becomes empty I guess everything has its own liftime. I’m really happy and grateful for all the time everyone has spent so far, and that its been a launch pad for many more projects/blogs including this one. What more can a mane owner possibly have wanted than a useful utilisation of the mane! 🙂 Still of course mane will remain available.

Sanjay, That mane is like swanta mane & all these are baaDige mane.. or Farm house..
Such a modest comment yours is… We would anytime are muktabalagaits, thats the origin anyway.

I was looking out for bharagavi narayan’s photo(seetalakshmi ajji), can you pls help me to get this.

Ninne Minchu miss aaytu, yaaradru pls update maadi.
Also there is a new serial called ‘Mantana’, the first one looked amazing, promising atleast. Directed by Sethuram, our malavika’s serial -father (naarayaNa Murthy)!

heh heh good one Veena 😆

a photo of Bhargavi was on DH and also came across a nice article A fulfilling life about her which I think someone had posted earlier as well, you would’ve read it.

good one on types of mane Veena! 😆

Found a nice photo of Bhargavi Narayan on DH and also an interesting article you’d probably have read earlier, I think someone had posted it once.

The new serial Manthana, I am finding it good too…

is that also from TNS? Because its name also starts with ‘ M’ od ‘Ma’

Manthana is NOT from TNS.

If you closely look at Minchu, Muktha, Manthana you will feel its from the same director because all of them beem out the same type of issues.

Acting from Sujatha ( Arundathi of muktha fame) is extremly good in manthana but 10pm is not my cup of tea to watch her histronics as ususal.

I am too impressed with Manthana… Arundathis character have come out good.
That small girl is so chirpy, full of enthu & positive hopes!
The relationship between a mother & A daughter is well narrated in the other family story which Sudha Belawadi & Chitrashri acted. I could relate it so well…

The serial has totally mesmerised in these 3 days.. 10pm is another good thing, I can peacefully watch it 🙂

Hey did anybody watched Manthana yesterday ? pls do update.
Also its a good idea of renaming this page as Manthana from Minchu.. I am already a fan of it.

Pls update maadi.

Veena avare what happened about buying the TV Tuner Card which you were planning to do so.


Nothing like joining…once you leave a comment, you are automatically a member…welcome on behalf of the Muktha BaLaga.

Nice if you could let us know where you stay :-), since we meet often, you could join us and get to know the entire group.

Welcome as vani said.
Hope you are not ‘jayakumara’ of minchu fame! Just kidding.

Prasanna avare, TV Tuner card’s idea conceived & approved. But still needs to be executed.
Well, from beginging I was not in favour of having multiple TV’s at home. Thats the time we get to talk to people around.. so I have been little dormant on that 🙂

I am too impressed by Minchu serial.

Could you please provide me a small information.

in episode No.17 there was a talk about a English Jokes novel.

Just I want the details of the Novel.

Please help me by sending the mail.

The story has a new twist.

Kathyayini gets a new marriage proposal, one Medical Rep (Prasad or sundar).. who is also Rajeev sharma’s friend!!
Vadhu parikshe .. both of them likes (so simple?)

Next bit of it is a total surprise.. Rajeev sharma spends all his learning frm his MBA degree, he gives a proposal .. after he conveys that the groom is okay to marry kathyayini..
Is it good to get her married to one simple Medical Rep instead Das can give (donate?) him his Mangalore Das & Das surgicals branch & he adds – Varadhakshine antha tiLko beDi…
Shankar Das gets little worried & says, we wanted to consider him not because of his status but because of his good nature .. He also adds, nange swalpa time beku.. His wife looks little worried, She is like on her toe to get Kathyayini married to this person since she is convinced that he is a prospect they were looking for…. She passes some comments on her husband for denying .. then S. Das says naanelli sadhya illa ande, idu business decision alla.. lets talk when we meet for the dinner…

The Jayakumar’s marriage bureau is on full fledge.. this stupid guy is already thinking to take his dad’s savings & take some extra loan like 1 lakh to have his office furnished. A new character (jayakumar’s sister’s husband’s sister) is introduced who is ambitious to get married & she looks like a little aged, so a new customer is here for Jay already! 🙂

can anyone give a list of charecters name and relationship wise of minchu and manthana serials in detail as it would help to follow the updates better for people like me who are not able to watch episodes regualrly..

Thx in advnace

Ditto as Usha… someone do the needful please – guess that can be updated in the blog-post itself?!

AFAIK characters in Minchu

Shankar das
hendati hesru – ?
Makkalu – Jagadish, Katyayini and there are 3 more.

Sarangapani – works in Shankar Das’ office
hendati hesru – ?
Makkalu – Jayakumar(presently runs a marriage bureau), one daughter works in a call center, another is a student.

idu tumba dodda assignment. nanage ella character hesru gottilla. swalpa janana avara nija naama dinda address maadalaaguttidde, so kashTa ee tara characters na list maadodu.
Usha, madam aagaga swalpa serial nodi parvaagilla… 🙂

muktha ge madirlillwa??? yellru swalpa swalpa cotribute madi..pls

Nanu innu serials nododhu swalpa kashtane ri… timings match agalla.. world cup matches bere…

Swalpa time kodi, naanu next 2-3 episodes nalli hesru sariyaagi keLiskondu try maadtheeni.
World cup match na astond continuous aagi nodtheera ? hangaadre innu ondastu vaaragaLu marthbidode vaasi 🙂

Swalpa Manthana bagge barirappa as Veena said manthana balaga is agood suggestion

nanage gottiddange, manthana TNS du alla, banner bere ananya anta, story screenplay dialauge, direction S N SETURAM. title song camposed by raju anantaswamy, haadiddu raju& m d pallavi.

main cast
laxmi chandrashekar ajji, sudage malatayi, nandini LC SWANTA MAGALU INCOMETAX DC,CHITRASHREE SUDA NAGALU, SUDS HESARU SUMATI, AVLIGE OBBA SURESHA ANTA MAGA IDDANE, SOSE HESRU SWATI, selfish, danda pinda hesru gottilla, but he has acted in gireesh kasaravalli film haseena.

