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Its ‘WE’ Part II

Posted on: ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 6, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls….

This is an update about the well spent evening on Saturday, the 3rd March 2007.

I was getting late, so took the ring road to reach New Bel circle. Lo I drew past with good speed and crawled(:D) 25Kms in just 30 mins approx. This ride also included a horrifying scene I was treated with on the ring road wherein men on bike were interrrupted by a dog and in an attempt to save the poor dog, these guys had a fall and the pilion, severely injured, bleeding thru a part of his face. Rider escaped as he had a helmet on him!!

Leaving it apart, I cruised to reach the place. I was late, but by 28 mins. Usha and Vani gave me simple instructions to reach Kamath Nandanavana. There started the wait….Praneshachar called, Vani said “inna yaroo bandilla solpa hottu admele banni”. After some time he joined us. We waited…waited for Veena. She had lost the way and was getting instructed by Vani and Praneshachar on the way. Looking at the delay, we went inside the restaurant, had a glass of juice, each one. I suggested us moving on, she’d join us mid way.. And then I came to know to my happiness Sanjay was also on the way. It was quiet some time we had met Sanjay. We started to BEL colony, on the way pit stopped at the BEL’s Kuvempu kalakshetra. This one is an awesome auditorium, completely acoustic, beautifully constructed. .. As we were checking the auditorium, BELites who were rehearsing some skit, greeted us and treated with a nice cup of coffee each. Meanwhile Sanjay came on his Italiano. We had a quick chat with one Hasya lekhaka Mr. Gopalakrishna, an interesting person. We came out of the hall and were going around the complex, looking at the Rasarishi Kuvempu statue, then Veena’s call came. It was instructed to her that she wait near General Aiyappa garden and I go and get her to the Kalakshetra and I left. There might have been some confusion later, which I have no clue as I was “out of reach” with my weird mobile.

So, I was left alone, but Chaitanya came to my rescue.

We all moved in the direction of Praneshachar’ s house. Kept on traveling… .it was a long way there….took some turns, bumped in air on a few pathetic stretches of roads….Hmmm. . finally, we took one turn where his scooter stopped. This journey included some hicups as Veena showed all signs of missing the bus again… But Chaitanya didnt allow that to happen.

And…wow! What a house, Praneshachar’ s 4 year old house was uniquely designed and well decorated. Decoration was done by his daughters. Both of them were avid artistes, had their glass paintings, sketches and other works hanging all over the house. His son had won many awards at the school which occupied one whole cup-board!! 

We had a tour of the house, guided by Mrs. Praneshachar. I loved Bittu, their pet.

We had a samosa and a sweet along with a glass of juice each. Had a relaxing stroll in their garden. They have interesting and rare plants and herbs being grown there. Sanjay did a quick tour of the area and captured some birds and monkies on his camera.

We would’ve continued in that state of talk talk and more talk, but time was the constraint. We all moved to Chaitanya’s house. Another beautiful house!! WOW!! The architect of the house must get a good pat for this marvellous thing. Chaitanya’s parents must have been surprised by the way we talked. It was as if we were a part of that house from long 😉

His house had a unique music room which cuts itself off from the world when its door is closed. And the unique pooja room which had glass covering…and there was a unique kitchen which is open and beautiful. The kitchen garden, in-door garden, car parking area, balcony…everythin g was good. To add to all these, there is Bhupathis’ tennis academy just opposite to his house!!

We had to hurry up since there was no time with us and we had to travel to the exact opposite corner of the city. All took that most pathetic road towards Sahakaranagara and planned for Hebbal flyover, that Veena and Sanjay took. Myself and Usha sought a cop’s help and took the Sanjaynagar Ganganagar road and reached our area quickly.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening, where we connected South of Bangalore with its North with open hearts, forever.

Extensions from Its ‘WE’.




