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Posted on: ಜನವರಿ 30, 2007

Just a thought came in to write about us….

It was in Dec 2005 when I was googling to get some information about TN Seetharam & his serial Mukta & I hit Sanjay’s blog….I visited once & then totally off. I think again in July’06 —  from churmuri website, I entereted Bellur’s site where it spoke about the Muktha AbhimanigaLa BheTi(MAB)Meeting TNS , its was so amazing!!.. I got connected to Sanjay’s website once again.  I was so happy to see the daily updates everyday on the serial episodes  & I literally followed. The World of blog was really new to me, later I got to know people like Bellur, Usha, Vani, Professor(Shruthi), Diya, Mohan, Girish, Chaitanya who were quite regular on the posts.

We decided to meet one day, It was fun connecting those comments to the real faces, we exchanged our cell phone number, email ids & the real names behind the comments!! There in started our journey of Muktha balaga. Now we are friends sharing each other’s joys & sorrow…. knowing more than classmates, child hood friends & what not.. When somebody ask me how do I know so & so belonging to this group, its a simple difficulty in explaining the root of the relationship… A saga of tele-serial to friendship….Amazing.

Now we have a mailing group, a picnic we shared, a lunch treat, a snack party at Dwarka bhavan & recently the lalbagh visit to relish… Lets see more of these.

Memories here.

Everybody, Thanks for being so nice.


CTR Munde Muktha Balaga


41 Responses to "ITS ‘WE’"

They are fond memories…

Great recap veena…

Am just waiting for the ‘Minchu’ to come back to the group.


A nice account!!
I dont know why my name is not there in daily commentors….

puffffffffff X-(

Beautiful, Veena…

Minchu recap bariyakke training aa?

Thanks for bringing all the wonderful memories back.

Memories link clickisiddaga page cannot be displayed antha bandbidthu…. idenappa nam neanpugaLu hange idyalla ankonde :d manavaru gaNaka yanthrakkintha uttamaru 😉 First meet nalli tegediro TNS avara photo kooda sersi Veena,
Muktha baLagakke Jai

Yenidu Veenakka?

Nanna blogroll maadilla? What about our Wikatakavi? Tumba busy ansathe

Vani , neevu swalpa moderate maadi.. I just blog rolled everybody now. ond sala check maadipa.
Usha, nodtheeni aa photo idre haaktheeni.

Thanq Veenakka..looks ok now.

Minchu shuru aadmele innond page open maadbahudu…

Aamele what about transferring all the data from the old site? Alli ond copy irli, but illi archives nallidre chennagirathe antha nanna abhipraaya.

Is it feasible?

Agle ondu minching page ide…

Yes nima idea channagide.

Sanjay said he will import the data here, en mukta balaga emails odalva ?

Minchu page is out, Mohan gaagi special…


Hey nice photo, (I had missed that day, and many others too… :-()

And this is a nice site now.


nice writeup Veena… and great makeover to this site! The theme and photos are superb – considering all the options and even I had experimented a bit, I find the current one very apt!

For site maintenance I can definitely do admin stuff once in a way but I don’t think but cant be the owner of this site because as you can see I’m not even able to post regularly on my own site! Maybe it can remain as it is now, a kind of democracy. I still don’t see new users added here, it says Invites not used for Veena and Prashanth, maybe you should register at as a user and then add yourselves as users to this particular blog.

(And btw who’s bright idea was it to name me modern buddha 💡 I hope all the real Buddha’s of the world of past and future don’t get offended! 😉 )

Thanks for the note, Democracy is a nice idea. Whosever feels like can post the new ones otherwise we can comment on the old posts.
Usha, Chaitanya, Me , Mohan doesn’t have our own blogs(photoblogs excluded) so we can write according to our avaialability.
I created an user id but when I search for it, it doesn’t show up. When I used the invitation, its gave me an option to create another blog or just to create another user id, I choose the latter option. Not too sure if it has completed the loop. I shall try to send in the invites to individuals sometime soon.

Vani, called you Modern buddha after Bellur & me had a talk with you last week. We just was explaining the way you spoke to us over phone & your way of excusing yourself for the absentia. They also suggested that you need a personal secretary antha.

Chaitanya, neevu ee site ge post contribute maadipa, naavella ee balagada members. Democracy in the blog ownership is a apt idea too.

Jai Muktabalaga()

heh heh thanks for the explanation ! :mrgreen: Hmm I can’t imagine how it would be to have a personal secretary…!

hey is it possible to put the proper photo there (of the first of the two in this post) – the thumbnail size one is too small… I want to suprise smoe other people who know my mom but there’s no way they’re going to recognize her in this one, unless they open the page and see the 2nd! 🙂

I got this photo from your website long back, I tried my best to have it better but all in vein.
You can probably try or somebody else.

Great Design. Whoever has designed this full marks to them.

Shastry gaLe barbeku barbeku(Full Dr. Raj Style).
Thanks for the complements, its a team efforts. The ideas are more important, implementing just needs some time & interest ashTe.
neevu kooDa post contribution maadbeku.. You have lot to say alva ?


Sakkath effort madam , thanksu …Namma Desha, samskruthi, sahithya, sangeetha, kale ge ondhu page kodi madam…pls pls… ivella ondralli combine madoNa, saku, jasthi categories beda.