Sudabelavadi, MUKTHA ajji swanta magalu’matte yaavagadru time sikkidre pallavi haadiro MADHAVA CD keli

Laxmi Chandrashekhar Sudha Malataayi antha elli torsiddare ? She has two daughters one Sudha & other Nandini.. that was my understanding!

Mukta balagakke namaskaara…..

mukta mugeetu anta iddaaga minch minchtaa ide….

minchina belakalle jeevanada manthana nadeetaa ide..

manthanada ellaa charactersoo crisp aagi depict aagtaa ide aadre KSHAMAla sittu sedavu swalpa jaasti aaytoo anto annistide. any how the episodes are gripping. keep going.. best of luck


Abbabbaa muktha mugithu, innenide annuvaga banthu world cup. adannu Dravid sir bega mugisidru. aga banthu minchu. minchu innu minchuthiruvaga shuru aythu Manthana. hathhu gantege hena bilu time ankundidde. Sethuramra manthana sambhashane nannannu gattiyagi hididittide. TNSgintha ondu ky mele ithe. enthaha sambashane kannadadalli sadyave? enthaha sambashane hinde nanu nodilla, kelilla(nanage ega 41 varsha). Kannada sethram, S P , TNS, (vatal) mathhu etv-yinda uddara aythu. – Kantaraj Tavane

Kantaraj Tavane
swagata nimage illi
adbhtavagide nimma comment vishleshane
manthana nivu heldia hage thumbane super!!!
i blognalli ondu puta manthanaddu ide nodi

todays episode was very good, i think tomorrow last scene will continue

Veena avre Sudha bhargavi magalu, prakash sister, avra tande great manushya kanri, he is no more, he donated his body to some medical college, papernalli bandittu.


Sudha Belavadi’s father Narayan, popularly known as Make-up Naani in kannada film industry.he expired around 2000 i guess.

Hey guys, I think we are mixing up too many things here. This page is for MINCHU, people have peacefully forgotten that serial….
Manthana has taken over I understand, but yes we do have a separate post for manthana.

MINCHU nalli, emotions, business , family, relationships ella chennagide. ellarigu avarade aada javaabdaari haagu hoNe. sarayu character alli tumba chennagide annistu nanage..!
& also her sister who is quite ambitious still a good human being.

Adru nivu yene heli, minchu serial mukta astu chennagilla. Muktha miss adre, yeno kaledukonda anubhava agta ittu.ega a involvement minchu nalli sikta illa.nodona, next yenaagatte anta.

hmm.. idu bere base nalli ide alva so Muktha jothe compare maadbardu…

maayaamruga, manvantara,muktha…nantara minchu bandre,obviously compare maade madtivi.though the base is different, its natural tendency to compare the serials if it is directed by same person (seetharam serial andre, expectation innu jaastine iratte). e yaavude background illade (i mean..seetharam avra haleya serialgalanna nodillade idre) minchu nodidare, its a good serial. dinner timenalli maneyavarella kutu nodoke worth.

yellarigu namaskara,

nenee minchu chennagithu
seetharam sir ene madidaru chennagirathe
manthana inna chennagide
yellaru nodi enjoy madi

ellaru keli
dinakondu gade mathu
ivathina gade enandre

ganji kudiyonige meesa thirvonanthe

good na

Hey, good news, T N S all serial titlesong song CD MANASINAPUTAGALA NADUVE IS available at disco track no17A eastern block jayanagar shoping complex

Dear Sitharam sir,

Nivu e MINCHU dharavaahiyannu dinakke 2 saari begagge (hindina dinada) hagu raatri (mundina) prasara maadidare namagellarigu tumbha santhoshavaguttade. dayavittu idannu gamanadallidabeku. idakke tamma pratikriyeyannu nirikshisuttene.

Naavu ishtu dina kannada serial minchu, preetiilladamele mattu manthana nodutta iddevu, kaaranantharadinda ondu 4 thingalu Americage barabekaytu. Namma maneyalli kelavu channelgalu haakisikollalu thondare aagiruvudarinda adannu internet nalli nodalu athava oodikollalu enadaru avakasha maadi kodi. Munde namage adara connection sigode illa bittu nodidare. Idannu maaduviraaagi nambiruththene.

u can get michu serials to download…

please upload minchu title song any body
thank you

please upload minchu title song any body
thank you

Seetharam seems to be slipping in Minchu.Otherwise how can one explain Shankar Das employing Rajeev sharma?? Again Jagadeesh tells all the secrets to Rajeev Sharma. for example. Sarayu informing him about gajendra.No businessmen (Our family is in business ) will ever employ a person like Rajeev sharma, nor give out company secrets recklessly

sarayu seeking employment in Das&Das is totally unrealistic.Sarangapani is being iltreated by Rajeev Sharma on the one hand and Gajendra is involved in the incubator scam.

We expect TNS to reflect society in a more realistic manner.

Anasuya Aswath

Right now TNS is just recovering from his mega serial bouts i suppose and completed his ambitious movie.

So he should be pulling back minchu on tracks including brining in older faces i suppose.

This seems to be the theme of his making.

I think Minchu is directed by Prashanth Haldodderi.. only the idea(parikalpane) behind the serial is TNS!!

Namaskara yellargu.Nanu narayan anta.
Minchu dharavahi nenne tumba boring ansutte.Rajiv sharmana konku matu sarayu interview nalli matte sarayu teera anso tara helpnes ness. Actually sarayu character teera ashaykta hennu magalu anta ansallava athava kshyamaya dharitri anno tara project madidara.

Matte CEO obbaru teera personal grudge illa anta heltane hurt madidre sarayu kadeyinda swalpa kooda protest illa.

Nimma abhipraya yenu SARAYU na ashtu mild agi project madbeka athava ashtu shanta swabhava ittkondu she will rebel back ansutta.

I like manthana serial.. and am doing grt job by watching it 🙂

will i find the title song of Manthana in internet?


folks, watch the minchu title song… its soft tuned now..the swaras seemed almost the same!!

