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ಲೇಖಕರೊಂದಿಗೆ ಆತ್ಮೀಯ ಕ್ಷಣಗಳು

Posted on: ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 28, 2007

Girish had organised and invited all of us  to have a never before kind of chat with some biggies in Kannada literary world. MB gang was in full josh and following is an update of what happened during the function.

After major circus of  trying to reach the planned meeting  point at  scheduled  time we all reached Peenya 3rd Phase and  arrived at the destination Navakarnataka Printers at 11.30 sharp 🙂

To our surprise and  relief the  programme had not yet  commenced.

We were served cool nimbe hannina rasa (ramanavami special) kosambri was missing though 😉 and the program began at 11.45 am

Sahithya dhuriNaru mathu AkashavaNi -rainbow  vyavasthapakaru hagu karyakramadha mukhyaathithi thamma  aasanagaLanna  alankarisidru.

Smt Nemichandra, Dr G Ramakrishna, Dr Shantaram Somayaji, Dr Ullas Karanth, DR Leela, Dr H S Gopalarao, Dr C R Chandrashekhar were the invted Writers (who are teachers,  researchers and scholars).

Books  which were introduced written by them druing the program were :

Nemichandra’ s Baduku badalisabahudu, DR G R ‘s –Bhagathsingh, Dr H S Gopalrao’s  Karnataka Ekikaraadha Ithihasa,  Dr C R C ‘s Mahileyallina Manasika aswasthathegaLu,  Dr Shantaram’s Americada kathegaLu, Dr Ullas Karanth’s Hulirayana AkashavaNi.

After  Prize distributions (We got  books of  Thams of Nihlani, Comparision of Gorki and Premchand and their works, Hosathu-Magazine special edition copy, Dostovisky’s translation work etc pack )

Sahithya samvada began.. audience  posed diffft questions to  the authors and got  satisfactory answers to their queries i presume :).  For the gist of  Question answer session i request  some of the balga members to take over the narration 🙂

After the  samvada… all proceeded for lunch and  the  informal discussions with all authors began,  and we all had nice time.

We all met Suchendra Prasad (Mukhya athithi) multifaceted personality in theatre, Kiruthere, hiri there, direction, and  a good vaagmi , chintaka. Pantulamma(Veena)  is a  better person to narrate this  discussion session :).

Stalls of  Navakarnataka publishers offered  books at discounted rate and CD of  Suchendra prasad -Documentary of Karnataka ekikaraNa was on sale. We  all picked few  titles for our library and left the venue  with  pleasure of meeting  the authors and of course last not the least i was thrilled to also visit the  publishers garden which has rare  varieties of trees , My special thanks to  Vallish and Girish Hamapli for guiding  me to that fabulous garden.

Yenadru miss madidre pls add madi


UPDATE : Don’t miss Veena’s comment.

Also, Please go thru this post by the man GH himself


33 Responses to "ಲೇಖಕರೊಂದಿಗೆ ಆತ್ಮೀಯ ಕ್ಷಣಗಳು"

also audio cd of Bookworm clubbd with the vcd of Sucheendra Pradad’s half hour video – (bought for Rs 50), both I’m looking foward to listen/view!


It was a very good samvada arranged I reached there by 11.30 noon
thinking programme was half way thro, but to my surprise and good
fortune it was not yet commenced. so I could see the programme from
beginning heard both mr.suchendra prasad and Mr. Rajaram of
navakarnataka. gisrish it was a very good programme with good no.
people who are really interested in sahitya coming together.
i could not stay till end as i have to leave around 1 pm back to
office as we were working on sunday. met balga members usha vani
veena prashanth sanjay and ofcourse girish and also one of the prize
winner my neighbour. it waw nice afternoon spent away inbetween
office. congrats girish for the all these. bought CD’s yet to
see/hear will do it soon. all the best for your next CD release in

Thanks Usha for the program update.

I can’t add much to it since it is more complete by itself. About suchendra prasad’s meeting…!

I was quite impressed by the personality till now, but avara bhaashaNa keLi, avaru maathadutidda shaili nodi ashTaagi impress aaglilla ansatte. maaraya maatadidre benki baratte,..

