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Hurray!!!!… Sanjay met Suresh G

Posted on: ಏಪ್ರಿಲ್ 7, 2007

He just called me and told………

Details pls!! 🙂


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yeah Veena, I finally did…

Actually the time slot was very narrow… still I said let me see him even if its just for a few minutes and drove up to his office… and it was well worth it, he was generous enough to spend some quality time with me extending himself even though he had a flight in the evening. It was a really inspiring half an hour, and really there is so much of clarity and insight gained in speaking to such persons. Being a tubelight character, I thought of a lot of things I wished I’d asked him, on my way home ! :mrgreen:

He’ll probably be back in Bangalore maybe a month or so later – so next time!

I did get some pictures as well, and will put it up in a blog post hopefully this evening, with a bit more detail… (batttery has run out so recharging so i can copy them to my pc!)

[…] I’d said earlier actually the time slot was very narrow… still I said let me see him even if its just for a few […]

Hmm.. I was surprised when I saw his message in the night around 9:30pm checking if he can call me. I was so delighted. We spoke for about 1.15 hours. He had checked in his luggage & waiting for the flight… It was splendid, & then he spoke about your meeting in the afternoon..

Wow!! Lucky 2 Veena and Sanjay.

Waiting for the details…of the meet and of the telephonic conversation!!

sanjay meeting in person and veena talking with SG
for 1 hour 15 minutes. yes suresh gundappa is a versatile personality let us see whether all of us can meet when he comes next
veena update madtira matukathe bagge is it can be shared.

Praneshachar, he did speak about you. He also remembered your comments about ooTa saavdhaanavaagi maadi comment & was appreciating that one. He said all our rituals & customs are well made & its nice to follow it.
The jist of the talking was ‘ Don’t run around things, just enjoy what you do & things will come & fall in place’…
He did mention about Mohan, yaak avaru nanna kandre aagalva? swalpa bythaa irthaaralla antha 🙂

Also he mentioned that he likes to see various view point & everybody may be looking at one thing in variety of ways so he is okay receiving such different views. He mentioned that most of his readers are from other countries & only the muktha balaga is form India antha 🙂 good one!

Overall avara family bagge heLidru, avara wife shoba, who lives like as she likes & does everything .. etc., etc,. avara magaLu vipasana bagge kooDa heLidru.. swalpa avara kelsada bagge, naanu madhya madhya swalpa mansige tochiddu heLthaa idde 🙂

Today he wrote me an email thanking for the phone call & he said, naane haraTe malla ankothidde, parvaagilla neevu olle maathaadtheera !!

Thanks veena for the update
suresh is an intersting person convey my regards
when you mail him. I also could see most of his blog readers are from abroad. nice to see his posts nice to see his veiws he has got lot of deep thinking

“naane haraTe malla ankothidde, parvaagilla neevu olle maathaadtheera!!”

Hahahaha!! Harate malla…. very interesting.

Neevu nodidre suryange torch hididubitri papa…
Avarige Jet lag ginta ee torch light teeriskolakke sakat time bekagbodu 😀

sanjay, waiting for the pics.

veena, thanks for the update.

for some reason my blog site database is down 😦
ha he’s written about blogging burnout but looks like in my case its blogsite burnout :mrgreen:

However you can see the pictures here on flickr

Hey one thing i forgot to mention – he’s got these lovely calendars based on his photos – free for some NGO (sichrem: making human rights a household concept). The photo part of the calendar can also be seperated into a postcard that could be used after the month. He was talking about how it helps the NGO – Archies bought around 1 lakh of the cards, to sell to its customers (and proceeds go to the NGO) and then if around 3 or 4 people see each card (multiply by 12 for each month), just think of the exposure the NGO gets!

He gave me two sets, and was interested in distributing some cards/sets I’m not sure among mukthabalaga as well. I’ve kept one of the sets to distribute among all of us whenever we meet next. Actually I forgot to give some cards to Bellur and Praneshachar when they’d come home last to last sunday!

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