In ” Minchu ” serial the old version of the tittle song is more melodies and pleasing than the present one??I feel they should go back to the older version
what do the viewers feel??


Can i get all the names of the actors in Minchu serial. i know the old faces like govindarao, padma kumta etc… But i want to kno the new faces as they are doing a gr8 job..

Dear seetharam sir,

I just want to inform you that the minchu serial is coming interestingly and we are viewing the serial daily without fail.

I just wanted to have an information with you that the person by name jagadeesh has played excellent role in this serial being so obedient to his family and also a soft corner towards his employees. i am very much impressed about him.

I just wanted to inform you that my parents are looking for a guy to get me married, i am a madhwa brahmin, i need to know the details of mr. jagadeesh, his original name, whether he is married or not and if not, his caste, family background details, etc.,

can u please help me out in this regard by sending mail to my personal email id.


Dear Bhavani,
Mr Seetharam does not read this message and kindly dont mistake the acting of those people to be real.

TNS doesn’t visit this blog? Darn….I was gonna apply for a job with him…yep, hit me 😉

The serial is okay, but it starts at 9 PM, that is bad, you can’t reach by 9 PM, as the traffic doesn’t allow us now. Thanks to traffic commissioner, Home minister and Chief Minister of Karnataka. Can we have a repeat later in the night.

Hello Seetaram
Minchu serial is very nice i will watch daily i am mailing from mysore.Jagadish character i liked very much and all characters are very nice.My family members are watching daily without missing.

I am a international etv kannada subscriber, and i am watching minchu serial everyday. I met TNSeetharam in my last vacation to India, at Hubli during muktha samwada programme at hubli. Here i want to say seetharam has touched my heart. Everyday he brings tears in my eyes by showing sentimental events in his minchu. Simply I love to see and I also apreciate TNS’ kannada abhimana, when i saw him commenting about his film meera, madhava, gopala, that he has done it with all kannada stuff, and no importing of people or stuff in his movie. I like to congratulate him on his idea , being a strong kannadiga. I am working in saudi arabia as a doctor. bye….

Namaskara Minchu Veekshaka Sameekshaka Vrundadavarige…

I’m one such eager watcher..

Thanks to my dear friend Soumya who introduced me to Seetharam’s serials and helped in sustaining continued interest in these serials…

I like scenes like the one that came out yesterday between Sarayu and Jagdish are done with lot of care… So calmly yet with appropriate emotions, she responds to Jagdish, sensing the way he may be feeling… how true!!! It is ok to move from sadness to happiness in life but the movement in the opposite way is difficult to come to terms with!!!


I live in USA, I’m really missing Seetharam serial. I was regularly watching his serial in india, but missing a lot after move to usa.
I sent mail to Etv, but no reply about internt etv streaming..!
Can anybody suggest if there is any way to get it in North America(Boston).

Thanks in advance

Please can anybody tell how to watch ETV serials on Internet?.

Thanks in advance

Minchu.. thanks to Mr.T.N.Sitaram for gifting one more fantastic kannada serial… i regularly watch minchu… first i found it was not sooo interesting.. but as soon as i found Arundathi (i hope her real name is Nandini) in the serial i just dont miss any eposide…
so once again thanks to Sitaram sir..
and dont ever stop Rock on Nandini…

Minchu, a typical TNS serial. Concept – a poor family either mother or father is deceased and very humble, one useless brother, two or three sisters, one rich family, headstrong head of the family, one greedy and selfish son-in-law, one helpless daughter, etc. etc. Rajiv Sharma has portrayed a character we used to watch in Ekta Kapoor’s hindi serials done by the ladies with lot of crucked mind and nature. Jagadeesh’s role is good and that man has done justice to his role. Kathyayini’s role is hopeless. How could you portray a female in such a helpless situation, knowing her husband is conman, she will stay with as a silent spectator. No woman will be so helpless, she could have threatened him that she will leave him, divorce him, or whatever. What she is afraid of, we don’t know. Overall, it is a boring story.

Hi everyone..I am new to this blog but found some interesting chats going on above. I am on my business trip to Africa for some days. Minchu serial nodtaa idde. I am missing it now. yaaraadru swlpa simpallagi kathe helteera upto cecent episode thanks.

Sorry,,,.. please annodu martidde…

Sorry & please yaradoo namage baluvali alvaa…


ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು ಯಾರಾದ್ರು ಮಿಂಚು ಕತೆ ಹೇಳ್ರಪ್ಪ/ಹೇಳ್ರಮ್ಮ

manthana serial video update nalli aguththide hage yaradru minchu serial update madi

Minchu is probably the worst serial that has been conceptualized by TNS.. So predictable story.. Hopeless acting by actors other than padma kumta and a few known faces..Dialogues even more hopless.. Even Nandini who gives a splendid performance in Manthana, seems to act like a robot in Minchu.. So many loopholes.. Yavva dadda noo beedili nintkondu “Jagadeesh avara mane yelli sir, avarige 5 koti insurance barutte” anta helolla 🙂 A huge disappointment, compared to any of his previous ventures..

TNS awaru slowge Michu serialnalli enter agthara athava innu yeradu varadalli kaniskothara? Nimma guess yenu?

Kannada mathu English mix modideeni antha bejaru madikolla bedi.

Kathya-yani badikilla diddalli jathaka kathe sullu agathe. Sulladalli janaru bejaru modikollathare. Addarinda kathya-yani badukiralebeku antha nanna anisike

Namaskara yellarigu

Hi, I’m in singapore and like to watch ETV Kannada especially ‘minchu’. is there a streaming website for ETV or even if I could find the recorded videos that are uploaded then that would greatly help me. Thanks.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated

I hate to miss any episode of Minchu. I feel it is one of the best serials currently running. I feel any new serial targets middle class and there are many people with good IQ watching the serial, I want to ponder over a few things which is not convincing (unless want to go with general belief, even most careful and intelligent people often end up in doing stupid things). Appreciate Your comments and wisdom

– Shankar Das the most famous industrialist gives the entire property to one person not even worried about self and his dependent wife and daughter. Assuming he is sane, the most generous father (or-in-law) would do such a thing and compelled to request for 2 acre land from Rajiv

– Rajiv, the clever strategist reinstates his friend as CGM in the same company knowing very well his track record is known to whole company including Jagadish. Any other lower post would not have caught attention.

