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Blogger’s Meet at Bangalore….

Posted on: ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 21, 2008

Muktabalaga and other bloggers….

Its been long time after we all met. Of course, few of you have met during Tyagaraja aradhane at Usha’s residence.

Well, Ram had sent an email about his India trip and meeting all of you. I am sure you all would have Ram visited your blogs. I am pasting the email here.

Please coordinate for the meet and keep Ram posted about  this. I will see you once I am there at Bangalore..! Happy blogging and meeting.


Email Excerpt from Ram 


About meeting sometime in Bangalore – that would be great. We will be in Bangalore for the month of April until the 25th. We are preparing Vidya for her first long flight after her first trip when she was 4 months old. 🙂
We will be traveling to Tirupati and tentatively to Mysore (to take Vidya around the KRS, sanctuary, etc) and tentatively to Udupi. We will be in Bangalore for the rest of the time. 


2 Responses to "Blogger’s Meet at Bangalore…."

Thank you Veena.
That would be great. I will be around till Apr 24th. Please let me know the location you all meet at.

Hi I m Smrithi. Fan of Seetharam sir’s Serial but i cud not see the serial bcz i m in Australia now got married in Dec 2009 and has come here i miss Mukta mukta so much can u plz post daily episodes in Veoh so dat i can watch the serial in net

I saw sum court senes but there is no all episodes

Plz post the daily episodes it will b great help for me here.

no kannada channels so boring

pls post the episodes in Veoh

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