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** Losing Something **

Posted on: ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 13, 2007

Today Morning I travelled back from Mysore.. It was a pleasant journey ..  After sometime, when I had to pay the auto guy I realised that there is no money purse inside my bag… The quick thought that just came into my mind was, – ‘How do I pay the auto wallah’ than my whole belongings which I had lost few minutes/hour ago….Most of the time we are worried about the short comings of any loss and also enjoy much of short term pleasures…Why do we fail to think ahead but feel upset or joyous for that moment… ??  Well, I have blocked my credit cards, but still keep my hope that I will receive a phone call from an unknown person today or tommorrow.



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Thank god you are not lost 😉

Loss is loss alwe? Short or long term memories haunt us based on the attached value peposition not much in terms of money but could be emotional too.

Dont worry madko bedi.


I guess You have left your purse at ur Mysore home… Just check that 🙂

We’re not living in Raamarajya yet 😉

The quick thought that just came into my mind was, – ‘How do I pay the auto wallah’ than my whole belongings which I had lost few minutes/hour ago…

No flattery intended as you know I am equally critical as well… but in this case, I felt this was highly pragmatic and considerate of you. Because that the principle that auto rickshaw driver was waiting, and needed to be paid, became more important than the extremely inconvenient + financial loss of the purse! Well anyway, hope you get it back!

This reminds me of the times when occasionally someone’s contacted me to say they’ve lost their purse and have no money and just need a bit to buy a ticket to wherever they want to / make a phone call / etc. Luckily you weren’t stuck in such a situation!

No No.. I remember buying the ticket…
About the Ramarajya, hmm… I don’t want to beleive you completely.
It was a decade back, I had lost my file with my marksheets in originals & alas, it came back to me after 2 days.. I had not even kept my address anywhere there, they identified based on a visitng card which I had written my name in the backside of it.

I had missed my purse two times earlier, I could still get it.. Well, I will not loose much in terms of money! Getting everything reissued is a big pain, some photos were precious to me in there!

srik, in general, auto guys have quite a record of returning lost items of passengers though in this case I assume Veena would’ve searched the auto.

yen madam
idu nimage mamukiya kaleduhoguvadu !!!!!!
still I do feel you have fair cahnces of getting it back based on the probability theory
all the best

Sanjay, I beg to differ with the logic.. of course yes Auto wallah might be waiting, I could have arranged the money through a collegue as I got droppped off to office. May be I was scared of the situation you mentioned in your last few lines!.. I generally keep money at 3 different places. Once in chennai, somebody flicked my money purse & I had to call up on of the friends whom I had known a little & borrow money! … Of course asking strangers the money is awful.. Isn’t it ?

Well, at that moment one of my friends anagha was with me in the journey & I could keep myself cool.

Pranesh avare,

even I have that feeling. Atleast looking at the contents, people might not like to keep it with them.. It had more of cards than the cash! This is cashless world you see. A pen, few visiting cards, few receipts & some stamps are some more things .. The tiny pen which I had bought from singapore!

What we shud appreciate is that veena regained her composure and was quick enough to block the credit cards and other.

I think that is why Mohan was saying credit cards are just fleecing the users 😀 😀

Sad to hear about the loss. Happy that Veena took it in her stride and did what was to be done, blocking the Credit card. It brings to me the memory of similar event that happenned a day before Diwali 18 years ago. Myself and my sister were going to Janpath for Diwali shopping and I had Rs. 1100, bus pass and my JNU identity card in my purse. Someone picked it in the bus! We were content that my sister’s purse was safe and we `completed’ our shopping with what she had. In a week’s time, I got new i card and bus pass. When I entered the JNU library one morning, the receptionist called me and handed me my purse saying that someone had dropped it there. Amazed, I grabbed and opened it to find that everything was there except the money. What the purse contained were no longer useful to me.

“… will receive a phone call from an unknown person today or tomorrow”
Does this really happen? Rare as I feel. How much was your loss? Hope it is not too much.