– Police inspector meets Rajiv about anonymous letter and investigation. Though he had looked at Rajiv suspiciously before and reveals the identity of the person (as a lady) which was a breach of confidentiality.

– Going by what I know off, such cases can not be closed at the request of familty. Usually it takes a few years (~7-10) for the complete closure of cases. Cracking a crime in the family of a big industrialist would have been a big feather in the cap for Police. But police are quick to close it and not even bothered about enquiring people connected with incident in the office.

my lunch time is over,

See you friends and connect with you later,

Abba! Minchu serial is very interesting according to many viewers. I don’t understand what is so special about this serial. I am eagerly waiting for the story turn like this, i.e. waiting for indira (psych) to marry Jayakumara and the singer (do not know her name) to marry the last one who has run away to become a hero, so that every one will be settled. Let the juttu rajeev enjoy all the money as he does not having much to do. Wish every one gets crores of wealth of others without putting any effort. Some one’s wealth enjoyed by Jagadish and juttu enjoying his wife’s money by killing her, what a great thought. All characters portrayed are hopeless so as the storyline. Hope, TNS will not come as a lawyer in future.

There could be a twist to the story if Kathya-yani is alive and Indira-Rajiv marriage preparation are in progress. Then TNS Sir enters!

Good Night to all in our timezone,
Weekend enjoy madi yellaru,

Indira Rajeev marriage? OMG…
I wonder if that DNA test thing is a drama played by the police and the group, if kathyayini is alive then its a different thing altogether. She might come when rajeev starts to enjoy all her possessions.. If she is alive, then legally Rajeev will loose all the belongings of Shankar Das.
I guess now Swaroopa will enter their house/family and the story begins!!

Most bloggers who have watched atleast one TNS serial know the typical story line…

DNA test was fudged, Kathyayii is alive, TNS enteres as a lawyer….

hi friends

MINCHU ondu best dharavahi.Yellara acting chennagide. But rajeev sharmana buddiya arivu
yello jagadish matthu sarayunathavarige eddaru kooda
ediya asthi avanige baredu thamma thayee thandene yellavannu kaledukolluvaga yaru chakara yethhadiruvudu balisha anisodilva ?
maneyalli bere makkalu eddaru kooda estondhu dhana mado buddi mathhu companeyyannu kottu kali kulithukolluva manassu yarigiruthhe?

One request to “TNS”. Please don’t make only one character as intellegent. Don’t make “Shankar Das” family members as dumb fellows

Already too much has happened. TNS please enter the scene.

I also support Comment by Varsha — February 27, 2008

Varsha your right 🙂

Every one is enjoying others property.

This time it is junk serial by TNS. Stupid tactics of recording coversation between Swarupa & Kathyayani friend. TNS thinks he can show any junk thing and people will watch. He should wrapit up this week and start with Mukta…Muktha

I agree with basava on recording of converstaion. Can somebody keep a tape recorder switched on for days together hoping that they will talk near that for half an hour. No sensible guy will agree to this tactic. Minchu is getting boring day by day. And nobody is talking about the courier received from Pune with airtickets in it or noboy has bothered to readthe courier.For allwe know that letter might have a crucial clue that Katyaeeni & Rajiv visited that ashram on that day before she was murdered.

Direction has many loose ends in this serial. TNS touch is missing in the script too..


IT is possible with some micro tape recorders which activate only on voice and uses power to record that seconds noises.

We have used such panasonic /sanyo/sony dectaphones in many training sessions – so its still possible technically to record with alkaline batteries for 72 hours non stop which is voice activated.

Oh Did I miss something.. When did they show all these about courier and pune air tickets?

I think in serials directed/produced by TNS’s troupe, they atmost take care of any such technical errors, so Mohan’s point proves the genuinity of such recorders.!

Yaar ene helli…. nanantu minchu enjoy maadtiddini.. not becasue it is the “best” but, it is for sure.. lot lot better than some third grade family sagas we got to see in udaya TV or some other tv. So, Minchu- if not the best, better among equals…So, instead of looking for loopholes.. try to enjoy it…cheers..

agree with Shivange even though it is not at par with TNS fully directed serial neverthless the depth and control on episodes is seen. if your expectations are too high you are likely to be get disappointed. now the second marriage proposal is on with another catch so Rajeev Sharma wants to amass one more wealthy co.,
so he puts her mother in front to convince karthayani’s parents which she does successfully. so new turn of events are expected. hope hype will be there and finallly the culprit will be caught wait and watch

Minchu – ” yaraddo duddu yellamana jathre ” – what a theme. Wish we all get fortunes like this ! Rajiv’s mother and principled sister also gets a house from somebody’s wealth. Now juttu Rajiv will be married again, hope it will be a miracle. Thank God, the timings will be changed of this serial, so that we can tune to some other channel.

I dont know if Rajiv/Sanjana is irritated by Swaroopa, but atleast many of viewers are irritated by kiddish behaviour of her !!!! 🙂 She keeps on raking up some quarrel with her arch foe. This might give a twist to the tale.

Happy viewing



I do not know if Mr TNSeetharam (TNS) thinks all kannada serial watchers are duds. First and foremost, the story simply lacks credibility. Situations and events are unconvincing if not outright bizarre. The characters are poorly sketched and lack conviction. Sample these –

-Shankar Das gifting away the whole property to one daughter when there are other contenders is the most glaring stupidity in the story.

-Shankar Das comes across as arrogant, short tempered and, above all, a bad judge of characters and situations – qualities unlikely to bring success in anybody’s career.

-Katyayini not coming clean about Rajeev’s wicked plans for fear of ‘hurting’ her parents sentiments, even when it is at the cost of injustice to her brother and a lot of misunderstanding.

