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“Kannadave Sathya” at palace grounds..

Posted on: ಏಪ್ರಿಲ್ 20, 2005

“Kannadave Sathya” at palace grounds…

Bangalore’s music loving audience will be witness to a mammoth musical extravaganza, aptly named “Kannadave Sathya”.

* Date: April 23, 2005
* Venue: Palace Grounds, Bangalore

ETV KannadaThe program is being promoted by “Global Consultants” and the media partners are ETV Kannada. This program will feature well-known music composer and singer C. Aswath and 20 other popular singers. In accompaniment will be an orchestra comprising of 30 popular and leading musicians. A 30000+ crowd is expected to gather at this event.


4 Responses to "“Kannadave Sathya” at palace grounds.."

I had a VIP pass but suddenly left to Mysore Saturday morning when I found one of my colleagues was driving there. My doDDappa went, and it was really jam packed… 🙂

If anybody hasnt heard Ashwath, I would recommend switching on E TV any weekday at 9 PM when an excellent serial of T.N. Seetharam called Muktha begins (or 9:30 when it ends) – he is one of the singers of the title song.

HI FRNDS…….. im new to this site,but hav heard about this site…….. coming to the point………… GLOBAL CONSULTANTS are back with KANNADAVE SATYA…….. which will be entirely different or may be new version, KANNADAVE SATYA -2010 …….. in the month of january at palace grounds……..

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