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ಮುಕ್ಟ ಅಭಿಮಾನಿಗಳ ಬೇಟಿ – get together of Muktha fans

Posted on: ಏಪ್ರಿಲ್ 27, 2005

Muktha – T.N. Seetharam

ಮುಕ್ಟ ಅಭಿಮಾನಿಗಳ ಬೇಟಿ (ಸಂವಾಡ ಅಂತ ಕೇಳಿ ಕೇಳಿ ಸಾಕಾಗಿದೆ 😉 ( ಜನ change ಕೇಳ್ತಾರೆ ಸಾರ್! )

Venue: Bugle Rock, Basavangudi

There is a high rised mantapa at bugle rock (from where the bugle used to be blown).

Time: 1 PM, June 3


79 Responses to "ಮುಕ್ಟ ಅಭಿಮಾನಿಗಳ ಬೇಟಿ – get together of Muktha fans"

May be we could use this forum / effort for building a cleaner society. Discuss instances from our experiences and communicate to Bhumika so that TNS will bring more such products with realistic stories which might eventually help build cleaner societies.

Sure, great idea Laxminarayana!! One thing in my opinion is this shouldn’t be an objective right at the beginning – let us just meet for fun without any expectations. Hopefully if we keep it in mind then this will also evolve as one of the outcomes! 🙂

Rao’s idea is pretty good. Lx. Rao do you have bhoomika’s postal address or the e-mail? I could never read the address completely on TV.

Did I miss this, or did u post it just now? The date says April 27th, so i was surprised :))

It is difficult to click on the choices, because tehre are lots of ifs and buts 😀
If it is May, my choice of time and location changes, if it is JUne, it changes, that is why, due to various reasons.

But I am game, whatever the majority says, I will definitely adjust. Only limitation I have is that I am working on May 13th to compensate for the holiday we got last month.

Its a great effort. Lets all just meet and try to keepp in touch, the suggstion of Rao will be implemented automatically. Whenever, wherever, Im sure to attend. 🙂

good idea sanjay. as u have told let’s just meet for fun without any expectations.

Sanjay, plan in such a way that it gives me
15 days to join your meet. I would really interested
in meeting all of you and Ofcourse a excuse to visit our Kannada Nadu.

I am on for it! Any day anytime!!

The current voting results says: Some saturday evening in May, in a park near Malleswaram! Are we ready for it?


yes chaithanya,
thatz what the exit poll says. and my prediction is it may be on the 27th, if not on 13th or 20th!!!;)

how did i miss this….rather how can i miss this opportunity, But my only concern is Between May 15 and May 23, i m tied up with prior engagements, after that i m game to join anywhere anytime, my preference of meeting venue is definitely “Udyanavana”.

Looks cool, we can wait a couple of days before finalising I guess! Btw this month from 15th to 26tj I’ll be busy/out of station – but if we meet on 13th then I get a chance to invite you personally to my marriage (don’t want to put details here) instead of by email. Else we can make it on 27th as well – then Prasanna (Hyderabad) can make it too.

Shruti, that outdated date was since they originated from the same post, and mainly it was a less than elegant way of getting all these posts grouped together so I set the same timestamp. Anyway now there’s a tag as well 8)

I think the venue can also depend on the total count by Wednesday.

This weekend looks nearly impossible for me :(, unless you have it on 14th evening.
But of course, if you are all free this weekend, you can all meet, we can always have another get-together 🙂

Hey it’s a really great idea to finally meet up… Don’t u think it’s better if the place n time are decided and people r given 2 choices regarding the date??? It would be easier to cancel prior engagements, if any….

Shruti, no regrets – I’m sure we don’t need a poll to find out whether people would prefer to meet without you or not :mrgreen: Only thing is because of my marriage schedule is quite tight hence I find it difficult to select any date with some certainity. Will post some here once things becomes more clear. Diya, will take your suggestion and post 2 dates so people can vote on one of them.

Hi Sanjay please set up the meeting after june 5th since my flight from USA to bangalore is on june 4th so i would be happy to join u guys on june 5th or later.Hopefully rest of the members here respect my request.


what happened to the mukta fans get together which was planned? Since i was not in town for 15 days could not ac cess net updates…

Usha, we are waiting for Sanjay to get back. But I am sure the meet will happen soon, as most of us seem to be very enthusiastic about it 🙂

welcome back.
the get-together is yet to happen. sanjay got married on the 19th. he will let us know the date for the get-together after conducting another poll as to which day might be suitable to all of us.

hi everybody…
got a question: suppose it is decided on June 2nd that all of us are meeting at Bugle Rock on June 3rd at 4pm, and it starts pouring an hour or so before we meet and rains for a long time, WHAT DO WE DO?
don’t think i am being pessimestic, just thought of some practical problems.