-Sarangapani simply going away like an irresponsible father. If it was for logistic reasons (many actors drop out of serials for various reasons), they may have as well ‘killed’ him.

-A novice Sarayu (former school teacher) and Katyayini become capable of managing a big company in a very short time.

-In the beginning,the patriarch chairman Shankar Das is totally unaware of the status of the most important contract affecting his business. In spite of attending office regularly he is blissfully unaware that the tender has not been submitted until it is too late. And a ‘responsible’ senior person Sarangapani shirks his duty for reasons of ‘health’ without informing anybody else, and Jagadish is busy attending ‘conferences’.

-Chittaranjan, inspite of having a higher education in business, shows uncharacteristic lack of interest in his father’s business.

Defying common sense:
-Shankar Das is addressed variously as pappa, dad, appaji by members of the same family.
-It is highly unlikely that a family member is addressed in full as ‘Jayakumara’, or ‘Katyayini’ by other members of the same family. Common sense dictates that a short form is used within the family.

-Repetition of the same story over and over again by various characters.
-Repetition of phrases like – “Das and Das Company chairman Shankar Das ….. ” during conversation among family members.

To sum it up – A cock and bull story.

Padma Kumta’s acting is a saving grace in the serial, while Jagadish’s voice lacks punch. Sanjana’s acting, if you call it that, is atrocious.

When TNS enters the serial – as he is very likely to – we can expect a boring repeat telecast of the previous episodes. The ‘twists’ and ‘turns’ in the story is likely to be as stupid. If we are destined to watch this serial, it is because there is not much to choose among kannada serials for a discerning kannadiga.

Manthana, though a serial with not a specific message has been viewed by many and enjoyed by most of them. Thanks to Sethuram for making a good serial and Ramesh Indira has done a good job in his directorial stint. We will miss Manthana. We are eager to vuew a good and enjoyable comedy from Sethuram very soon.

I live outside karnataka and It is not possible for me minchu as I dont get etv kannada, so I want to if there is a website where I can get daily update of each episode


I quite agree with the analysis made by Shri Suresh. Most, if not all, of the characters are ‘born’ irritants. It is a let down to the stature of Bhoomika Productions to have allowed this serial to ‘go on and on’ without a credible story line.
Even if one observes the way the Art,costumes and dressing that has been conceptualized is very uncanny and unapplicable which is so unlike TNS. If one has observed, the official chamber of the Chairman’s is so very backward and un corporate like. I was appalled as to who ever thought of covering the Chairman’s table with a red cloth !!! The table seemed very archaic and old fashioned for a pony tail sporting hep young ambitious MBA – bred Chairman !!!! The way Kathyayini was dressed up as the Chairman did not flaunt any attitude of being corporate-savvy !!! While I detest and dislike the gross schemeing characters in the typical Hindi soaps, one cant sweep aside the intricate details that they pay attention to with respect to costumes and art. That way, Manthana and Prrethi illada mele were so much more apt in art and costume !!


What if he was a miserable failure as a lawyer? He retains the coat his mentor gave him for luck, which he dons in serial after serial portraying lawyer’s role. In politics he was marginalized to be sure, so what. He tackles the subject with gusto in every serial he directs.

Success to be sure has been achieved but not without a struggle. His serial mukha mukhi had done well. Sashi Kumar’s kamana billu handled by him was not without hiccups. Arun Kumar who was playing the lead role unfortunately died in an accident and thereafter the serial ran into all sorts of trouble. Result being he lost all interest in the project and gave it up half way through.

Besides being a great thinker he is innovative. Samvaadha, a forum conceived by him for interaction with viewers organized regularly since maya-mriga days is not only quite popular but also has proved fruitful according to him so much so that other serials in Marathi on ETV Marathi channel have also like-wise started organizing programs.

He offers challenging roles to virtually unknown artistes- something most other directors avoid doing- and finally achieves the best results. What makes it all the more surprising is the fact the much-touted glamour element takes the backseat in his serials. Every serial directed by him since MAYA MRIGA has been enjoying excellent viewer-ship and even as a serial is drawing to its end, his viewers are eagerly looking forward to his next one to commence. Little wonder therefore in Karnataka TNS the DIRECTOR has become the BRAND that sells!


His latest Minchu had been progressing flawlessly until that prestigious 90-Crore order Jagdish got for Maheshwar Prasad’s coy.

Can anyone execute an order, however prestigious the same may be, without getting something by way of advance? INSTEAD he is supposed to have paid 2 Crores by way of ‘Caution Money Deposit’. This is ridiculous to say the least.

Of course the Bank Manager should refuse facilities for our purpose. But having advanced 2 Crores already to enable the customer to meet this Caution Money Deposit requirement can any Bank backtrack at this late stage? And again why? For the simple reason Jagdish’s dad- his old friend -has requested him not to.

Jagdish could have sued the Bank for damages. He could have probably got by way of damages what he hoped to gain from that 90 Crores order and the Manager would have been in the Mental Hospital; where he belongs.

TNS as everyone knows is a qualified lawyer himself. Even so he had found it necessary to seek the assistance of an expert- Mr. CH Hanumanth Rao in his Muktha Serial. Why he tried to be different this time round is not known.

His creative genius -the jewel that is, has one of its facets that goes by the name audacity. It is this streak that eggs him on into creating a situation that is impossible in itself but required badly; for it leads to an unexpected twist in the story and in the process gains tremendous drama-value for the subject.

It is evident that the story department doesn’t have someone with either exposure to trade & business practices or necessary banking background and the resulting lacuna reflects in the storyline. His assistant Prashanth Haldhodderi, of course, has been doing an adequate job but then the fundamentals of the storyline have gone berserk!

A bulk of his fans –the writer takes pride in claiming to be one himself- expect the storyline to proceed on credible lines at least in SERIALS that bear the TNS stamp.


