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Nandini layout….

Posted on: April 24, 2007

Must be a part of Bangalore, I had thought….had never got a chance to visit that place.

Nandini Layout first came in news headlines when Dr. Rajkumar was buried near there, in Kantirava Studios, last year…and it was in news for all the wrong reasons, choc-o-blocs witnessed then…. Moving onnn it was on headlines again…but for all wrong reasons…a dog sends an 8 year old girl packing to heavens….


And I visited Nandini layout yesterday….not for anything else, but to spend a nice Sunday evening in the company of nice friends at a  sweet friend’s place!! I found no violence, no violators as it was in the headlines about Nandini Layout…!


We(Its We) had promised Shruthi, who hallucinates, aka our Professor, to be at their home by 4 PM. But something delayed my destination hunt to Nandini Layout. I was in a temple participating in Shankara Jayanthi celebrations… So, left home a bit late.


Picked Usha from Uttarahalli (180 degrees away from Nandini Layout) and were on road for about 45 mins when we reached Nandini Layout without any hic ups. We found the hotel as instructed by Shruthi thru e-mail the previous day….and we found the temple without much difficulty….then started the hunt…In the e-mail we were asked to continue on the same road till we reach a dead end…and we hunted for a dead end which was not to be found…and we roamed around for some time, called Shruthi that didn’t help…Shruthi’s dad instructed….which suggested we were on the right path!! And we decided to find a dead-end….and sure…there it was…but it culminated into a slum L

We came back to the temple, and searched for some hint, and found an area map at the corner. We laughed at our ignorance and headed towards ‘Dharitri’ with Girish who had just joined us.


Usha went in and by the time I parked my bike and got down, one kid waved at me and welcomed with its sweet little hands and a smile on that adorable face.….I was surprised…Shruthi doesn’t yet have a child…but this child walks and speaks…… then I saw Bellur standing behind…And I was relieved….It was Narayana, Junior Bellur.


They were all already there…Sanjay, Vijetha, Bellur, Vidya, Vani, Vani’s Mom, Chaithanya and there was one soft guy who welcomed me…I took no time to guess that it was Sandesh… He laughed out loud when I uttered ”Aren’t you S?”….


We started a conference at the gate itself…admiring the calmness of the area and the ‘ups and downs’ on the road…In fact, Dharitri is situated on the sliding edge of that elevated road…must have been a small hill before converting it into Nandini Layout. There was a park just up-side the road from Dharitri, which looked scary….


And then Aunty(Shruthi’s mom) came out asking, “you don’t want to come in?”… and we moved in.

It was as if we were all treated with a treasure, every one started talking, end less…. After all… “Harate Hodyakke permit beke?” 😉


Then came delicious question….”Yaru pure vegetarian idira??”…. Shruthi meant is there someone who doesn’t want to relish a cake puffed with egg… all answered… And then started Upachara…”Please have more” anta yella….


And as expected, after “Come home some time”, it was “Please Have more and Upachaara”…

Narayana was relishing cake for some time until his mom fed him with a dip of sausage (Chaasu)… Then he kept repeatedly asking for chaasu, and left alone keekuu..Meanwhile Bellur presented with a  light number, a distorted version of Annavru’s “Vaara Banthamma” by Gundurao depicting the plight of married men….


Then… S received a call from office, asking him to login…poor fellow… had to work from home on a Sunday evening…


We had a walk around the house…. Chaitanya and me had a chat for about 15 mins in the balcony, admiring the calm air around the house…and the rest busy talking about some issues down stairs… And Shruthi got us coffee there itself with some upacharaa. 😉


And that would’ve gone onnnnn until GH reminded us all to have a look at the watch… It was 7 already and time to bid good night.


One by one… all left… Usha had brought DVD of Aradhane held at her place some times back…and Shruthi was copying it on to her system…so we had to wait…being the last entrants that evening…

We waited out side with Shruthi’s parents and aunt, talking of course, and having a look at the clearer sky…by clearer I mean we got to see a beautiful view of sky with many stars on display for us, such sky view is unfortunately not available in other areas of city, owing to the artificial lighting…

 Well.. Thus ended one of the beautiful evenings…another meeting, another get together… no time for anything else…but just a casual chat…. It always fills one with good air meeting good people, spending some time with them… more over…no one felt un-comfortable anywhere…neither at Usha’s place, nor at Girish’s place, neither at Praneshachar’s place, nor at Chaithanya’s place, nor too at Shruthi’s place….  Thanks Muktha for such wonderful evenings… Let such come often…and in every other part of the city….!!

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4 Responses to "Nandini layout…."

a very good report on visit to Nandini Layout — Shruthi’s house. Thanks for a minutely detailed report. keep going. Now onwards you are official reporter for MB in addition to moderator for Muktabalaga

Missed it :(, Shruthi will visit your place some time sooon 🙂

Just back to office after a long weekend…

Thanks Srik for wonderful update what a way and means you have got you have continued your narration from where you left from MB team visit to our house. Yes it is pleasure to read your minute descriptive style and I was for a moment thinking that I too was there. Alas!! I could not make itn I was away from Bangalore and I was keeping my option open till last minute thinking that I will rach Bangalroe by sat. night then sunday morning then finally I landed at 8 PM on sunday so all along journey right from 4 pm I was imagining the meet you all had at Shruthi’s House. As I have visited their house earlier all your description was very dear to my heart. Thanks shruthi for making all the MB team to spend a very good evening and in the process you had some change yes I missed meeting S. Let me wait already shruthi has extended one more invitation. I also take this opportunity to wish shruthi and family a very very happy days ahead. Thanks once again and hope next meet will be with more strength.

oops need to post the few photos I took.. will do so soon… it was a nice time!

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