I am not too sure I can call himself as Arrogant but certainly he has less patience to handle the questions coming form his fans.

My first question to him was, what he likes to represent himself as. .. as a theatre personality, as a tv screen artist etc.,

1> He said nothing, first of all why should I represent a group.. I am an individual … If I start representing any set of people I would push myself into crisis , so I better not.

One Lady came to GH & was saying that she was unable to operate the SMS facility because of her ignorance.. She was repeatedly saying, naavu haLLiyavaru sir namage baralla.
Suchendra bumped on her saying, haLLiyavaru haLLiyavaru antha yaak ashTond sala heLtheera, hmm.. adakkeniga ? I was feeling like he will hit her next moment… That lady was trying to say that people might think about her that SMS Kalsokku baralva etc., He said, barallla andre baralla anni ashTe, naan kalskodtheeni bekaadre…! Devare!! She just pushed away.

Next Sanjay, who was almost not aware of who Suchendra was .. started asking about himself & he was giving funda.. Sanjay said, I don’t watch TV.. SP said good for you with a smile.
Next moment our Mane owner sanjay said, namma amma yaavaglu TV nodithirtaare, naan office inda bandre nanna maathadso badlu aa ajeeva characters jothe tammanna todogisikolthaare,
Suchendra says, its too much an expectation. . You are asking your mom to come & talk to you as soon as you are avaialble, but its not fair since you are not there when she needs you. .. He talks on this point now. … I was flabber gasted with such answers.. so what was right wrong there ?

He was telling like TV was his bread & he does many things for his butter, he will stop doing those if it doesn’t find any joy… We spoke for quite sometime & he was talking to people in the purest form of kannada. That was excellent.!!

In the whole programme, GR was the personality I fell in love with.. abba entha mahaanubhaavaru avaru…. I posed a question to him & he had all the patience to answer & with examples … I think his concluding talk made the samvaada more refreshing .. I liked him because he never sounded very technical & he was never posing “him” in the conversation.

Nemi chandra is yet another person one should meet & talk to.. hammu bhimmu enu illada obba saadharaNa lekhakhi(person) .. HAL nalli senior management nalli idaare eeke.. abba olleya lady.. I read her book Baduku badalisabahude, she has wrote her thoughts very neat & nice.

Prof CRC, was just amazing.. I will write about my personal experience when I spoke to him sometime later.. I was observing him throughout the program, his concentration to hear what others say was just unmatching

At the end of the program, I met several interesting personalities. . I somehow displayed my best assertive nature when speaking to Suchendra, hope people didn’t mistake that as arrogance. !! If yes, I had no such intentions.

One thing that disappointed me was .. None of the people were initiating the samvaada, GH had to ‘kick start’ it… I was surprised about our MB group not making any effort on it too. Yes, Usha gave me another question to ask & that was my second attempt. It was too much of ekikaraNa bhaashaNa every now & then.. Ullas Karanth spoke really well…

Dr. Leela was almost silent throughout, 🙂

srik, I missed you there.. I am sure you would have put a better question to authors there!!


missed me??? LOLll

GhatanughatigaLa munde bandu questions keLakke solpa hedarike ide nanage. Even if i had made it to the program, I would’ve been a listener I think.

Cant say since I have never attended such samvadas, of cource, except for that wonderful samvada with TNS.

neevanthu naarada bidi 🙂
I want to also understand that why people choose be listeners when they have the capabilities to speak & Exchange information so well.. I still have not received any answer to this one!

Congrats Sanjay, for the rebirth of your blog.

Now i have to give my few cents … 🙂

Main reason i chose to keep quite is i have never read any of the authors who were on the dias that day 😉

Samvada andhre nanna arthadalli avara kruthigaLa bagge avara chintanegaLa bagge prashnottara irbeku ..

Andhu vedike melidda lekhakara kruthigaLanna odadhe athava avara vrutti jeevanada parichayavillade asambadda prashne keLuvudakkintha mouna vahisiddu lesu antha nanna anisike.

Yenanteera ?

asambaddha prashne! Oh My GOD Usha…! 🙂
Girish, next samvaadadalli neevu yaar yaaru authors na kardideera antha heLi , so that we can come prepared.

