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Shoonya Sampadhane.

Posted on: ಏಪ್ರಿಲ್ 13, 2007

Whats it ? Just a query, pls do put your thoughts here.


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Shoonya Sampadane in Sanskrit means “Gaining of Nothingness.”

It is a primary text of Veera Shaivas (circa 1550) consisting of debates and writings of the Siva Sharanas.

Shoonya: “The void, the distinctionless absolute;”
Sampadane: “Attainment, realization, enlightenment.”


The word “Dasoha” is a dominant and recurrent note in the sayings of Basavanna. It is dedication to Guru, Linga and Jangama. It means that I am the servant, the servant of truth and the servant of God. Basava admonished his followers to develop in them the qualities of a true servant. It is indispensable for “Shoonya Sampadane”, “Shoonya” means reducing the ego and its desires to the Zero point; and with the reduction of the lower self or ego, the energy of the higher self is released for higher spiritual attainments. Basavanna believed that the highest ideal of life is not the loss of the individual in the Universal but the possession of the Universal. It has been pointed out that this line of Basaveshwara’s thought steers clear of both the positions of Dvaita and Advaita. However, it should be noted that Basavanna never indulged in philosophical speculations. His outlook was frank and true to life. Simple devotion to God and love for humanity appealed to Basavanna’s honest mind, which shunned insincerity in life and religion.


Also, during the Vijayanagara period, Shoonya Sampadane, a literary work by Shivagna Prasadi Mahadevayya and Halageyadeva became famous.

The basic tenets of Adviata, Dvaita and Vishshtadwitha are interpretations of badrayana suthras by 3 different acharyas based on their experiences and interpretations.

Ultimately shoonya sampadane is the goal of everything and incidentally the contribution of indians is a big zero ( thanks to bhaskaracharya)

To put it in more simple words, one comes to this world with empty hands and returns to the nature with no worldly earnings. Shoonya sampadane refers to this truth.

From A Veerashaiva Website:

“The Sunyasampadane is one of the most important documents of the Veerashaiva philosophy and faith and, for that very reason perhaps, one of the most difficult and at times baffling. The exact meaning of the title of this compilation presents the first of many problems the student has to encounter on his way; the exact sense in which one must take the word Sunya seems to vary from one context to another. However, the broad sense of the concept itself is not entirely beyond comprehension, especially if we compare it with its variants in Buddhism of the Madhyamika School. Here are some extracts from the Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics.

“Voidness (Sunyata) is neither a principle immanent in things nor is it nothingness. On the contrary, it is the character of what exists, of the dharmas. Things are void because they are originated; voidness = origination, void =originated. Existence (samsara) is an intricate succession of momentary things, or dharmas, which have not in themselves any raison d’etre, and which cannot exist substantially by the power of their causes; for these causes are dharmas of the same nature, which do not exist in themselves. As it is said, ‘From dharmas, like a magical show (mayopama), arise dharmas like a magical show’. We should say, ‘From contingent phenomena arise contingent phenomena.”

“From an absolute point of view (paramarthatas), there is no difference (nanabhava) among things and among the characters of things. Things are void (Sunya), like the daughter of a barren woman; characters are void, like the beauty of this unreal daughter. Things are void because there is no real origination of things—if no origination, no destruction, an eternal in-existence. There is no difference between existence (samsara) and nirvana: ‘not being produced (anutpanna), not being destroyed, things are from the beginning quiescent (adisanta); they are really, naturally (prakrtya) in nirvana (parinirvrta)”.

“The world, according to the Buddhists, is an aggregate of conditions or relations. Things come into existence in virtue of these relations or conditions. There are infinite kinds of relations, such as the relation of substance and quality, part and whole, cause and effect, etc. Taking the relation of substance and quality, we find that the substance exists only in relation to its qualities, and the latter exists only in relation to the former.”

There is, however, a substantial and very crucial difference between the Veerashaiva concept of Sunya and the Buddhist, on the one hand, and between the Veerashaiva concept and the Vedantic, on the other.”

Thanks. The explanations have been profound. can some body elaborate about the shoonya peetha please.

Parabrahma, shiva, Thryambaka, One, ma aye, kaama, chetana, shoonayathe, existant but non-existant, Krishna, Narayana, Eeshwara, and many other words are all used synonymously to denote the same -the one which existed before the beginning, before the beginning of of time and time-space, before the birth of the uncountable galaxies including the Milky Way (our home). Doesn’t it sound simple simple?
Acharya Shankara’s explanations of Veda-Vedanta-Upanishads have made the understanding of Shoonya sampaadane much easier.
The concept of Shiva is at least as old as Vedas.
This is the Advaitha, or Monism or “Ekam sat …vipraa bahudaa …..” shloka.
Pl refer to Naasadeeya, KEna, purushasookta and other Cosmological scriptures.
It looks as if the CERN techies belonging to different countries, working in Geneva are doing the real thapas for the God particle.
ANOraNeeyana hudkuthiddaare.
Let them do the search for the unsearchable subatomic particle which gave birth to mass of all the MATTER in this universe.
Discussing cults,cultural differences, caste based debates are all superfluous and retrograde.
Physicists who have been searching for this Chenna Mallikarjuna of Mahaadevi, or Meera’s Krishna, or Allama’s Maye or MOhini, have been awarded many Nobel prizes.
One or more Nobels are expected at the end of LHC experiment.
Then Indians can learn better about all this God-matter!!!
Happy 2009 to everybody

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