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ಕಾವೇರಿದ ಕಾವೇರಿ..!

Posted on: ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 6, 2007

As usual the ‘kaaveri galate’ has re-surfaced after a verdict, this time its the tribunal’s verdict. Its really unfortunate that the tribunal couldn’t get out a verdict that pleases all (although they claim to have done it). No idea what is in store for the coming days, more crowd trouble, holidays, bandhs, damage to property and life? I still remember, the elders at home saying during the earlier ‘kaaveri galate’ in 1992, ‘namma kaaladalli ee galate mugiyo haage kanalla’. Looks like its now our turn to say the same statement..!

The 1992 ‘kaaveri galate’ is still fresh in my mind and infact have very pleasant memories about it. I think it was during the November, December, January period and for some 3 consecutive years, once for Mandal commision, then babri Masjid and again kaaveri galate. We did nothing but play cricket, gilli dandu, kho-kho, kabaddi and what not. So much so that when the schools re-opened and exams were announced immediately, we had forgotten in which standard we were studying! 😉

Now coming back to yesterday’s verdict, I have few reasons to say why its a bad one:

-Its based on some average rainfall in two years or something like that. Why can’t it be just percentage of water based on the availability?– Why did they take 16 long years for the verdict? Does all information collected, assessed and analysed long back still hold good today?

– Although its said that the veridct is a 1000 page one, no one has explained so far, why does Tamilnadu get more water than karnataka? Some one just said its the crop patterns etc but I didn’t understand. By looking at the map, the river delta is almost 40-60% in Kar-TN area, but not at all like it calls for this 270-419 share.

– Even though it was well known that this is a sensitive issue, the verdict wasn’t announced in a cautious manner. It was clear in numbers that TN gets more, thats all. They could’ve put the verdict in 20 other ways such that the facts will only get into the people slowly or will never get into. The numbers could have really been hidden initially and in a phasely manner could have been explained. After all how many people/farmers/villagers can go to the dams and count the cusecs released?What are your thoughts, can there be any solution at all to the ‘kaaveri galate’ in our life-times?My only question (and probably the answer too…) is, if this problem was not infront of our governments but instead a in front of an organization, how would they have handled it?


11 Responses to "ಕಾವೇರಿದ ಕಾವೇರಿ..!"

1. This is an issue which is more older than our consituency!! The difference of opinion has been going on since last 100+ Years.
One glaring fact is the tribunal AWARDED this on the LAST working day of the tribunal. It is no more as it has not been extended by the Govenment. Some body pointed out that till Govenment dissolves or extends the tribunal it does not have locus standi any more. Its more interesting now since karnataka, kerala is obviously going to challange the same.
Yes statstics lie. The TN folks used to grow paddy from time immoral since water was in abundance. Since population has exploded they are well advised to change the cropping pattern due to lower availability of irrigation water ( rains are scant and missing regularly nowadays). Where does the politican there allow farmers to talk about real issues.
Both the alternate government forming political parties make it a poll promise or achievements.
Till the actual farmers on both sides sit with an intension to use the mother cauvery on reality basis leaving out all politicians, there is no end to this matter.

Do they consider population, irrigation requirements, crop pattern, River flow, etc before giving these kind of judgements? I relly wondered the root cause of these river issues with our neigbouring states. Can anyone pls explain?
Comment by usha — February 6, 2007 # |Edit This

My colleague’s dad happens to be a DMK top brass who is brick bater of MK. He was saying that TN Politicians are not bothered whether the water is released or not since their Election Manifesto said that Kaveri issue would be sorted out within 2 yrs of DMK coming to Power this verdict was brought out.

I dont know if my colleague was playing politics or not 😀

If this issue is left to be decided by some oganisation say a group of farmers belonging to both the states and who can understand the requirements much more than any body would have
found amibcable soultion. but politics plays
DMK says the kaveri issue would be sorted out in 2 years may be they were whell aware how they can get the results from centre if they come to power
If TN is able to take 3 crops in a year in period of abundance no body cribbs but if that is taken as basis for deciding share of water then there will be great injustice to other reparian states
Issue is pending right from British period and as I know from a very seneior person who was handling it in govt law dept. the issues were favouring Karnatak if it is seen in proper perspective. not that you have to get undue share but you have to get your due share.

Today when I was trying across from Palace grounds to office. I saw lot of hoardings! Very interesting.. They have started the dharaNi/satyagraha already!
Looks like this is too strong ! Bundh have been postponed to 12th.

Hope things settled down faster & smoother.

“The Cauvery award fails on the test of science as it does not consider groundwater availability in the Cauvery basin area. It has only decided on the distribution of the surface water among the claimants. Tamil Nadu, being the lower riparian, has significant availability of groundwater, while Karnataka and Kerala, being the upper riparian, have relatively little of it.”

“The award fails the test of efficiency as the tribunal does not reward efficient use of water. It is well known that the farmers in Cauvery delta utilise larger amounts of water from the river. The cropping pattern in the delta includes a double crop of water-intensive paddy. The award, instead of promoting and rewarding more efficient cropping patterns and use of water, seems to be rewarding extravagant water.”

If we look at the table below, we can see that Karnataka is the only state that has got less share in water than its share in the catchment of the Cauvery basin

Area in Cauvery basin, sq km (%), Water allocated, tmc ft (%)
Karnataka 36240 (41.23) 270 (36.49)
Tamil Nadu 48581 (55.27) 419 (56.62)
Kerala 2930 (3.33) 30 (4.05)
Puducherry 149 (0.17) 7 (0.95)

More of this can be found in a very good article in Rediff today,

It also talks about the Cauvery Family , the joint effort by farmers on both the sides.


Nice to hear that bundh is postponed to 12th you will have long weekend again this week.

sir…we have to work next saturday…17th feb. Adu short week end 😦

We are supposed to be a democracy but still get these rules imposed.

Worth a read.. I know Dr.Premshekhara personally, one of the good writers. IF you remember that devvada kathe which we had discussed sometime back, the same author now talks about ‘WHAT NEXT’ about this kaveri issue.
nanage email nalli link kalsidru, haven’t read yet. just posting the link here.

Hi there mates, its great article on the topic of teachingand fully explained,
keep it up all the time.

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