Atleast to make the samvaada going, people could have asked few related questions.. of course asking “how to raise my kid” & arguing with the authors for their answers was little too much…

Also, probably we can look at them as more as individuals rather than very authors. Ultimately if the questions revolves around the book & its branches it should be okay.. idu nanna abhipraaya! Ultimately they will consider to give excemption since we are not experts in that area, otherwise people with horizontal knowledge (vertical knoweldge is possesed by the expert in that area) can never speak in such occasions.

Mukta samvaada dalli gamanisida haage, jana keLo prashNe ne bere bidi, yaak sir gowri na yaavaglu aLusteera etc., 🙂

I agree with usha yes if we want ask some questions it should be relevant to the programme which conducted and the authors whose books were part of the programme and discussion should be with authors on their books.
what ever time I was there there was only one pertinent question on this otherwise it was more of a debate on karnatak yekikarna kannada bhasheya savu etc., etc., this was not a forum for that
you are right it should not become questioning their views and entering into arguments on those. each one will have their own view discuss and respect them

Wow! Seems like you guys had a blast! Cool:)

thanks veena about reincarnation of my blog 🙂

yeah greatunknown, it was good fun!

And yeah over there actually I was about to add some views, and was all set for starting a spirited discussion! But audience got spared as my silence was destined – I was having a mild stomach upset and abruptly needed to go to the loo. And when I came back the context had gone. Also I felt people were getting hungry and they wouldn’t be in the mood for any further discussion. Somehow thought as someone had announced, that there would really be a continuation after lunch but then…!!

Veena I too liked GR among all, he was the most down to earth guy out there. And he was saying that others were taller than him, not just in height but really taller 🙂 It was a somewhat poignant moment when talking about his English teaching days… he sort of seemed to regret why he got into it!

Anyway, about the guy who was questioning GR how to raise his children… when he couldn’t oppose the educational system. At first it was just a request asking for advice. Asking whether bringing up children at home what can one day inspite of all inadequacies of the system. And how he could make sure that he atleast has a light at his home inspite of the darkness around. And then with exchange of words, his question became more of a demand as if GR had had no right to have said anything if he didnt have anything constructive suggestion to give.

GR had narrated how he had fought hard going against all odds – cutting through beuracracy and politics – to get a correction made in a text book. And this guy tells GR that one must start from home and doing anything in the system is a waste of time and energy. Even if he had a point, which he didn’t (in that case a revolutionary like Gandhi would’ve only sat at home), this was a very harsh way of putting it. GR was taken aback, but took it well and can’t remember clearly what he replied, but he made one point that that it was not important what language one teaches in, but what is taught to the children. And general consensus of other authors was while that was true – i.e. change things not only at home but it had to be both ways i.e. change things outside as well.

I could understand what he was saying, and wanted to quote Gandhi who said “be the change you wish to be in the world” but wanted to also state that Gandhi was a revolutionary who didn’t just sit at home saying that. But anyway sometimes I’m like a tubelight character who flickers on after someone has switched on the switch and left the room, and this was one of those times 😉 Actually we could’ve directed that guy to one of Suresh’s posts :mrgreen:

Also to the naturalist Dr. Karanth I wanted to mention about the activities of the adventurers club in honnemaradu.

And Veena an observation I wanted to share that day itself but somehow slipped my mind – but you seem to have observed already – is their postures. Among all, Prof. CRC and Dr. Karanth were really sitting attentively consistently througout, and esp CRC was amazing, his sitting posture was perfect – back and neck alighned and straight and he seemed to not be missing a single word.

About suchendra prasad, I wouldn’t say he was arrogant but wrt saying things like first of all why should I represent a group, etc I myself can give long speeches on those lines about myself 😆 He is probably he is passing through a phase where he considers that as a glamorous – like a teenager feels very happy to be considered as a rebel. My take is to be rebellious independent thinker not blindly going with the crowd (i.e. nothing wrong in going with the crowd – not to be rebellious just for the sake of being rebellious as there is really nothing to prove to anybody!) And esp don’t make a show of it. But then its probably a good reason why he’s currently a show man and thats his job and his profession 🙂 Nevertheless, I was touched that he really had so much genuine concern for me, I knew he really meant what he said and was speaking from his heart and experience. I felt it was just a matter of him reacting too quickly, no doubt that sooner or later he will learn to take some time to get more in sync with the other person.