Minchu – I saw the clipping, where Rajeev is planning to “finish” (filmy language) Jagadish Das, so that he can become owner of both Yash and Das companies. From where this wild ideas the story writer gets. If he thinks he is doing justice by making plots to kill everyone in the serial to make only Juttu Rajeev happy, he is foolish. The socalled wife of Rajeev is not invited in the talks when there was merging of the companies, or perhaps, she is bored of her acting skills. If she also becomes the victim of Juttu it will be very nice. Foolishness to the core !

hi, after gifting all his property to rajeev, ….THE Extraordinary Fool Mr.Shankar Daas is now empty hands. so, now planning to gift the life of jagdeesh to RAJEEV as a Yugadi special.

i think Mr.Shankar dasa is very much similar to “Sathya Harishchandra” in his attitude.
Bcoz, sathya sacrifices his son & wife… But here, shankar daas is going to direct his son to “shivana paada”.

Its important to understand that Rajeev is not really after money any more, he is planning more murders now simply because he has become an addict to killing. But he believes he is doing it for money.

This is usually what happens with any addiction, including simpler ones like drinking – something else takes over which the original person did not really intend at all – like a camel in the tent

Ms Sunitha’s observation (Apr 9) regarding the chairman’s table is interesting and amusing. By the way, you can notice this very same RED table cloth in many a CEO’s chamber in the serial – no matter if it is a company in the RED, or one with a 100+ crore turnover. And don’t miss the curtains in the CEO’s chamber either. Comparison with other serials like Preethi Illada Mele or Moodala Mane accentuates this glaring contrast. The same closeup shot of the CEO’s chamber every time, evokes claustrophobic feeling. (These kind of ‘restricted view’ scenes were evident in the earlier serial Muktha also). You rarely see a long shot of the office or house or anything for that matter. Perhaps this has to do with limitation on production cost.

The storyline is incredibly stupid and makes watchers very irritated about being taken for a ride by the producers.

This serial is a flop and doesn’t match the “watchability” of Mukta. It is better to discontinue it at once to save the viewers the agony of watching it.

Good Luck with the next venture.

Naidu community should sue TNS. Right from his MAYAMRIGA Naidu’s are culprits or underworld or villains. Somebody should take this up against him.

MINCHU is going to have a “thrilling” finsih. But the director need to take care of some very simple details…like Jagadish is going to mysore and everybody knows that Bangalore Mysore road is a beautiful double road, but he is going on a single road….. since there is an accident angle to it..these details need to be taken care..I feel…


MINCHU is coming out very well. But director must prove that TRUTH ALONE TRIUMPH. Always dont trouble hero.

Like most of the Dharavahis’ the purpose of Minchu also is keep viewers tagged to TV. Forget the reality/storyline etc. Most of the directors and producers think viewers are fools. Otherwise how can you explain reputed Chairman of Das company behave like a man without common sense when it comes to death of his daugther and other events in his family. When all the family members discuss merger etc., where is Rajiv’s wife Sanjana and detective Swaroopa?

Hi, Want to Become the Chairman of YDS…!! ?
Hello Everybody,

If you are dreaming/planning to become the chairman of Yesaswi-Das Surgicals (YDS)..Here is the sketch…:-)

1) Start observing the movements of Daakshayini Madam. However, she is going to visit the temple 3/4 times per week.

2) One fine day, you just go and meet Daakshayini in the temple, introduce yourself as a poor man & orphan..searching for a job. Continue like that. However, she is innocent & will believe in your words soon.. Also, she will recommend your name to her son Jagdish Das.

3) Send your CV to Jagdisha Das, he will give you a job. & join YDS as a Manager Or some other.

4) Start becoming very much close to Das & Das Family. Act as a well wisher of Jagdish. So that swaroopa & other bakras start trusting you very much.

5) Externally, you start supporting the view of swaroopa & jagdish..stand against Rajeev. But, internally you join your hands with Rajeev Sharma.

6) During these days, try to become very much closer to Indra..& one fine day you propose her to marry u. swaroopa & sarayu from poor background, will support you. Bakra shankar Das will twist his head 4 times, but considering his family opinion..he will also agree.

7) After marrying indra, Continue supporting Rajeev internally, he will kill Jagdisha Das. Howevr, he wants to become the Chiarman.

8) After the death of Jagdish, propose Rajeev to merge his his company (YDS) with Sanjna’s Sycal Company. however he is blind of property & money..he willl agree.

9) After merging, Kill Rajeev & Sanjna in a Road Accident. Now, You are having the hold in a property/company bcos, u married indra. & also other children of shankar Das not interested in the company.

10) Finally, you are going to become the Chairman of “Yesaswi Sycal Das Surgicals” (YSDS).. u won the game.

Hows this COCK & BULL Story…??? hahaha………………………..!!!!!
This time junk serial by TNS…
Looks like a Comedy serial…Meaningless story.

The anonymous writer should take over the serial Minchu, so that it will be over soon. Better to hire a suicide bomber and kill everyone once and for all.

An excellent contribution to kannada, we need something like this, keep up the good work, I am proud to say and see my Professor (GK Govind rao)acting , still looking young, my self, & prakash rai wish him all the best.

MATCH: DAS & DAS Vs RAJEEV SHARMA:- (Time: 09.30 P.M.)

DAS & DAS Batting:-




MAHESHWAR PRASAD Run Out(Rajeev Sharma) —– 65

SHANKAR DAS Not out —— 72*

SUPER SWAROOPA (Next Hit List) Not out —– 25*



SARAYU (Retired Hurt) ——- (##)

DIVAKAR (DNB) ——— ($$)

Asst Manager SAMAPAT (Match Fixing) (DNB) — ($$)




Bowling :-

RAJEEV SHARMA :- Wickets –> 03, Run Out —> 01

Rajeev Sharma is ALL ROUNDER & He is Equalent to 6 Members of Das & Das Team.




RAJEEV SHARMA Not out ——- 35*

DINESHA Not out ——- 33*

SANJNA (DNB) ——– ($$)


Yet to Bat: Rajeev’s Mom, sister, etc.



It it sickening to watch Minchu with Rajeev riding high and planning to eliminate one by one as if the evil always wins. Tired of seeing so many plots as if there is no other line of story to take to.