I remember one famous travel guy did not return our costly camera, which we were sure we left it in the bus only. Cleaner said we’ve found one and asked us collect it from driver. And driver said we dint find any 😦

“… will receive a phone call from an unknown person today or tomorrow”
Does this really happen? Rare as I feel. How much was your loss? Hope it is not too much.

I remember one famous travel guy did not return our costly camera, which we were sure we left it in the bus only. Cleaner said we’ve found one and asked us collect it from driver. And driver said we dint find any 

in the instant case itself there are two sides one the cleaner honest good and customer friendly and more than anyuthing has moral values imbibed.
other guy driver no such things as above make some fast buck gain no matter how it comes.
If veena is lucky it goes into hands of a clener like guy it will happen hope for the best. an veena has mentioned no big cash loss some credit cards photos etc., if you get them back joy unlimited

…but still keep my hope that I will receive a phone call from an unknown person today or tommorrow.

not at all surprised that your blog is called Optimist Mysorean.

Bellur, to add to this one.. I received an SMS sometime ago.

Soldier – “Sir, we are surrounded by enemies on all sides”

Major – “Excellent, WE can attack in any direction”

sikkapaTTe ishta aaytu…

Contra entry

Solider: Sir, why do you order for the RED shirt before charging.

Major – “Good, my son you noticed it”. I dont want my boys to know that am wounded and bleeding.

Soldier: Sir, we are surrounded by enemies from all sides.

Major – “Good. Bring me my brown shirt”.

Today seems to be a lucky day …

Just few weeks back, Pratap from RootMusic gave his business card .. This was because I had no cash to pay him for the purchase I made in the Pranayam Dhyan Shibir. They were not even accepting credit cards either…hence he made a credit transaction on something called Trust…

Today Pratap called me & asked me whether I happen to miss my purse ? I was delighted by his call … He said that somebody called Nagesh who is a librarian at Arasikere called him & said he has found the purse…. He also said, they found his card there & called….! It was so amazing… & I thanked him & spoke to Nagesh….

Nagesh was such a good & humble person, first he explained me how he got my purse in the Mysore bus.He introduced himself as librarian working at Arasikere & he was on some OOD to Mysore… He said, ayyo nimma DL nalli landline number ittu call maadlilla.(I couldn’t make out why he said this)… He said, there were some bunch of credit cards & more importantly the driving license(eega mathe adanna maadsbeku andre nimage adestu kharchchaagtto :-))…..He said, he was busy settling the TADA & hence there was a delay in the call… Does such people exists in the world ? …..Oh Ya…

He also said, nanage adanna TC kaige kodok mansaaglilla amele adu nimage talputto ilvo antha… ( He has such a moral responsiibility)

Now he said how do I want to collect it.. I was so happy that nothing came into my mind & I requested him to keep it & I shall collect it. He passed me his address & he told neeve maneg banni, coffee kudkond hogi..! What an attitude he has… He sounded like a middle aged person.. By the whole of this conversation, I could gather he has a daughter who is in SSLC (she is the one who made the link to me it seems, I spoke to her & thanked her too).. his wife was busy dressing up his son (he said this too)…..

I still remember me writing the copybook
“Honesty is the best Policy” …………

ha ha ha wonderful wonderful – what a heart warming story veena! So we know now do live in a Rama Rajya after all ! when Sri Rama is immortal & timeless, what less about his rajya!

Just that we get misled by extreme negative sensationalisation of media that everything is bad and everyone is out to get everyone else. The media makes a fast buck by making use of this observation

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.

~ Douglas Adams

Not that I’m living in some fantasy and getting carried away. There was a daylight robbery in a house just a few houses away from my house, could’ve as well even been my own house, just last few days ago that shook up our whole neighbourhood (quite well knit we are). Also some anonymous idiot smashed the windshield of a car parked right in front of our house (maybe some that fellow was angry with me and thought it was my car :mrgreen: ).