I’m not in a position to attned the get together since couple of nentaru are coming from Bangalore.

My sincere request is why dont you take a group photo and post it here so that every others(who cudn’t attend) could view and be proud that they are part of this mukta abhimani sangha.

If it pours at 4 pm on June 3rd, i think we should meet in the temple of basavanna in the same park which has shelter (i think so and hope so)
alternatively kamath bugle rock is always there 🙂


Is everyone ok with June 3rd then? Incidentally it also happens to be my birthday. I’m always confused about what Im supposed to do about my birthday like I’ve written here…

Btw if we are to have lunch – might as well be my treat – then better to meet earlier at say 1 PM – that way we can go home before it starts raining. And Ramakrishna there are such things as raincoats and umbrellas to deal with rain! 😛 My UK manager used to say “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong attire”

Can we confirm it then? Pls also reply in a comment here instead of just voting.

Sanjay sahebrige Janma dinada advance shubhashayagalu…

mathe ootana… 1 ghantege , bugle rock -kamat? Jolada rotti -karavali oota 🙂

weekendge kaythaideeni ….

i am ok with june 3rd. ok, i will get a rain coat and an umbrella.
do you know that a very important member of this group used to hold an umbrella after wearing a raincoat as the person thought the coat will get dirty? (this was in childhood days). haha..

Bellur, thank God you mentioned “childhood days” :))

I suggest we should get into bugle rock at 1. Have lunch and then move to either the park or the temple depending on weather.

just a suggestion. there is a high rised mantapa at bugle rock (from where the bugle used to be blown). this point is the highlight of bugle rock. how about meeting there?

Hey theres no better day to meet than the Janmadina of this blog creator… Hope it’ll be a good beginning for an ever lasting grouping of the members. Imm sure to be there at 1 PM

Hi Sanjay,
I think I can make it on Jun 03, at 1:00pm at Bugle rock. BTW is the bugle rock and Bull temple in the same campus?

Hi Sanjeev,
You can say so. Bugle Rock and Bull temple are connected by a pathway. They are situated next to each other.


I thought of the same location , since it would be easy to identify the watch tower easily and everyone can reach without much difficulty. 🙂

So c u all tommorrow

I will be there at 1.00 pm

U knw one thing? I guess the Bugle Rock Mantapa is the same place where Arundhati and MM un-romatically met that day in Muktha 😉

Yes Srik, Bugle Rock is a fav. shooting spot of TNS along with Shankar Mutt in Shankarpuram and old houses on Rangarao Road.

So finally made it… 🙂

It was a great time meeting everyone, I felt each person was someone very special – even my mom liked the crowd a lot. It was a real surprise that Girish knew TNS and could rope him in as well at around 5 PM ! click on the photo below to view the pictures…

thanks for those snaps. and for the get-together. maybe this was one of your most memorable b-days. was truly a memorable day for all of us. Thanks everybody. felt nice meeting you all. i have written about the get-together in my blog. you can read it here:

Hi guys

Got time to pen down some comments only now 😦 , monday assignments….

Shruthi, by the way i got some info on the uniform (Yellow and Pink)stuff which rocked Bull temple road on saturday 🙂

They are ladies -registered members of Bhajanamandali, these organisations are tied up with all prominent temples and piligrimages of India, These ladies are volunteers working in promoting and keeping the Bhajans, Dasara Padagalu (heritage of India) and of course our state. These volunteers get to visit all leading temples during chariot festivals or big events of temples, where stay and facilities are taken care of by the temple trusts.

These volunteers also conduct narrations of puranas, sthothra paatha, Reciting of famous works of Swami’s and other renowned thinkers of Hinduism during their unit meetings near their localities.

I got an opportunity to talk to three such volunteers (ladies) who came in to the Hotel Bugle Rock for a cup of coffee and were more than happy to share this info with me.

Thanks all of you who made it for the get together, it was fun and a memorable one meeting TNS.

I look forward to more interacitve sessions, Next we can meet at my place..

Usha thanks for the info. Nice of you to offer to host the next meet-up, and I look forward to seeing your house some time after hearing your description of it that it has an interior garden and so on! 🙂

However for our next gettogether, we were discussing about some place outside Bangalore – Girish can you please tell us the name and location details. We can fix the date well in advance so that we get better opportunity to plan for it.

After the visit to Ranganathittu y’day with you and Conan, don’t mind all of us meeting at this wonderful ‘Pakshi Dhaama’!
It was amazing to be one with nature.

Yes Bellur

Ranganthittu is a good place, Are there any bird watchers in our gang, if we pull them along, the trip might get more informative..

Janapada Loka was suggested by Hampali during last mee up… May be we can stop there for Breakfast….and Sugarcanejuice..