I watch Minchu serial regularly, but of late with somany schmes hatched by Rajeev, it disturbs our mind, and I want the story writers to change the line and not depict too many murder plots wwhich is not healthy.


“Moggu hoovaagi araluva munna akaalika maranakke tuttaagi shivana paada serida JAGDISH DAS avara aatmakke shaanti dorakali haagu avara kutumbakke dhukkavannu bharisuva shaktiyannu aa paramaatmanu karunisali endu praartisuva”…….

Mukta Balagada Abhimaani.

Don’t worry friends….there is no way, Jagdish can die. He is symbol of Truth & Courage 🙂 so he cannot & will not die.

But how come Rajiv forgot to sit in drivers seat so soon (after coming back) is the question 🙂 may be(?) we wil get answers in next episode…


Hi TNS Sir,
i can understand your situation. Pls Don’t worry, sometimes it happens like that.. but i’m sure you will be able to give the Very good serial in your next venture.
i know that your film “meera maadhava raaghava” & serial “minchu” are flop shows. but no need to upset..better luck next time.

Minchu, started off as a good family drama and peaked as a suspense thriller. Now it is a hilarious comedy with more loopholes ever.
And we still want to know if Rajiv is caught by his juttu.:-)

I think Minchu’s director is too much influenced by Ektha Kapoor type soaps :-). Rajiv will take his hand so slowly to take off the oxygen mask as if he is waiting for the clock to strike 10 O clock 🙂
And biggest comedy is Rajiv & Dinesh discussing about murder(not only this plot but also thier previous adventures 🙂 ) so loudly on hospital’s corridor without even bothereing that somebody might hear. And hthe hospipal’s ICU is such a comedy that ondhu nara pillay cooda illa alli..,eithet near the patient or in ward or outside ward….it has become “Intensive careless unit”. As somebody has told early, it has become a very good comedy serail..we can have a hearty laugh. One doubt is why do Inspectors always come with such a small books to take full details of any murder plot 🙂 it is,


Catch dropped By Bombay supari killers.

But this time..


@ Mr.ANAND….

hi sir,
that is not “Intensive Careless Unit”..


It is amazing to read the reviews given here than the serial. God knows, how a person like Govind Rao has accepted such a stupid role in Minchu. It is unfortunate the serial makers do not understand any of the comments being posted by many viewers. Had a heartful laugh when Juttu Rajeev was taking out Jagadish’s mask than feeling sad. If this serial continues for long, people will stop watching ETV Kannada serials and also serials being presented by Mukta Balaga and TNS’s serials.

Am surprised by way director(story writer thinks), there has been a shoot out on a main business man in city, still there will be no protection for him. Does director takes things granted that no protection is required for jagadish?, maybe a good idea to watch kannada/hindi movies to have a bit realistic view.

Today Jagadish will open his eyes and tell. I knew all what juttu was doing, so i was doing natak and handover juttu to police.
If juttu somehow manages to kill jagga and take all the property, next we will see juttu and his wife going to swiss for a honeymoon trip. Poor dinesh will be sent to madakeri

ಒಬ್ಬ ಮನುಷ್ಯನನ್ನು ಎಲ್ಲರು “ರೌಡಿ ಎಲಈಮೆ೦ಟ್” ಎನ್ನ್ನುವುದು ಹಾಸ್ಯ ಭರಿತವಾಗಿದೆ.

It may become natural if somebody pronounce him as ” rowdy” and other as ” ketta manushya” or ” natorious”, “criminal” …. etc.

using a single “ROWDY ELEMENT” shows that Director is using that word…hahahaha..!

Hi Friends,
As expected Jagadish has survived. Sarayu & Swroopa took 24 hours to reach home from hospital :-). If you notice, they came back home in same dress and even conversation indicated that they reached home after they were sent home by “Appaji” immediately after doctor gave 24 hours time. Rajiv had chaged the dress & so on.
Anyways it is matter of days that Rajiv will be caught & a group photo ending can be seen. Till then happy & hilarious viewing. 🙂


Please anyone tell me from where I can get the soft copy of “Moodala mane” title song sung by sangeeta katti.

Please ASAP

i agree with Anand in telling that Sarayu and Swaroopa took a long time in reaching their house after 24 hours in the same dress and i don’t approve Sarayu for asking Swaroopa to return to the hospital as soon as they came home!!!!A funny sort of thing:-)

wondering when TNS will again come as the loyar:-(………………………it ill be thrilling to see Rajiv get caught………………:-)

What happened on 24.04? Did I miss anything?

There is no Court Scene in Minchu…

TNS will come as a lawyer in “Mukta…Mukta” new serial.

Oh God! RE says there no court scene in Minchu and TNS wl appear as lawyer in Mukta Mukta. Be ready to watch silly grinning of TNS and his looks, and the audience with funny kind of faces.

Wihtout being cynical, I think Shri TNS is a very borad-minded and a generously accomodating producer/director as far as providing a lauch pad to new talents be it stroryline, acting, direction or music.. He is willing the risk of letting an amatuer, narrow-visioned experianceless Director (of Minchu) let his silly imagination run wild. The entire team of Minchi, by now would have realised that there are lot of loopholes and immatured direction displayed in the episode, so they have realised that the only way to make this serial gripping to the viewers is to intensify the formula of ‘suspense’ ala Ekta kapur. I desperatly hope that the message is going out loud and clear to Shri TNS that it is high time the direction and strory line needs an immediate refining and provide that classy TNS touch to the serial, otherwise apart from respecting the fact that Bhoomika Productions is giving a platform to new commers, the production house should be careful and discreet about in assigning a task, lest it would result in ‘Mangana kayalli Manikya’ type of a let down. The direction and story line of Minchu is a classic example of ‘MKM’ !!!!
With the kind of comments appearing on this blog, very soon Mukta Balaga will have to disown this blog for allowing scrapish comments that are generated from a scrapish serial. It is not the viewers who blog there observation and comments on the serial, who are to blame for a somewhat malicious observations (not excluding me ofcourse!) in thier comments (yet a thorughly hilarious comments that it is a pity the serial has become a laughing stock!!!) , which is but natural for the way the serial is presented. Remember, it is these very same viewers who have given excellent and poignant re-views on Manthana and other TNS serials.
You get what you give !!

sorry! typing mistake done……………’lawyer ‘misspelt as ‘loyar’!

what a twist!I dint expect jagadeesh to tell rajiv that he was theculprit………jagadeesh has got some clue i believe..wonder what the clue is:-)

Todays Score

Rajiv Sharma(Juttu) B Shankar Das… 36

Did you see the Juttu open?

