Muktha Balaga

Self Esteem Vs EGO

Posted on: ಆಗಷ್ಟ್ 11, 2008

When ever some person out performs and still doesn’t accept Favours from others, People name it Self Esteem or Self Respect. In some other scenario if the person talks about his ability and the performance and displays some bit of inwardness, its named EGO…

Where to draw a line? People say it becomes easier to explain when you take up illustrations. One of the single line explanations which I noted somewhere about both – ” Our Ego is how we perceive ourselves And, our SelfEsteem is how we feel about ourselves”. Whats your take on this??

One more thing, I would encourage you to read about this wonderful person Naga Naresh Kartura 

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4 Responses to "Self Esteem Vs EGO"

The only thing which differentiates between Self esteem and Ego is, ofcourse, the way we treat others! Egoistic people tend to have ‘very high self esteem’ which makes them go blind to others.
Self-esteem with little over-confidence (and no respect to other’s opinion) is the main cause of Ego. Unfortunately, I can’t get rid of it.

About the link and the person, Mr. Naga Naresh Kartura , my salutes to him as he has proved to the world that it takes nothing but will power to excel in this world 🙂

so you say both are interconnect.
Self Esteem is like an younger brother to EGO..

Looks like Self Esteem with Respect to other’s opinion will make a better combination..

Yep! You said it right. And also, many people (like me) aren’t even sure what ‘character’ they have. Is it the ego or the self esteem :-/
But one thing is for sure. Ego is like an addiction. If you have it, it is very difficult to get rid of it !

Your definition is quite okay.

But I believe these two words are far relatives, when one of these stands, the second one doesn’t. I guess the only relation could be when we misuse the word self-esteem too often 🙂

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