46 Responses to "Its ‘WE’ Part II"

Great update! Fantastic details, Srik! It was almost as if I was travelling with you 🙂 Have seen Chaitanya’s house in snaps, so I could imagine it quite well 😉

I think S and I had been to Kamat Nandanavana once, long back.. before we were married. Brought back nice memories 🙂


Thank you srik for nice words. Kamat Nandanavan juice kudidu cool aglikke hogi
bill nodi hotte oorithu alva
venna avarannnu hudukalu hogi srik got lost and I went and brought veena srik patte illa
chaitanny came and stopped on his way back home from majestic and came to rescue of srik.
It was a wonderful evening spent and yes it was talk talk and talk all the way
Thank you all for making it. yes until the road is laid for which sanction is already there we have undergo this torture.

– Praneshachar

Good narration srik,Think this should be hosted in
your blog!

Praneshachar avare neevu ondu samaja seve maadbahudu nimma roads ninda…

tumba badavarirthaaralla basriru avarige free delivery service enantheera.. …

Srikantha, enri idu naanu mysore navaLu, daari miss aagiddu ella manna maad-de adannu full ball-by-ball commentary kotre ? 25+ years inda bangalore nalliro neeve nimmanna kaLkondre namma gathi enu ? hmmmmmmmmmmmm. …

Blog post maadi idanna, ITS WE na extension or a new one! pls….

Best Regards,

Srik, that was a wonderful update…! (srik: sadhya nanna gaadi ket hogiddu barilillla… bereyavrella: yenilla yenilla bidi ;-))

It was such a pleasure for me and my parents that you all came and made our day! Thanks to Pranesh sir too, for arranging it.

Veena avre, kalhogiddu nim tappalla bidi, nim gaadi du. Papa adakke bari olle rado le hogo aase (duraase?), olle road kandre saku tirugi bidutte 😉

Adke nange gotaghoytu, nim gadi na lead mado badlu follow madkond bande… hai hai hurrah… anta J


Srik hope those poor fellows from the accident were doing well!

I had a really enjoyable evening as well. Really inspiring houses both were.

I think highlight of the evening for me was meeting Pranesh’s lovely children. How dignified, affectionate and artistic and talented they were, really an honor Praneshavare to meet them and your wife. Your house was like a kalakshetra by itself.

Also Chaitanya’s dad is so knowledgeable there’s a lot to learn from him… just get him into a conversation about music and he shares so freely and generously, its really nice spending time with him. I like the commitment to music that you have a seperate dedicated room for it.

Thanks everyone and I really missed bellur – well next time 🙂


PS: Yeah Srik, no doubt it was a great detailed upadate!


Thanks for the excellent write-up about the saturday’s meet.
had to miss it as my sister was leaving the next day. was very
tempted to come when sanjay called me. but i was in another corner
of the city… felt sad to know abt the accident.

take care

hope the accident victim is recovering. let us all wish for his
speedy recovery.
Nobody commented on how srik started it new KBC SRK style
sariya srik

Hahahaha Praneshavare, U noticed it!!!!!!
Yeah I like that show.

Thanks all 🙂

Super show Srik… tumba fast aagi maadidri , Very good Very good…
My recent comment is missing.
I wish I owned a petrol bunk.. no worries at all… for such wrong paths taken..Time & patience of our people at home will also take a toll…. 😦

That day, 60kms was the total kms travelled by me from the point where I started. Actually I could have done it with 40 or 45 I guess !! 🙂

In response to Sriks comment
Good idea. Let me add it to Mukthabalaga blog.
Yes, Chaitanya, aa gadina solpa ignition flow ago tara check madsappa. I was made to ride slow from Praneshachar’s house till yours since you were struggling with that Tallo model gaadi 😉

Veena, Your new name is Petrol bunk owner 😀 since you are richening some petrol bunk guy by making ur usage multiplied by 2 🙂 No offence taken. It happens Veena, if we do like this, next time we’ll know the place better.


Super write-up Srik… Every month Veena is getting a new name 🙂

Exaggerate maadlikke idenu nimma photo ankondra PM ?? enidu Kunigal ge hogi bandmele fully energised ansatte ?
Minchu update kodi swalpa haage !

