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Bookworm Prize distribution – Photographs

Posted on: ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 27, 2007

dsc_1642.JPGdsc_1643.JPGSanjay receiving his prize

Our esteemed muktha balaga friends recieved prizes from various authors.

Here is an Advertisement.

Folks, you are any of your friends might be interested in this CD. If so, please contact me at Please note that cost of the CD is Rs. 30/-


The books introduced in this CD are…

  1. Karnataka Ekikarana Ithihaasa by Dr.GopalRao and others
  2. Volga –
    Ganga by Rahul Sankrityayana
  3. Mahileyara Manasika Aswasthategalu by DR. CR Chandrashekhar
  4. Chalane by
    Dr. NS Leela
  5. Sakshatkarada Dariyalli by BGL Swamy
  6. Swatanra Gangeya Saavira Toregalu by NP Shankara Narayana Rao
  7. Baduku Badalisabahudu by Nemichandra
  8. Hulirayana Akashavani by Ullas Karanth
  9. Americada Kathegalu by Shantharam Somayaji
  10. Taayi by Maxim Gorky (translation: Niranjana)

One of the author in our bookworm was Nemichandra. This is what she intends to say after listening to the CD. She has sent a brickbat. waiting for some one to bash!!!!

Mail from Nemichandra

*** mail from Nemichandra ***


Today I listened to your CD. It made me recall the books I had read and made me get curious about the books I haven’t read yet. you have presented the books well – it is a nice concept to make the listeners interested in books. But thanks for bringing it in CD form. Because of the timing, i could not hear to any of your programs when they were broadcast. This way, it is so easy to catch up with things we have missed out.



7 Responses to "Bookworm Prize distribution – Photographs"

good work wish you all success in your all future endeavours. olleya sahitya abhimanigalu nivu
nimma i prayatnada yashasige nanage kushi agide.
sumaru jana lekhakaranna kudisi serisiddiri nivu
nimma mundina CD bedigadege shubhashayagalu


Hi Mr. Hampali,
Are you by any chance the alumni of BIET, Davangere?

– Raghu

Wonderful work GH.

I wish you all success further.

Heard from Vani, Veena, Usha and Prashanth that it was a fantastic experience. Will collect the CD at the earliest. please block a copy for me.

Brickbat? She has sent such a nice bouquet, allva, Girish, why are you calling it a brickbat? 🙂

Shruthi: it was a typo! she seems to be very happy with CD.

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