Another Get together plan??

yellaru football aadtha iddare. aata aadkond barli makkalella. aamele plan madona antha sumnidhivi. (aatada madhye karedre, galate madathve makkalu adhikke).

Howdhu Bellur,… time is going to be set only after football freak..
Swalpa Advance agi plan madona dates antha asthe.. so that everyone can make it ee sala….

Guys, This is awesome. I would like to join for this get together. Please let me know when it happens & please let me know if this activity needs any volunteer for anything.

Kindly do not plan during Aug 15th week.We have off on 14th, 15th , 16th, might not be there in bangalore during those 5 days.

Thanks a lot for your offer Veena.

How about 5th August (Saturday)… we can plan a one day trip… along Mysore Road, we go to that place Girish had been talking about, and then from there we can visit a school for blind further down my wife had been talking about (this is optional and depends on the school’s convenience as well) and then maybe go to Ranganthittu from there if it isn’t too overambitious! 😉

both days are OK with me. let’s see what the others say.


Count me in…at least for the time being I think I can make it.

Yes Sanjay,
We can halt at Kamath Loka Ruchi (next to Janapadaloka) and then visit Ranganathittu. Visiting the school, as you said, depends on the school’s convenience.
Aug.5th fine with me.


Sakkath plan, August 5th should be good as of now, count me in… If we are going outskirts, how are we travelling any idea? Bartha yellru nammaneg ondh visit hakbidi, nam maney daarinalli siguthe…

i am a gr8 fan of muktha serial
i wanted the pic of the muktha. i mean the lady sitting on the rock with the sunset in the background
thanks in advance.

hi yamuna, pls see if you find what you’re looking for here…

Click on the image to get the full version.

If you’re really a fan of muktha you can consider reading/posting on this page.

Hi All,

I think we need to straighten out this plan in a little more better/faster way.

Hmm… Looks like many are ready for outside trip too & some are satisfied with a movie & lunch/dinner.
I am not sure on to what is the available time for the meet, can we take it as Morning 10am to evening/night 8pm ? I have tried be little practical & have put 10 am here, guess its very impractical to take 8 am as the starting time.

Well, for the Rangantittu plan, it needs little more coordination than the internal trip. I see there are many experienced ppl here & guess they must have already done such arrangements for one or the other trips. However its a good idea to take a count & plan things. Because things like travel arrangement would need some intial estimate on the no of people we have.

Sanjay, is it a possible option to kind of create a poll & post it in this blog ? What I meant was “Mukta fans get together, would like to join” with YES & NO option.. We can take a count & decide on a good plan. Please try to avoid Tentative or can’t say options.

August 5th seems to be a good date to start with. Cyanide movie ge plan idre, I will wait to watch this movie with you all guys. Last saturday we were actually planning to watch this movie & later realized about this plan, so have told my husband prashanth to put a hold for another week. so would request to move this plan little faster.

This was my 2 cents!! Please update with your better ideas.


Dear Veena,
That was a neat and crisp comment, I thought. Yes, Sanjay had put up a poll before our last meet too. And it was just like how you have told here. Maybe you can see one shortly!
And can’t wait for the get-together. Aug.5th: i am ready for the 3 Cs: Cyanide, CTR and Chat!

Gr8 … Nan ready…

Ellige first? CTR a? Moviega :)? Movie yelli odtha idhe? Tickets yar thogothare? Chat andre Mathukathe na? athva Bhel-Panipurina.. Yellanu nan favourites…

Tentative idea is to meet at CTR for a dosa and then maybe depending on number of people either eat it there itself or we can also go to sankey lake its pretty good over there as well. After chatting depending on time and inclination, we can have chat in the evening as well

good suggestion sanjay. i am ok with it. count me in. dose thindhu bittu hogona sankeyge9if we are going). hottege indhana bekanna!


2.30 may be a bit inconvenient….I can make it by 3.30, as I have a wedding to attend. Since I can come to CTR blindfolded, venue is ok. Mathe from there to Sankey is also ok with me. But how will I recognise everyone? The photos of last time’s meet were not very clear on my comp.

3.30 is ok. We will be seated near the katte(facing the road) opposite the Malleswaram Club(also there is a Nandhini milk booth nearby). “MAB” (Muktha Abhimanigala Bheti) antha ondhu poster iratte namma hatra. You can easily find us. Moreover, yelaaru CTR kadene nodtha irthivi…..yavaga OPEN aagatthe antha…..So aaramavagi kand-hideebahudu neevu!