Mathu andre gnapaka banthu… monne saturday navella ondh kade seridre saku yesht mathadteevi antha praneshachar sir magaLanna, maganna mathe avra amt avranna mathe chaitanya avra parents na keLidre gottagutte… Yellli vedike sikkre alli paTTagi hiDidhu….viJrumBhisutheve :D. namma meetingaLu eshtu nadedru saldhu ansutte… I hope they didnt mind Pranesh Sir and Chaitanya…..

Shruthi…We will definitely meet in your place soon… your parents should get ready for that vaGh-maLey…:) inspration Mungaru MaLey….


Exaggeratation alla madam… nanage gottiro haage 4 hesaru galive nimage, Veena annodu bittu 🙂

PS: naanu yaava hesaroo ittlaa… alli-illi kelpatta hesarugalu 😐

The art of pulling one’s legs is called balaga 😉
Veena and Prashanth, Continue…..!!

Obru baavige akasmaat biddarante. Hindene obba dhumuki mulugta irvranna badukisdanante. Ellru avanige shabasgiri kodabekadre, avnu kelidanate- yavano adu nanne kelakke talliddu anta…

haagaaytu eega nanna kathe. akaadakke neen nanna tallbittu tammashe nodu…


Im not pushing you 😉 You urself got a slip!!
However, Veena will continue the class.

neerige ilidaada mele chali enu, maLe enu… anubhavisbeku ;(

ree bhavinalli kaLeduhogthare .. swalpa addressu directions kodippaa….

Narada Muni… Srikant, namaskaaraNNo..
4 hesru gottilla PM avare, sumne time pass madbedi.
enaadru olle vishya maataaDi!
Minchu update kodi pls………….

SS SS SS SS Srik..(like K K K K Kiran)

Wonderful update…..Veena, in fact when I was telling my dad about the meet, first thing he asked is “does she own a petrol bunk??”

Namma MB navarige paTTanga hodeyakke yaav jaaga aagidru nadiyathe…example is the Kal-Bench me and Usha were sitting on, waiting for the others. It was burning hot, and people on the road were giving us stares, but we just did not care, and when Srik joined us, he just fitted into the conversation without any troubles….so did Pranesh Sir….Most of us in school would have been punished for talking too much. I, for one, was definitely punished several times for this.

I have not watched minchu for a long time now 😦
Updates yaru kodtira? Anyone….? Pls provide us the latest on Minchu.

Srik, yaakappa matte bayiskobeka??
Minchu updates bekidre, Minchu page nalli kelu. aamele question galu shuruvaagutte – minchu page yaake create maadirodu, haage, heege antha… 😉

ee immaDi Pulakeshi , mummaDi pulakeshi antha irthittalla aathara immadi naarada antha PM ge ivattu namakaraNa…
atom bomb neevu.. nimma heNdti na aa devare kaapaDbeku… kaaytirtaare.

:)) Pantulamma dari tappisbedi namage ivaga 😉

matu matu matu namage ide beku
matadidre bayi muriyolla anna jana nanu
namma manenalli jana seridre hege matatdta
time nododeilla yeshtu samya kaledaru gottagolla
nimmanella nodiddu namma maneyevarigella kushiyo
hallakke biddre aligondu kallu anthe
hage PM avru baviyalli yaru talliddu anthare
ottinalli VEENA MEDAMge yesthu hesru yake beku
avarannu leg pulling bidiyappa adu avattu
avaru govt. scholl slum makkalannu C/O FOOTPATH
224 childrenge torsid bejarilde MB meet ge hajar
madam hats off to you
for your committment and energy great
keep going
asankura yavaga bartira tilisi
nale school annual day 10 a.m bartira?
Rsshtrakavi Kuvempu Kalakshetradalli

naaLe beLigge aagalla pranesh avare, office iratte. will definitely make it sure.
ellarnu karkond hogbahudu, whosever is interested.
Thanks for the information.