Inspite of all that I still say the same thing.

I remember one guy telling me that the bus is always full of crooks and so many times he’s gotten ripped off by others. Many decades I’ve travelled in bus, have even seen a pick pocket getting caught, but still felt that he was a bit paranoid 😉

Three cheers to Mysorean’s Optimism!
(more than optimism about finding the purse again, I appreciate the optimism in not blindly assuming that its lost forever!)

Wow!! super!! Arasikere ge yaavaaga trip haagidre?!

I was never an optimist. I always keep my expectations low as I don’t want to be disappointed at the end.

— A Pessimist of first degree 😉

Side note – Arasikere was usually refered as ‘Kalla Arasikere’ – long ago – some 10-12 years.. infamous for thieves & theft 😛

Mistakes do happen….I agree…but lessons learnt from it??

You have missed the purse so many times, but why didnt u take any action regarding it?

I am no different in loosing and getting back…
I lost my watch many a times once in my college, once in hostel and once more in a bus stand!!

Believe me…I got it back on all the occasions.
I learnt a lesson out of it and “Stopped carrying a watch”!!! 😉

I know I’m talking too much….shut up srikks

Its not about disspointment… Its about keeping hope for something good, otherwise it may inculcate the fear of failure thinking negative about the results. Its my way, that doesn’t leave me to be optimist blindly…

I beleive, what goes out from us would come back one day… May be thats one reason…

Yes, I do need to go to Arasikere to thank him & meet his family. Guru Prashanth was the person who returned my mark sheets 14 years back & Nagesh is another good person who called me today. something good to remember!

Gosh! Srik.. thats so crucked way of looking at it. I didn’t loose it by wish, I generally am careful but this time it missed out by chance. Do you suggest me to not carry purse ?

Your theory is like, neenu badukidre taane keTTa kelsa maadok aagodu.. I hear it from pessimist, yaakadru naanu huTTidnappa, ee kashTa ella barthaane irlilla… I feel like slapping them off….

Srik, you seem to be roaming around with PM these days too much.. pessimism antu jaadyana hege ?

Hahhahaaa 🙂

that last line didnt tell you a different story?

however, I am an optimist to the core, to be frank 😀

Hats off to Nagesh!

Congratulations Veena…mathe Purse hudko nepadalli Arsikere ge visit a?

If I were an old timer, I would have said
“inthavrirodindane innu prapanchadalli MaLe-BeLe aagthirodu”!

Good to hear of this, anyways.

Vani madam,

“If I were an…” – prefix yaake??! 😐

Veena avare, good that ur purse was not pickedup by touts instead by a gentleman Nagesh . Yenu Runa itho poorva janma dalli 😀 as mentioned in our Rooster’s blog.

Kopa madkobedi vaani madam 😉

ooops I said it 😉


This could have happened only to you Veena! 🙂 Such an incorrigible optimist you are, the photo on that DL must have screamed at the librarian, “I know you will call me and give it back to me somehow”! It is my favourite philosophy, if you are positive you spread positive energy around you and positive things happen. Doesn’t mean that only positive things happen, it means that we see even the negative things in a positive light!

Superb post! And an even better comments section! I would have preferred to have your comment on having found the purse as a separate post! Never mind, that’s not what’s important! Purse siktu! yay! Party! 🙂

Happy for you… Unbelievable. It is very rare isn’t it?

Adi(Mysorean), Thats a good way of putting it… Photo on the DL ha ha ha… an innocent face adu(yaake andre naanu DL maadsiddu 95 nalli so, reminds me a post in DS’s blog! )

Bach, you are sounding like ‘Still I can’t beleive it’ types! 🙂 I know I know, the camera incident!! …

Srik, Coffee RuNa enadu ?

Prasanna Sastry, ella nimmantavara ashirwada sir!