So many comments flowing..! Ha Ha…
Never thought this would become a place to receive comments from non-muktabalaga memebers.

Well, lokobhinnaruchi 🙂

I hav a question for TNS- “KYA AAP PAANCHVI PASS SE TEZ HAI???”

even those kids can predict wat will happen in the next episode 🙂

Well… introducing Minchu Premier League(With No Cheerleaders(Sigh!))
Participating Teams:
Das & Das Company
Rajiv Sharma & Co
Yashaswi Surgicals & co
Das Family & Co

The teams Rajiv Sharma & DAS & DAS & YASHASWI DAS MERGED!!!
so it is now called Rajiv Samraja. Thus Jaggu was bought by Das Family & co.

Edited Participants:
Rajiv Samraja&
Das Family & co

The director of this serial sucks..

MINCHU is a perfect example for a MARKOV CHAIN(considering finite no. of episodes, i hope ther r no staticians here!!!).


“DAS & DAS SURGICALS” former chairman Mr. Shankar Das has been selected for the National HOCKEY team. One of the selectors saw Mr. Das thulping Mr. Juttu with a walking stick(selectors confused it to be a hockey stick). Way to go Mr. Das.

CHAK DE!!!!!!!!

shankar daas… balle balle (dance)…

Can any one guess What will b the future episodes of minchu?

The director – apparently is not TNS but one Mr. Prashant Haaldodderi has been clever enough. I recently overheard people talking in bus – frustrated for a long time over Rajeev’s escape from all his crime and felt like hitting him hard if they could find him somewhere. The director fulfilled the viewer’s wish atlast!!! The serial does not hold any curiosity now.

it is good to view what other think.why not somebody write gist of veryday episode of minchu?

Can somebody give a summary of y’day’s episode? I guess many ppl could not watch due to power failure in diff parts of B’lore.

Yesterday, Rajeev has consulted the Lawyer and he has made clear that he is the absolute owner of the property and has asked Das and family to leave the house. Das has objected to it and has told that he will not leave the house. Rajeev has cautioned that he knows how to send Das and family out.

Inconsistency in character – I can’t believe that earlier Jagadish was so reasonable and smart in cautioning Swaroopa not to act in haste, and then thinking about the lack of evidence, the recognition of danger to his own life and that Rajeev would get alerted if confronted, and then using the cassette player recorder against Rajeev.

And later on he himself just blindly confronts Rajeev and deflates the entire build up of the plot! Isnt this completely out of character?

Yesterday what happened in the last part of the serial (when the electricity returned), was Rajeev asks entire family to go out, and then Shankar Das challenges him to do what he can to get them out.

To increase loading time this page is being continued at the main page MINCHU… you may continue commenting there.


Q: In the previous episode how many times did rajeev a.k.a juttu repeat the following dialouge “SHANKARA DAS NANNA MELE KAI MAADIDRU!!!”

Options a) 10000
b) 20000
c) >25000



Jagdish, Swaroopa, Shankar Das & Police are all supposed to be intelligent. Why are they not exploring the most obvious – to check up from airlines, from their ticketing records, as to who accompanied Karthiyayini to Pune. In 2 days, police can nail Rajiv (?) or Dinesh (?) or (?). Or. does the director want to prolong the serial by missing the obvious?

jagadish interference in the police investigation is too much hyped and also ridiculous to see the inspector being taught what is to be done by jagadish,and how the hell does jagadish manage to intervene at all stages of investigation with the jagadish,prashanth haldodderi himself.he has boosted his role too much.he acts too smart.there is nothing in the serial apart from rajiv’s role.everyone nods his head sitting in that sofa.rajiv is bad and all others are either in favour or against him in the serial.disastrous.please complete the serial early.there is no message or idea in the serial.

I am tired of watching Rajeev killing one after another without any guilt. I expected a lot from TNS and this Minchu turned out to be a disastrous. What kind of fool will give away not only the shares of his and his wife, but also of his kids, and all the movable and immovable properties when he and his wife are alive and healthy.

I am guessing that there is no courtroom here. If there were to be a courtroom, then TNS will not elaborate the police inquiry this long as he wants to have all these evidences as his strengths in arguing.

I think, Rajeev will kill his friend Dinesha as he is next potential evidence for his arrest. Also now that his wife Sanjana knows that he is not innocent (My goodness it took this long for that dumb lady to find out), he might kill her also.

Finally he will go and surrender himself to police for having short of people to kill.

Blunders are so many in this serial: The patient is left alone in ICU; Killers discussing openly and loudly in hospital and Rajeev declaring that he will finish Jagdeesh right then; Shankar Das writing every penny of his property to one daughter; etc. etc.

Inspector siddharth consults Jagdeesh Das each and every time. Even minute details are discussed with him. Absolutely foolish. Details of the Investigation should not be revealad to anyone(even to Jagdeesh Das). Swaroopa jumps into a conclusion suddenly without thinking the consequences. Wait patiently. Allow Rajeev sharma to commit mistakes.Then,you can catch him red handed.
The serial more or less has become one-dimensional and Rajeev Sharama centric.
Jagdeesh Das and his family members are being depicted as gods.
It’s nothing but RAJEEV V/S THE REST.
REST are certainly not the BEST.

can any1 post the picture of nandini(sarayu in michu)

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How did u acquire the techniques to create ““MINCHU (upto Apr 08) Muktha Balaga”?
Thanks -Kindra

I request to retelecast Minchu was awesome.its connected to life regarding what to choose-money or relationship

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