Srik & PM… baala illada mangagaLu neevu… ! daari tapsokke naanyaaru, daarige taraodu nanna prayatna ashTe, nimage daari biTTu beTTadalli aDDaaDo abhyaasa thaane. 🙂

idu Srik & PM ge dedicated postu.. 🙂

** Today again Mukta balaga blog is listed in topblogs.

Yakri panthulamma .. papa makLu teacher na swalpa regisdhre mangagaLu antheeri.. namdella ondhe roots alwe….


See there… yella ee thara adda daari toristaa idira neevu namge 😉

Neevu dari tapdagella navu correct directions kotrunoo ee wrong lessonsaaa namge? 😀

Srik, enu maadakkagalla kanappa… ee jagatte heege. namma grahachaara sariyagi illdiddre, tappu yaardu anta yochist tale kerkota kootre, tale nalli gaaya aagi, cancer bandu, tale ne cut maadbeku antaare..

adakke yochane maadodu bidu – sari no tappo – ella aa devru nodkotaane 😉

Appa PM,

Yenu idu? Teacher deekshe togondirohangide? 😉
Yaru ninge istondu gyaan kottoru antini 😀

abbabba Guruvige tirumantra…:) prachanda putaNigaLu 😀

Srik, deekshe togondirodalla… adu raktadalle irodu – namma maneli elru teachers e – amma, appa & akka – naane odd man… 🙂

Usha, gottiro vishya mate yaake gnaapisteera bidi 😉

Pantulamma matte kaldogidaaare ansatte. Koi directions dedo yaar 😉

[Read as Munna bhai’s “Koi form bharo yaar”]

Tolerance level hechchu maadlikke neevu contribute maadtheera.. swaagatha.
Manthana yaaradru nodidra ? naanu TV switch on maadi, hesru torsi scene baro ashTralli load shedding anthe!! waited waited, eega bantu currents 11:20pm ge.. pls yaaraadru update maadi.

I watched it in bits…looks impressive.

Adige kelsada Lakshmi chandrashekhar was put forth a matrimonial proposal for her daughter’s daughter by the ownerni herself for her son who is 32 years in age and a bade baap ke bigde aulaad 😀 which lakshmi rejects out right saying her grand daughter was just 22 and she was more educated than this guy.

Sub sequent scenes pictured the plight of the daughter who is caught between her work and family. She is the only bread winner in the family with his son living seperately with his wife. Her husband is a dandapinda and she has to take care of her ageing mother too…and also she had the responsibility of getting her daughter married off…

Ufffff so many problems to one woman….this role is played by…forgot the name, but she is the same one as Ganesh’s mother in Mungaru Male.

She is sudha belavaDi,… She also acted in Mukta who keeps visitng the MuTT seeking peace in life,(seshapanna heMdati)…

One thing you can notice, these days the dandapinda husband & sons have become a normal case. I endorse it also, comparitively they enjoy not taking the responsiblity or they get tired taking smaller ones! They get scared when people speak about responsibilities at all…

Just a note ashTe, not generalisation!!
Thanks Srik for updating about Manthana.. Lakshmi chandrashekhar’s grandchild is our Muktha Maythili 🙂

apart from not taking responsibility they display the restlessness & EGO & what not.. so stupid it sounds!

I dont know whether Lakshmi chandrashekhar has a dil, though. I have not watched the innagural episode, but only on Tuesday.

Dandapinda husband-maga might not be true in real world. Agree, there are people of all capabilities, but not as it is on display in all of TNS stories :(. Sad to note that 😥

Sudha Belavadi na? OK. She is the same who enacted Ramanatha’s sister in Manvanthara. Forgot about that Muktha connection though.

DIL alla grandchild, change maadide adakke modle odidraa ?

might not be true -> I can’t agree, I would say they are less in number but they do exists, useless people.. paapa hengsu…!

Yes, Manvantaradalli bharathi character, good acting aake anthu!

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