Photo on DL – ‘innocent face’ !! – now thats unbelievable 😐

Coffee ge invite madidaaralwa nimmanna? Adakke coffee RUNA

And Prashanth, Certainly 😉

Abba… baalavillada mangagaLu 🙂
Prashanth, over the past 15 years atleast I have grown up from student(small girl) to an adult..

I can’t use the same photographs now, I know you can reuse all of them!


MISS, 2007 – 1995 is not 15!!

Nim lekkha tappu 😛

Srik, the logic is like this.. I tend to use my photo(the same negative) for atleast 3-4 years. So the photo one he DL was some 3 years old.. so lekhkha… 🙂

How do u remember that u used the one taken in 92? U could’ve used the one from 95 till 99…

This is a flawd class 😉


Ivaga enu full non-innocent face aa?! 😉

Srik, ella Unit test cases execute maadbedi pa..

sumne nambi(that’s the flaw here, issue based thinking anthe(kingrooster heLthaare))…
I will show you that photo & you will beleive it.

Mysorean, hmm.. mostly eega mukha nodidre astondu innocent annisolla.. en maadodu 30 aaytalla:-)
aatara deduce maadbedi logic na..

Just a week back, I was going to Mysore for almost 3 days & Prashanth asked me what do I plan to do.. I said, I will spend time peacefully… for which he responded, hagaadre illi peace ilva ? I just burst out laughing for the logic & I didn’t even have a grain of that thought in my mind.

Prashnth, wrt “I always keep my expectations low” – I wouldnt put that as pessimism. Imo,
one who has negative expectations = pessimist,
one who has NO/low expectations = pragmatist 🙂

Just realized, may be the face in that photo looks innocent – because it doesn’t speak 😉

Didn’t know that word, thanks for the gyan Sanjay… 🙂


namaskaara. Thanks for losing your purse (and of course getting it back). In the bargain, we got a good story to read! With a happy ending!!

I have a story to tell too.

I have a brother — my younger one — who always looks for helping others, even without being asked.

Once while traveling by bus, he met a friend of ours and her family. They too were on the bus and
were go to the same place.

When the bus reached its destination, as is his wont, my brother volunteered to carry some of the bags of our friends. He got their bags out of the bus and went with them to their house to drop them there.

When they reached the house, however, they realized there was a problem.

One of the bags my brother had taken out of the bus and carried with him did not belong to our friends! Nor did it belong to him!!

All along the way each had thought it belonged to the other.

It took a couple of days — and a whole lot of trouble — for my brother to finally track down and deliver the bag to its owners.

The bag had some expensive stuff. (Brand new silk sarees!). When the owners got back their bag, they mentioned about “Raama Raajya”.

BTW, my brother’s name is “Rajaram”.

In our family, we say, while we don’t mind living in “Raama Raajya”, we are not so sure about “Rajarama raajya”.

Right prashanth,

when I first looked at you before speaking I had the same feeling… Now I know your really 🙂

Probably Nagesh(Guy from Arasikere) didnt give the receiver to her wife ‘coz he was scred, since the new person on phone was speaking “Leelaajaala” with him and his daughter along with some “Lokaabhiraama harate”….

He would’ve been perplexed with the caller 😉
And might have had doubts started spilling in him whether the voice and the “innocent face” matched at all 😉

Sanjaya, that was another inspiring incident.. Let RAMA bless RAJARAMA… Ultimately I can empathise the gang who would have received their belongings. Convey my wishes to your brother.. I can’t convince me to beleive, ‘kaala keTThogide’… 🙂 …


He said, his wife was busy dressing up his small son. His daughter said, aunty nimma purse namma hatra ide & I called to inform about it(with full josh), I said thank you so much mari.

He called me again to say that the family may be out for their ammana mane & suggested me to inform them before visitng them, he said unncessarily you should not waste your trip…
I actually told him that I was very impressed with his moral responsibility in thinking to return instead of feeling lazy..
‘He spoke like exactly our Praneshachar(about humanity, estu dina irteevi illi etc.,) I was imagining Praneshachar in my mind when I was speaking, one more reason was his voice somewhat matched.

