Muktha Balaga

Its been a great Journey

Posted on: ಜನವರಿ 29, 2007

Its been a great journey of blogging.
Meeting, discussions, information sharing, fighting, eating & what not…

Thanks to the Mane owner Sanjay for giving us an avenue in his blog to comment on the daily serial ‘Mukta’.. More than a daily soap, its been a point to share the information & pass on their opinions & some time judgements too.
More than TNS, I am indebted to Sanjay for making all of us friends.
Now, Mukta balaga is not just a group of people but its been a fantastic journey.

I will end my comment with a nice quote for today!!
“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

— Veena Shivanna


9 Responses to "Its been a great Journey"

Yaava janumadha maithri haadu backgroundnalli keLtha idhe …:) true we are idebted to Maney owner and TNS in getting a wonderful group together.

Look forward to more discussions and info exchange here….

hey no thanks to me, it just happened… 🙂

Just a speculation… that each of our lives is like a spark jumping out of a great bonfire. A spark lasts for a while before it dies out and goes back into the bonfire. And in that time, it has the choice of burning as brightly as possible as long as it lasts. And sometimes different sparks can get together to be more brighter collectively! 😉

Anyway I agree with Veena its been a great journey so far and no doubt a long way more to go! 8)

Hello world post inda aache banni makkaLe… illide naa bareda postu.
Minchu post ge ondu separate section beka ? hege ? create maadi, yaaradru…
athva wait maadoNa.. adu shuru aadmele create maadabhudu.

GOD only knows, looks like the yahoo groups is more user friendly I guess

Everyone are there Veena its just that subject of discussion should begin, you can see visitors frequently, earlier the serial updates used to draw visitors, now it has to be something else….ummm lets think ,why not hav brainstorming discussion of the same 🙂

Minchu’s page is right there, brainstorming alli nadili…!
Back on track ge swalpa yaaradru moderate maadi, pls add the recent comments & posts to appear on the right hand side, nange bartilla idu 🙂 pls help maadi, the regular bloggers

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”
It is like they say in sports and take oath before commencement that participation is the key and not the prizes

minchinathe minchthaiddir veena avare
munduvarisi i nimma blog seve
kushi aitu nanage bahala
helalu beku sakashtu samaya

navu yella haridu hanchi hogta iddivi
bere bere putagalalli please notify all
which is the one where all can continue
this journey and make it more memorable


Pranesh avare, Thanks for the motivation..
No need to worry, we all have the same destination to reach & we might have taken a different roads to travel, we will see each other in every traffic signal…
We have defined some strategy to collate ideas in a way, pls check the email on mukthabalaga group.
-Thanks for being with us, & guiding us & sharing your life’s experience. Among all of us, you have that in abundance!! 🙂

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