One thing is they mentioned 3 kinds of medium: radio, tv and writing – that they could make more use of the internet as a medium and to highlight the importance of websites of blogs.

praneshachar, those points would’ve been more relevant if there were many questions and they could’ve been filtered out on that criteria. But when people were not that much involved, then any kind of interaction is a good start… though I completely agree that one cannot question and get into arguments.

Sanjay very good analysis with whatever said
suchendra prasad appears to be an intersting
personality and his voice is superb.
Dr.CRC was simply listening to all with closed
eyes and with rapt attention.
My reference to relevant Q is with reference to
Veena’s observation none of MB members took the lead here for that Usha’s reply was there which I also agreed.
Yes due to my Office committments I could not stay and enjoy the latter part which appears to be more interesting than the first part where i was there.
any how thanks for all for giving us updates and their views on the same.
hats off to girish for such a wonderful programme

first thing first, I have changed the heading from Aathmeya to aathmeeya..!! Sanjay you said you know kannada little so pardoned you for the spelling mistake 🙂
Okay, lets take a step back & talk now.

>> At the outset Why do you think you liked Suchendra prasad or called him an interesting person ? Did you know him before hand through any other source or just met here first ?
Girish has given a very good feedback about suchendra before samvaada. Do we get carried away from this one ?

When we meet somebody, do we carry a basic expectation & if he exceeds we fall in love with him if he scores less its the other story..

Why ?? Just a retrospect… At the first look, he spoke well on the stage & he was giving others options to talk & conduct. His kannada was excellent..! He was making a point that he appreciated the winner with a good smile…!

good spotting Veena. Btw I happen to know enough kannada to know the spelling of aathmeeya – probably same with the one who wrote the title as well, and it must’ve been a typo! 🙂

I try to stay unbiased by what I know of a person beforehand, and liked Suchendra prasad mainly because his honest and enthusiastic attitude. Good point for retrospection though…

Sanjay, Sorry for blindly assuming it as you, Mostly I was biased with the point you moderate many of the posts! I should atleast have had the courtesy to ask instead of saying!…

good for retrospection true
indeed it is
dont worry for the past futurege nodi
idu agutta antha ashte

heh heh Veena parvaagilla biDri… 😉

And one really important point I remembered to add here…

That day, on the way home, some of us were discussing on the point that guy had made … about what we need to teach children i.e. next generation. And Veena came up with an amazing insight: that it dosen’t matter what we want to teach our children how to live, they’re anyway going to learn by emulation… so first of all we need to learn how to live! Really touched me.

And the spelling mistake was from my end.

Sorry Veena, for being a Narada un knowingly 😉

BTW, gr8 discussion here. Let this continue.

Srik, enappa heegandre – All the learned men and women – antandre, konege Veena obre ulkotaare… 😛

Prashanth hinde tirugi nodi pantulamma kol hidkond nintidaare…

Veena yaradru stranger na meet madidaaga nanage avrallina ondu pratyakathe hudukuva abhyasa. I look for that identity or speciality . all of us are that unique packages of srusht.Each of us hav that speciality. Its interesting to self discover and it gets more interesting to meet more people and try to know them.

Sanjay, professions chosen might vary from the interests, but an intelligent person will always will try to bring it together so that he can enjoy life. I guess GR has done jsut that looking at the economy condiitons and requirments of our previous generation.

MY sisters friend used to always say if you meet anyone with an open mind even a stranger comes across as a friend.. How true.