I wonder what should I do when I go to his place? But yes, I want to show my gratitude towards him & thanks them, wonder what would be good, just some sweets or something more… I am perplexed!!

It made a superb reading.ywears back there was a article in RD a survey to check the honesty of the people. A group went on dropping purses with fact cash in one and in other a there was a photo of sweet kid. % of purses retuned was as expected more contined the baby,s photos many on contacting said the innocence prompted them to return
oh n o no I am not saying anything like that our putii has a innocent face well prety agreed innocent well well!!!

is that Dr prashanth?


great veena our theory of probalility has worked!!!!! good you got into knowing some more
people hats off to nagesh let their tribe increase. I am sure if it were to be in hands of anyone in this blog both blog owners and commentors would have done the same thing.
let god bless nagesh and family
petrob bunk petorb tumbisi next trip mysorege via arasikere.
I am very happy about the whole incident
three cheers to you veena

Mam(Prapulla), thanks for your wishes. The prashanth who has commented here is another guy with the same name. I don’t think Dr Prashanth can ‘think’ so hard to pull anybody’s leg… 🙂

Pranesh avare, thanks for your wishes & your prediction also came true, I don’t know the theory of probability etc, here. 🙂 🙂

Pranesh sir, Mysooru Veena ravara last stop adakke munche avaru B’lore inda horatu Ballary ge hogi allinda Hubli, Arasikere, Chikkamagalur, Madikeri amele Mysore ge hogodu… 😐

naanenu nimma bike nomads gumpige serdavaLu ankondra prashanth from Kunigal… neeve hego kunigal ge hogteeralla aaga desha suttkond banni..! camera kyli idre bekaadre hogtheera bidi!

ps – beL beLigge kaal eLililla andre hottogalla nimage!(??)

It is nice to know that you got the purse back, but more happy to know that people with great attitude are still there in the world ! The real gratitude is in inculcating this attitude and passing the benefit to someone else – we know that you have this attitude –

bekaad kade hogakke navenoo petrol bunk ownersaaa?

nimagen bidi namtara onde vehicle^aa ? friends bike kooDa idyella… neeve oDaadi sadhya.. hego office gu kooDa neeven long distance travel maadalvalla…!
🙂 🙂

Illa neevu bike nomads anta general agi heLidralla adikke heLiddu yavagloo navu daari tappida maga agakke agalla 😉 anta

And you did receive a phone call, just as you wished!!! Amazing!
Wow! That sure is a great surprise! I am glad you got your purse back… good things happen to good people. I firmly believe that!
I’ve mailed you:)


mutinatha mathannu headlinesnalli
heliddare RK
Prashanth nimage karnataka darshana madi
antha heliddare namma ooru kadehogi
uttarakarnataka sutti arasikerege hogi
via kodagu mysorege hogi banni antha yako
papa belgaum karwara mangalore bittiddare
adannu innodusala agli anthana

bhagavantha ibbarigu olleyadannu madali

Bellur, That was a good one. During my school days, I understood this term just with a vanity bag! 🙂
BTW, VANITY is the abharaNa of a woman! probably Men covers it with his jackets & Helmets 😉

Forgot to update.

I got back my purse few days back(July 1st week 2008).. Nagesh was at Mysore and my people collected there from him. I had travelled back to bangalore by then so I have not been able to personally meet that goodman.Hopefully I should do it sometime soon on the name of Arasikere visit.

In case if Auto Wallah’s start returning the things that what we have lost, we don’t learn any lesson from that in the future…

Case of Veena Madam is a best example for that.

gr8 u got back all most after 15 1/2 months reallly gr8 and Nagesh u r gr8 for having kept this safely for such a long time. perhaps the adage inthavaridorinda male bele agta irodu optly suits u. veena a very big hi five for gr8 return. treats galore is due from u

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