Veena, khandita contribute madalu prayatna padtini.
btw, I’ve create my user id here now. tnx to Sanjay for the simple instructions.


Now meetings have got intiated. We will be meeting in GHs place this week.
Professor seems to be inspired by the idea, we have just received the invitation!!

Office doora iruvavaru dayavittu manege horadi….Ushakka tells me there is gaLaate already in malleswaram and Rajajinagar….

Its’s better to remain cautious than regret later.

Just googled for Karnataka Bundh to see if there was any news on that as they were talking about 8th on TV, and was somewhat pleasantly suprised to see this article in the first page of the results! 🙂

Hope next time i Get a chance to join elite team like yours!

Suresh nice to see your comment, Infact part of this group are your blog readers. Our Modern buddha is a fan offlate, We get some of your posts forwarded as emails!

thanks Veena , nanage bayolla andre swalpa kannadadalli avaga avaga bareyoke try madtheenee

( bevaru illidu hoythu ishtu bareyokke)!:-)

nimmanna baiyo ashTu doddovru illi yaaru illa.. Please bariri…
We have a section to write about kannada, sahitya, etc.,
If you are located at Bangalore, you can join for the meet.

I live mostly in airports. But my home really bangalore. Next time when you have meeting pls let me know and I’ll try nd make it.

dayavettu interview questions annu modale kalisikodi, sariyagi prepare agi bartheenee.


Feb 8th was Sanjay’s Mom’s birthday… He calls her ‘Samajasevaki lalithamba'(silli lalli)

He just called me to say how it was celebrated, It was a total surprise for her with a Cake, Music, & more. More Importantly one of her old friends was invited anthe.
namma gaana gandarva RK Bellur, avara gaana sudhe avara ammana kaNNalli neeru tarisitante. It just reminded me that post, ‘You have no time to call your Mom’.. You call that as Synchronicity! 🙂

Sanjay was also excited that you visited our page & I spoke about you which I knew through the emails we exchanged & it was more delighting to know what you are the one which nobody can expect to be…

I like your circle a lot, Looks like a creative bunch. Sanjay has been regular visitor to my house (blog) and I had some great comments from him. I enjoy your blog very much.

My belated best wishes to Sanjay’s Mom.

Our Pleasure Suresh.
Yes this group is really great to be with…We have varieties of talents here. Thanks for coming here.

Hey thank you Suresh… pleasant surprise to hear from you here! Conveyed your wishes to my mom Thanks 🙂 It was fun on her birthday, we had a series of surprises from morning to evening! Thanks to some people in this group who called her during the day and wished her, that was an added bonus! Morning started with a huge card where we’d added our own poetry, drawings, etc. Then a gift hidden behind a cooker that she could ‘discover’ and then another one during the day, then a lunch with family and a close friend. And then she thought it was all over but the best part was in the evening, a small gathering of family members and neighbours… where Bellur really enriched the evening with his lovely voice singing a song “amma neenu namagaagi saavira varusha sukhavaagi baaLale bEku jotheyaagi” – it really moved amma to tears! Yeah the best part was later in the evening one of my mom’s closest friends but was out of touch for long time (who’d quickly agreed to come at short notice) and they had a lovely get together! 🙂 Later on her friend’s husband who’d been a judge of some singing competetitions immediately became a fan of Bellur after listening some more songs! Later on my mom said it had been the best most memorable birthday of her life!

Well it had all started with the idea of my P.A. (Personal Angel aka my wife 😉 ) and had been a good collaboration with the ideas of her, myself, and my doDDamma (mom’s elder sister)!

thumba kushi aitu nivu surprises mele surprise kottu nimma ammanannu trupti padisiddiri
nijavagalu amma nivu dhanyaru

vijetha I really appreciate your concern and the great idea conceived wonderful

great great great Bellur sandharbakke thakka hage ganu sudhe harisiddira innu nanage nimm gana
madhrya saviyuva avakashavagilla begane barutte
antha kaithiddini

ati adbhutavagi ammana janma dina acharisida
yellarigu shubhsahayagalu

ammana shirvada nimage sada irali
tarali nimagella harusha jeevana poorthi

thumba nimma comment odhalu chennaagittu praneshavare – thank you 🙂

MB team was in north bangalore on saturday evening.
usha vani srik sanjay veena (chaintanya too from our area)were all here and visited my house and spent good time it was only talk talk talk and then we moved to chaitanya’s new house and spent some time before they
all started their journey back to their destinations.
thanks a lot to each one of you for your time and pains taken
to a destination which may be god forsaken
thanks from both me and chaintanya for making it to
excpecting report from your end

Srik, How does this pingback work actually ? pls educate

Essentially, a Pingback is a signal (ping) sent from Site A to Site B. However, it’s also a link. When Site B receives the notification signal, it automatically goes back to Site A checking for the existence of a live incoming link. If that link exists, the Pingback is recorded successfully. This makes Pingbacks less prone to spam than Trackbacks.

Both sites must be Pingback enabled in order to establish this communication. If a site is Pingback enabled, each time you link-out you will be “pinging” external sites. Pingback requires for Site A to physically link to Site B.

~ wiki on pingbacks

in our case above, Site A and B are two different posts on the same site.

thanks sanjay! I understood a bit though it threw up tech jargons.. 🙂

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

good story, interesting, rajive sharma acting is super.

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