Sanjays observation on your point of leading a life is very noble. We need to be oursleves and be in a healthy environment when we are trying to correct our next generation. Very responsible thought indeed.
I also liked Nemichandra’s answer there, It conveyed the committment, seriousness and interest when she said she did 6 months study in getting prepared for theplaces she was visiting and the materials referred. Any achievement does not come without an effort that was a clear case. She also mentioned about her visit to jalianvalabagh with her daughter and her preparation before that to refer data while she answered her daughters doubt. I guess that answers that persons question of how to raise or guide children 🙂

Ushakka, super! I am totally bowled out.
Excellent points, ondodu saavira saavira tola 🙂
Agreed, I liked the most in the above was meeting anyone with an open mind, how true!
With the continuous communications & meets we end up with a built in personality alva ? atleast nanage haage annisutte. Adanna badalaayslikke aagalla anthalla but first picture come into that mind.
Andre, when we want to choose people for anything, we measure with our previous experiences & only if we are convinced with his pattern of behaviour we choose to do things. May be that is one of the ways!
Yes, Nemichandra when she was speaking, she spoke from within, even the story of hasiru hakki… she has written that as one story in her book baduku badalisabahudu.
namma makkaLanna jaliyanwallah bagh ge karkond hogo idea!! Moistly nanage baralla annisutte, max possible choices may be mysore zoo to show them various animals & some hill station to relax!!

avaravara bhaavakke 🙂
Prashanthanna yaakri ? nangottu neevestu regs teera antha… You remind me one of my classmates who was just on the verge of pulling leg with any statement you make, sometime it makes me think, think , think & speak… sumne tale kerkollo ashtu kashTa kodbedipa… neevu contribute maadi anno arthadalli adanna bardiddu.

I was just logging off for the day & thought will peep in. It was worth. Have a great evening folks.

Thanks Panthulamma 🙂

And this was what I meant when I said “BTW, gr8 discussion here. Let this continue.


neevu nanna ee tara address maadtha idre, amele jana nanna 60+ varshada muduki ankotaare!! 🙂
You can contribute too in a way where we have generally spoke about way of life ! Pls do.

Oh!! Veena,

haagidre neevu 50+ or 60+ vayassaadavaru antaa ne andkondidde… neevu obba young person anta eega le gottaadaddu… 😐

prashanth nimage kaNNu yaavaglinda manjaaytu.. ?first time sikkaga sarig nanna nodi parichaya maadkoLilva ?
naanenu neevu ankondra, 25+ aadru 10 varshada school hudgan tara kaaNokke… of course yes my heart always remains young & energetic!

Srik, smile koTTu safe aagbiTri.. irli bidi! 🙂


18 till I die?? Thats coool.

Yakri nannanna sumne madya eLitira? Amele nange fitter anta bayyodu…saroytu.

Prashanth, meet madakke munche nanoo hange ankondidde kanappa. Aa commentsooo aa bayguLagaLu… yenoo madakke agalla teacher buddi yavagaloo makkaLanna control maDode 😦

Do yo know that Nemichandra’s baduku badalisabahudu is on Air.??

FM Rainbow nalli wednesday @ 8 am.. I will not forget to tune in during my drive to my office. I have read the book & already fell in love with it.

‘something like’
kannaDa badukina landra – Nemichandra is the program name

btw one of the main dramatic things that Suchendra had said was that UN had declared that Kannada would be gone in a century from now! And he said that that should motivate us to prove them wrong! :mrgreen:

Few years ago, I had written on along similar lines, I think Veena might’ve seen this article. had published it as a series for Rajyotsava special somewhere in 2003 or something I think. I had made some minor updates to it, and latest version is here from my previous home page:

An alarming observation is that many of our Indian languages are getting phased out due to English. Compared to Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam are all relatively better off, in my opinion the one in the worst condition is Kannada. However I hope that some of the ideas I have presented here (not all are my own) applies to any Indian language: I hope every Indian becomes aware of these warning signs of extinction. Warning Signs Of Extinction

The article was written few years back, and i think that with the advent of so many better quality movies, radio stations, tv serials and websites and blogs in Kannada, the situation is certainly far far better 8)

I was hoping to Read Baduku Badalisabahudu… my Appa recommended it to me :). Unfortunately for me, I was an English medium student studying in Mumbai. My Kannada is all home-schooled (read very poor, the lazy bad student that I was :D). That is not deterring me from trying to catch up. Could you suggest online stores where I could find the book?

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