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Parenting.. A Goal, A Duty or a Journey ?

Posted on: ಜುಲೈ 6, 2008

Recently I was talking to my friends regarding the motherhood and the way females get to make so many changes after the baby is born. During the discussion, we spoke about lot of things like the career options for woman, why she has to bear all the changes etc.,

While we were discussing on the goals of life, Career, Money, time for her hobbies and lot of such things came up and I ended up adding Parenting also a major goal of life to which my friend responded like this..

“Parenting is not a goal, its just the duty”….

If I have observed so far, a goal or a duty ends up at some part of time.. and the way our parents take care of ourselves even after we are well versed and are able to(or qualify to lead an independent life) I see that Parenting never ends till the person lasts… So I just concluded that Parenting is neither a goal nor a duty but a fantastic journey ahead…

What do you say ?

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6 Responses to "Parenting.. A Goal, A Duty or a Journey ?"

Yes, you answered your own question perfectly. It is a journey!

When Puttachi was still very small, during a particularly difficult time, I once said aloud to my mother, “Oh when will she grow enough for me to stop worrying about her?” My mother said, “Never!” And at that very moment, my grandmother called from Mysore and asked my mother, “Talenovu anta idyalla, eega hegidya?” My mother laughed and told me, “See?” 🙂

Agree with you both! Its an experience with therupatic values. For a man, after hard days work of strees a smiling baby /kid is allways a stress buster. Add a smiling wife and that is one happy home which no money on earth can buy.

One can spend ages with lovable cuties and still it went very fast. Junior is 7yrs but still i can remember the first day i saw him in hospital – same is proved by shruthi’s grand mom still!!

On the other note just yesterday there was a talk on FM (forgot which one) where they distinguish human beings who not only take care of themselves but after growing old, they return back the favour by taking care of the parents!!!

Now a days some girls think that Parenting is duty. This category girls also compare thier life style with western countries.

Last week I met few people from Germany in my office. They were on official visit. After all meetings, they asked me to go along with them for shopping. Every one wanted buy for their children. They said they con’t go empty handed to thier children.

This all depends on how you look at the world. Its like a mirror, What ever you look at it reflects the same.


@Shruthi, I know thats what made me wonder. This time I was at Mysore for a longer time and when I returned to b’lore I was missing my parent’s and the place so much .. May be more than I first came to b’lore (that was after 23 long years)…. People say, GOD created Mother because he can’t be there everywhere.

@Mohan, I will tell you each stage is such a wonderful experience, To tell you I have had hazaar experience already in these few months.

@RKP, Thats a different percepective may be.. After a long gap of 9 months, I sometime think.. Do I really have to join back work… It surprises me many times..
About shopping, these days.. I look out for more of baby’s shops than any other things..!
Thanks for visiting and the comment

I too agree with u.
Rather I call it Lifetime Responsibility

It’s a journey. Without doubt. But then, each one to his own.

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