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kannaDa lekhakharoDane samvaada – Ahvaana!

Posted on: ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 23, 2007

Invitation to ‘Samvaada’ and prize distribution for Winners in Bookworm

You are all Invited.

Time: From 11.00 am onwards

Venue: Navakarnatka Printers

# 167, 10th Main, Laggere bus Route, Peenya industrial Area

Contact no for directions to venue: 9880606703

We will also distribute prizes for winners in ‘bookworm – kannada pustaka parichaya’ program that was aired for last 20 weeks.

Also join us for lunch at 1.00 pm at the same venue after samvaada.


2 Responses to "kannaDa lekhakharoDane samvaada – Ahvaana!"

After major circus of trying to reach the planned meeting point at scheduled time we all reached Peenya 3rd Phase and arrived at the destination Navakarnataka Printers at 11.30 sharp 🙂

To our surprise and relief the programme had not yet commenced.

We were served cool nimbe hannina rasa (ramanavami special) kosambri was missing though 😉 and the program began at 11.45 am

Sahithya dhuriNaru mathu AkashavaNi -rainbow vyavasthapakaru hagu karyakramadha mukhyaathithi thamma aasanagaLanna alankarisidru.

Smt Nemichandra, Dr G Ramakrishna, Dr Shantaram Somayaji, Dr Ullas Karanth, DR Leela, Dr H S Gopalarao, Dr C R Chandrashekhar were the invted Writers (who are teachers, researchers and teachers).

Books which were introduced written by them druing the program were :

Nemichandra’s Baduku badalisabahudu, DR G R ‘s -Bhagathsingh, Dr H S Gopalrao’s Karnataka Ekikaraadha Ithihasa, Dr C R C ‘s Mahileyallina Manasika aswasthathegaLu, Dr Shantaram’s Americada kathegaLu, Dr Ullas Karanth’s Hulirayana AkashavaNi.

After Prize distributions (Shruthi – We got books of Thams of Nihlani, Comparision of Gorki and Premchand and their works, Hosathu-Magazine special edition copy, Dostovisky’s translation work etc pack )

Sahithya samvada began.. audience posed diffft questions to the authors and got satisfactory answers to their queries i presume :). For the gist of Question answer session i request some of the balga members to take over the narration 🙂

After the samvada… all proceeded for lunch and the informal discussions with all authors began, and we all had nice time.

We all met Suchendra Prasad (Mukhya athithi) multifaceted personality in theatre, Kiruthere, hiri there, direction, and a good vaagmi , chintaka. Pantulamma is a better person to narrate this discussion session :).

Stalls of Navakarnataka publishers offered books at discounted rate and CD of Suchendra prasad -Documentary of Karnataka ekikaraNa was on sale. We all picked few titles for our library and left the venue with pleasure of meeting the authors and of course last not the least i was thrilled to also visit the publishers garden which has rare varieties of trees , My special thanks to Vallish and Girish Hamapli for guiding me to that fabulous garden.

Yenadru miss madidre pls add madi


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