Bidi Vani, easyaagi gotthagutthe…. last time, ivarellaru restaurant nalli koothidru, naanu ivare irbeku antha hode, sanjay na recognize maaDide, due to some photo he had posted on his blog. “Sanjayaa” antha keLide.. yellaru nanna kaDe blank aagi noDidaru – “Sorry” andu horaDalu start maaDide, aamele Chaitanya “Muktha?” antha keLidaru, “Howdu howdu” antha full relief nalli koothkonDbiTTe 😀

Thanks Shruthi & Bellur, eega naanu nemmadiya nittusiritte.

Waiting to meet you all.

By the way, they all assumed I was Vani, until I told them I was Shruthi 🙂

Thats really nice. August 1st sunday is a friendship day anthaare(though the friendship week emails make rounds when ever people like) so friendship day dina navella meet maaDodu ondu coincindence. I am almost confirmed for the meet, but avattu tumkur nalli naamakaraNa ide, as of now we are not going but last minute decision change aadre gottilla. Guys, is it possible to give somebody’s contact number ? I am not very much used to this malleshwaram area so would need some guidance to reach the point. MAP idre koDi illa andre some landmark. I hope my husband will drop me(if he is not busy with any other thing), so pls give me some landmark which is known to people in general(not specific to malleshwaram area people).

I know its not a good idea to post the phone numbers in public. Probably sanjay can send me an email with details. I think sanjay should have the email id, I am sorry again that I don’t want to put my office id here. My yahoo mail doesn’t open in my laptop.

Warm Regards,

Muktha Abhimanigala Bheti on Friendship Day! Great!

Big landmark is that its on Margosa Road which is straight opposite to Malleswaram Police Station (& KC General Hospital) – near Malleswaram Circle.

Anyway it surely wont be very hard to identify us – its a small place and it should be easy to find someone who has that blank searching expression looking for others in the group (or the group itself), so lets make it at 3:30 then at Malleswaram Grounds opposite to CTR.

CTR itself could well qualify as a landmark but you could also ask for Malleswaram Club, and CTR is diagonally opposite to it.

For any doubts you can call me at 9845592394 – (will remove the number from this page later)

Veena thanks thats nice to know about friendship day 🙂

Apologies to all for have been sleeping… but finally did make it… managed to put up the photos here… you can click on the photo to see the rest!

Shruti had to leave early but after having dosas etc at CTR, we roamed around Sankey Tank and another nearby park with an illuminated dancing fountain (in Sadashivnagar) and were treated to some really good live songs! Overall it was a real pleasant and memorable evening!

Thanks for those lovely snaps. Can’t believe that those snaps of the trees were taken in Sankey! The labradoe is looking cute too!

That puppy’s name was Rocky and it was 5 years old.
It was very very cute and friendly.

puppynaa adhu? ‘gadava’ iddangittu. 😉

5 varsha andre….manushyara lekkadalli, 35 varsha adhakke.
1 dog yr = 7 man yrs

It was a good time for me to read this brilliant post by Shruti again: :mrgreen:
It’s the time to be on time!

Thank you, Sanjay.. very kind of you 🙂
And yes, good you re-read it 😉

this was one of the earliest posts of shruthi i read when i started visiting HALLUCINATIONS. very well written.

Hi Muktha team,

Very good climax what we expected from long time. Really amazing serial. Once again thanks to Mr Seetharam and all the supporting, actors and the technical staff who made this serial as a grand success.

Thank You.

Hi Friends,
Any one have idea of the location tank bund (kalyani) shooted in almost all the serials by TNS.
Which place is it from and route map for the same pls.


I am Shreedhar from Bangalore, fan of T.N.Seetaram’s S E-tv-Kannada Serials, like Mayamruga, Manwantara, Mukta, and now Mukta Mukta. All the Serials are good, each epsode gives some sorts of knowledge, experiences and a feeling that law and order is existing atleast in E-tv TNS serials. Totally am very happy to watch these serials. I wish all the best to E-tv-Kannada TNS Serials Team and their Fans.



T. N.Sitaram sir,
Mukta Mukta Serial,

Dear sir,

Yestarday (24/06/2009)I seen your serial Mukta Mukta and impressed by dailogs between elder brother and his wife(attige) regarding marrage of shambhavi medam. I want my elder brother should take that type of decision i.e. to take the whole responsibiblity of the family. Please continue this type of awareness developing atmosphear (parisar) family background. I would like to meet you once in a life time sir. I am a very big fan you and your serials sir. Please arrange samvada Programmes in north Karnataka (Koppal, Ballary, Gadag).

Nimma pritiya abhimani,

Vijayendracharya Raghavendracharya Katti,
S/o R. G. Katti,
“Madhwesh” Nilaya,
Sri. Satyadhyanapura Colony,
Kinnal Road, Koppal -583 231.

Res Phone : 08539 – 230223,
Cell No : 99727 06114.

Mial ID –

Please delet my comment sended on 25/06/2009

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